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12 Animated Design Concept in Delivering Memorable Mobile App UI/UX

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Animated design in UI/UX is a breath of fresh air for every mobile user. It also acts as a source of refreshment for developers, trying to do something new with mobile app design. More importantly, animations do grab user eyeballs more effectively than anything else. Additionally, you can receive feedback from users within no time, by providing a dynamically live process, engaging users to the core.

However, animations should be used with utmost care. If used wisely, they do provide multiple opportunities of micro interactions, focusing on layout elements, and presenting things in a more interactive manner. If done incorrectly, users can be pissed off seeing irrelevant things, repeatedly in an animated fashion. This is especially important in the case of small mobile screens with limited real estate.

Mobile animation got momentum with the increasing role of mobile apps and booming potential of micro interactions. Today, mobile animation has reached a stage wherein it is all about diversity and popularity, leading to easy processes and fast touchable interfaces, especially on the go. Thus, animated design only makes a product user centered, bright, clear, and simple. To see how animations do a phenomenal job of uplifting an app, let us look at some nice animated design concepts.

12 Animated Design Concept in Delivering Memorable Mobile App UI/UX

#1. Profile Based Motion Concept

Here is a sample design of a blog app, wherein clicking on an author post, allows users to see their entire profile with a touch of motion effects. This looks impressive, as initially there is a profile brief, opening up to a detailed profile with little motion effects. It all revolves around topic colored tiles, and too many images. The entire experience appears seamless, as if letting users feel that they are interacting with real objects.

#2. Social Network Motion Concept

Another design concept of a social networking app, highlighting user interactions, on forefront. Users love this type of clear, dynamic, and seamlessly fast animated interactions. When colorful UI accents club with simple motions, they deliver functionalities in an unmatchable way, adding live impeccable vibes to the interface.

#3. Art Gallery Motion Concept

Too much animation could hamper the overall UI/UX experience, if not used carefully. Animations are there to support an app, and not overpower, letting users get frustrated with an overdose. If the general layout is supported well through animations, then it acts as a boon, otherwise it can kill the actual app deliverables. Herein is a beautiful design concept for an art gallery app, wherein clicking on a category opens up the details of the artist, featuring transitions leading to events in a more detailed perspective. An important highlight is the vertical movement of colorful horizontally diagonal categories.

#4. Sports App Motion Concept

Sports apps are among the most popular apps across the globe. So why not bring a design in place that tracks progress, stores data, and provides training support, in a highly communicative manner. Herein is a design concept that does this with finesse. The structure is extremely basic with content and side menu. Interesting thing to see here is the menu moving from left to right and vice versa, creating a rubber like effect. There is only one goal to serve, making all the details visible, as soon as menu opens.

#5. Product Card Motion Concept

This is a nice design concept with product card app, wherein users have the ability to move photos, which accompanies the swift movement of other details and elements like add to cart, price, size, catalogue items, and more. Animated components bring a usability factor, informing users as soon as the action completed. Such fast micro-interactions make the entire experience more memorable.

#6. Calendar App Motion Concept

This is a nice conceptual design of a Calendar app allowing users add notes and schedule appointments in no time. There is a bright interface delivering gradients and rich palette, backed by stylish animation as well as smooth visual presentation.

#7. Timeline App Motion Concept

How about two UI interactions within one animation? This is what you see in this timeline app conceptual design. This is a one screen app delivering both animation to maximum extent and timer functionality to minimum extent. The timer can be started using the pull down approach or through Start. Although transitions are meant simply for the sake of fun, they tend to be attractive enough in grabbing user attention.

#8. News Motion Conceptual Design

Another bright concept that allows for a nice UI animation informing users about the news of the city. What makes it really impactful is stylish icons and catchy colors leading to transition directions through simple tapping.

#9. Cooking Social Network Concept

This is a food social network app design concept meant for all those inclined towards cooking and sharing the same knowledge with others. Communicated, and get updated regarding the food topics. What you have is all the functionalities like favorites, images, following, chatting, discussions, and recipes sharing.

#10. Café Social Networking Concept

Imagine, sitting in a café, eating food, and clicking the same to post on this particular food app conceptual design. This is particularly useful with a chain of cafes, wherein you are offering discounts and coupons. Interface animation enables this to be more engaging.

#11. Contact List App Concept

You must be seeing your contact list a multiple times a day with the default Contacts app. Why not have an app with animated user interface showing both vertical and horizontal scrolling through animations. Every contact scrolls automatically with style and interactivity, giving a sense of amazing visual effects.

#12. Geo-location App Design Concept

This is a very simple Geo-location based app design concept focusing on just a couple of screens for tracking followers’ locations on the map. Here you have animated home screen with dynamics in making a search, in addition to the gallery of search results. There is an imitation performed by animations of the physical cards with neatly organized data for a clear engagement of users.

Concluding Words

Animation applied to a User Interface uplifts the entire User Experience with a clear purpose of conveying usability by adding a sense of communication in a visual manner. The above app design concepts are classic examples of that.

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