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10 Web Design Techniques Could Be The Next Big Key To Conversion

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The website is an indispensable tool of online communication that every business must own. This makes it imperative to create an effective web design that will not only help to kickstart a business, but also heighten the brand value. Nevertheless, amateur web designers are often observed to commit common web design blunders. You can

Want customer impression and business conversion? These web design techniques will definitely help you:

#1. Using Limited Typefaces

Typography is an essential web design tool that can add up to a site’s credibility. However, too much of it can spoil the entire charm and make a design look horrible and messy. A web designer therefore, needs to be very careful about the type of font he/she puts to use. It is better to stick to one or two typefaces. This is because using limited number of fonts can help one to create a design that is slick, clean, trustworthy and legible.

#2. Apprehending the Brand Essence

The website is a one time investment asset that can bring you long term benefits. There are several reasons to explain why a start-up needs a website, but the most prominent one is that it can help to build a strong brand awareness across the target audience. Try to use the logo of your brand conspicuously so that visitors can easily recognize it when they visit your website. Apart from that, accomplish your web design with the help of suitable web design elements such as CTA buttons, color scheme, images and others.

#3. Being Responsive

A responsive web design can be easily accessed from any device, be it the mobile or the desktop. It is super flexible, cost effective, recommended by Google, easy to manage and brings an excellent user experience. With technological evolution and the changing device screen size pattern, we are soon going to find even more reasons why responsive web design will matter more than ever.

#4. Using Less Colors

Colors are an important aspect of web design and can create riveting brand value, if used appropriately. Almost 80% of the visual information appearing on a website is related to color. In fact, most of the big brands such as Pepsi are recognizable via their main color. When you are designing a website, try using limited number of colors only. As for the interface web elements such as the icons and the buttons, use neutral colors.

#5. Making Website Easily Accessible

Your prime goal should be to ensure that the website is accessible to the target audience. Therefore, as a website owner you must check whether your website is accessible flawlessly or not. Focusing on the different facets of a web design is therefore necessary. This includes easy readability, effective navigation, consistent flow of actions, quicker page loading, etc. Meeting these aspects can help to keep your viewers engaged and encourage them to take the necessary call to actions, which should be your ultimate business goal. Other than that, an increase in traffic can influence the search engine bots to index your website with a better rank.

#6. Designing Effective Call to Action Buttons

This is a vital element that your website uses to drive conversions. Therefore, designing it with great precision will not only help to grab viewers’ attention but also encourage them to take further action. Here are some web design techniques & tips that you can make use of –

  • Using suitable messages on your CTA button designs that will explain users what you want them to do.
  • Creating a message that is readable.
  • Using bold colors to make the CTA buttons eye catchy.

#7. Choosing a Reliable Platform

Choose a CMS platform that you find reliable and easy to use. WordPress is one such popular platform that comes with an easy user interface and the availability of highly proficient tools and plug-ins.

#8. Using Visual Elements that Grab More Attention

We know too much of words can make a conversation boring. But the power of a simple graphic design can make a conversation intriguing. That is why, using interactive visual elements like images, animations and videos can help you dictate a business goal even more clearly than just texts. Do not rush off when you are choosing images to use them in your website. Take time to select the best ones that can emotionally connect with your website viewers and use them to convey your message.

#9. Split Testing Your Website

How do you know whether your web design will work or crack? This is the reason why A/B split test is important for a web design. You can test it to analyze the entire work and then utilize the knowledge to refine your web design further. If you have recently designed a landing page, then you can create multiple versions of it and then put them all to test with the help of real time users. This is what is called the split test.

#10. Spending Time in Research

Spending some time to study and analyze other design projects can offer you more than one design alternative ideas. It will tell you which design elements are on trend and which are not. You can follow them up in your web design project and come up with something new and more effective. That alone explains why a web designer should research their competitor’s web design before starting a new project.

These are some of the web design techniques that you might have heard or not heard of before. But investing in the above mentioned factors can turn out to be a good investment. This is because customer perception really matters when you want to make a good business impression online.

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