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12 Ideas to Start Your Green Business Now

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In this entrepreneurship era, many individuals are deciding to start their own business. And not just any business. With technology on the rise and the constant battle to save planet`s resources, many want to be green entrepreneurs. Or shall we say ecopreneurists. Some of them know from the beginning what their business idea is. But there are others who haven’t yet decided on the idea even though they know it should help our environment. Luckily, there are many ways to start a business and keep things green.

If you are one of those who want to start a green business but don’t know what exactly it should be, here are 12 appealing ideas to consider.

#1. Run an Organic Farm

You may have a piece of land you inherited from your grandparents and you never used it. A great way to use it is to start a farm. Farming will not only help you acquire income but will also make you closer to nature. However, besides land you need to consider other farming costs provided by factors of production, such as equipment, seed, soil, water and so on. Plus, you like eating healthy and working in a stress free environment. Organic farming brings a lot of healthy food to the table. The demand for organic food is growing rapidly. You can sell your goods almost everywhere from wholesale markets and retail outlets to many modern restaurants.

#2. Urban Garden Designing

OK, maybe a farm idea is not for you, but you can help people produce their own food in the heart of the city. Specialize in rooftop garden design. Know which trays and containers would be suitable for growing a decent amount of food on a rooftop. Let your customers know which herbs and veggies can succeed in the city, tell them which containers should be hanging on the wall, and which plants to grow in the sun or in the shade.

#3. Upcycle

We`re sure you have pieces of furniture or other items you don`t use around the house. If you`re creative enough, why not starting an upcycle business? Just by repurposing old items and turning them into useful objects you can make money. Start your own workshop and sell pieces that you make. Let the waste inspire you. Make couches out of old bath tubs, chandeliers from old books, art installations from scrap metal. Ideas are everywhere around you.

#4. Fashion Recycler

Eco-friendly brands are becoming more and more popular. With so much textile being thrown away, you can use unwanted factory surpluses and materials to create your own fashion line. Buying second-hand clothes and repairing and customizing it is also an option.

#5. Eco-Travel Agency

If you like traveling, you might as well consider starting your own agency. There are many people who choose to travel in a sustainable manner. They are looking to go to protected areas and they are willing to pay to have an eco-friendly tour operator. Some of the routes could include visiting the Galapagos Islands, national parks and other remote unpolluted areas.

#6. Green Consulting

Maybe you hold a degree in environmental science. So why not give consultancy services. Many businesses want to go green, but just don`t know how. As a consultant your job would be to create an action plan for them and examine their environmental strengths and weaknesses. You can offer your services to environmentally aware individuals, too.

#7. Green Event Planner

Everyone likes good parties. And nowadays, there are many people willing to throw a green party. Plan your client`s event to detail, focusing on green aspects of it. Pay attention to forms of advertising, waste management and catering. Handle your events in the most environmentally friendly way.

#8. Start a Bike Related Business

Renting bikes is a successful business in both flat areas and mountains. Tourists enjoy sightseeing on bikes; you might want to consider offering a sightseeing tour and show tourists all those hidden gems in your area. Mountain bikers don`t often bring their bikes with them when they travel, and if the area is suitable for mountain biking they will want to rent one. Bike cafe franchises are also a great choice. Serve hot and soft drinks and pedal your business around different parts of the city.

#9. Sell Compost

Making compost doesn`t require lots of space. Pick a spot in your own yard and start your compost pile. It might sound messy, but many farmers and urban gardeners will want to buy this natural fertilizer.

#10. Cleaning Products

Help people clean in a sustainable manner by starting your own eco-friendly cleaning product line. Or start a cleaning business and use only eco-friendly cleaning products. Cleaning services have always been popular and we assure you that you will be getting plenty of customers.

#11. Develop Green Applications

With almost everyone having a smartphone today, this could be your great idea. Help other people live a green lifestyle. Teach them about energy saving at home, where to buy eco-friendly goods and how to reduce their ecological footprint.

#12. Eco-Friendly Personal Training and Diet Planning

Key components to reducing carbon footprint are individual steps. By helping people change their habits, you help them lose weight and become healthier. Just introduce them to organic and low carbon footprint foods. They might hesitate at the beginning, but they will love them as they are tasty and natural foods.

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