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10 Ways You Can Use Android Apps To Automate Your Life

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There are apps currently available on iOS and Android that can make life easier for the majority of users. Think about the apps wherein you can automatically handle things by automating tasks related to your life. The best part is you need not be a tech wizard in using these apps. If you are wondering about where you can download these apps in APK – visit

Let us focus on four such Android apps that you can use to have things running on their own without requiring you to remember. Out of these four apps, three are absolutely free to download (IFTTT, AutomateIt, ManDroid) while the fourth one (Tasker) will cost you approx $3.49 to use. We will see similar iOS apps in the next article.

#1. Let your phone dim the brightness while off to bed (Tasker)

Imagine that you saw a scary dream and wake up suddenly to find yourself lying in the bedroom. In a hurry to see the time, you switched on the mobile to have the smartphone bright backlight piercing your eyes. Avoid this scenario, by having the Tasker app automatically switch to the lowest brightness settings.

To do this, open Tasker app. Pick Time context. Type the bedtime. Choose Display Brightness and slide it to zero. Now the phone will work automatically when it comes to dimming the brightness.

#2. Let others be notified via SMS when you arrive at a certain location (Tasker)

Have you ever considered how much your mom worries when you are outside your home? You might hang around across places with your friends and even forget to inform her. This way your parents are not aware of your whereabouts resulting in a great deal of concern. Why not use the Tasker app that will send an automated SMS to your mom or dad whenever you reach a certain place.

To do this, create a brand new profile on Tasker, type the required address in Location tab. Now go back and start with a new task, enter the recipient phone number in Phone option, and finally compose the message that you want to send. Finally, select recipient(s) present in Contacts, and you are done.

#3. Let your ringtone lower down the volume or possible go to vibrate mode (Tasker)

Just imagine, you are at work and suddenly your phone rings loudly. You forgot to put your phone on silent that has resulted in interference in your professional atmosphere. To do this, start a new Profile, set the Context as Time. Now type the start time and ending time. Now again, start a new task, and have Audio option slide down to zero.

#4. Let your smartphone backlight turn on when sun starts to set (IFTTT)

IFTTT is an app where you can set on a Hue light bulb on, as soon as sun starts to set. Simply download the app, type the sunset time when you want to turn on the phone light. That is it!

#5. Let you know about your location on Google Maps (IFTTT)

It happens a number of times that you and your friends are present at the same location but still both are not aware of it. With no default option present in Google Maps to share your location, you can have this available on an IFTTT app that will automatically send a location link to you, which you can share with your friends.

#6. Let your phone go unmute when lost somewhere (AutomateIt)

It is a pain to hunt down your phone when on silent mode, and lost somewhere where it is difficult to find. You can save that inconvenience by letting your phone go unmute with a simple SMS. AutomateIt app helpans you do this just by sending automated message “unmute”. Let your phone go silent before sleep (AutomateIt).

#7. Let your phone go silent before sleep (AutomateIt)

AutomateIt helps to switch your phone automatically to Silent mode just before you sleep. The default time set in this app is 10 pm. It will be particularly useful when browsing the math encyclopedia Plainmath – not even math should interfere with your sleep.

#8. Let music app start when connected to Bluetooth speaker (Trigger)

You would like to keep your eyes on the road while driving rather than on your phone. Also, you would love to listen to music aswell. By using the Trigger app, let your phone connect to the Bluetooth speaker available in your car. Start a new task with the name Bluetooth. Select the device, which is the car in this case. Follow instructions, and let the app connect your phone to car speaker when coming in contact.

#9. Let your smartphone data turn off when present outdoors (MacroDroid)

Mobile data can incur extra data charges when already present near trusted WiFi connection. Sometimes it even happens that your mobile data is eaten up by automatic updates related to background apps that are downloaded whenever connected to the Internet. The MacroDroid app can help you save a lot on your data allowance and cut down the unnecessary mobile costs. You just need to add Macro, set Triggers, and set Data Actions to off.

#10. Let the phone provide you with verbal alerts while receiving SMS (MacroDroid)

How about being notified in a verbal manner whenever you receive an SMS? It would look amazingly cool if you can have your phone say out whenever it receives a text. You can let your phone speak up whatever you want. To do this, start a Macro, set Triggers by typing in the field SMS from [any number], and finally setting Actions to “Speak Text”.

Ready to automate your life?

We just showed how 10 Android apps could really make a big difference when it comes to automating things in your life, which you might not even be aware of. You may check out similar kinds of clones on Play Store. However, we have shortlisted these apps in particular because they have multipurpose functionalities to offer in just one offering.

In addition, they are so simple and user friendly to use that one will have an easy time downloading and comprehending these apps. Such apps serve the right purpose when you do not have to remember anything and the job is done.

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