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10 Tips to Build Mobile Apps That Are Difficult to Resist

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These days, people are becoming so tech savvy, especially with their smartphones, that it has become an indispensable part of human lives. With everything going digital, it has become challenging to create mobile apps that can actually hold on to the majority of users with the younger generation being of paramount importance. It is very hard to impress this section of the audience, as they want everything to fall in place right from appearance to simplicity, and usability to performance.

So how can you create mobile apps that are irresistible to avoid, even for the niche or choosy audience who want everything bang on target? This is a broad discussion with several perspectives to it. However, we have tried to cover ten simple tips to help you construct apps that users might find it really hard not to look at.

#1. Let your app be the same on smartphones and tablets

Create apps that look equally good on smartphones as you see on tablets. Users love using apps on tablets just because they get a bigger screen view and hence have an enhanced visual experience. Try to replicate the same kind of visual treat for smartphones. When people use your app on a smartphone, they should feel as if they are using it on a tablet. Tablets definitely deliver a user-friendly appeal with your app. However, when the app is able to do the same on a smartphone, then you certainly have half the battle won.

#2. Kill straightforwardness by introducing creativity

Users always expect creative things to show up within the app. Especially with teenagers or adults, if everything is easy and predictable, then users will not find your app different from others. Introduce gestures, interactivity, absurd content, that have the ability to blow away the minds of users. However, ensure that the type of language used in text-based content or image based content is not vulgar or cheap, personally affecting a person, place, or religion, and most importantly irrelevant without any context. Make your app smooth to navigate with no pop-up ads showing up.

#3. Interface needs to be aesthetic delivering a memorable experience

Try to opt for brighter UIs rather than having dark ones, giving an altogether colorful look to your entire app. This will enable your audience to remain engaged with your app all the time, ultimately letting the app be more productive and gradually becoming popular on App Stores. That does not mean you have to be the brightest. Maintain a striking balance between dark and light appearance, otherwise, too bright might be irritating to the eyes.

#4. Encapsulate text within pictures instead of keeping it plain

Plain text is a big no, as it is not pleasant or interesting enough to see simple text, and is unpleasing to the eyes. Allow pictures or diagrams to do the talking, by incorporating short or long text, within the images.

#5. Provide solutions to problems rather than piling things up

You might want your app to be the initial choice amongst users with respect to the category the app belongs to. To do this, you may think of introducing features and functionalities all together, by dumping it within your app. This will make your app crowded and even clumsy to use.

Insert limited features and functionalities to emphasize on common problems that occur on a day-to-day basis rather than implanting ones that occur rarely. Deliver pitch perfect solutions to these selected problems, and in a way that stands you apart from others. The solutions might be similar to already existing ones, but presenting them in a unique and more simplified way can certainly do the trick.

#6. Understand human behavior through questions

Try to integrate questions on every single app screen to get an idea of what exactly the user wants. Quizzes and polls within the app can help you collect data related to user preferences. Also, try to insert useful information in between to explore the topic in more depth. First, ask questions, and then provide answers for the same through the relevant call to actions. Try to represent things in the most innovative ways possible so that your app looks convincing. Be aware that too many questions could bore users, and therefore, be selective in your approach.

#7. Bring a gaming perspective to your app for fun

It is an undeniable fact that users love playing games on their smartphones, irrespective of the age group they belong to. Gaming delivers the maximum amount of entertainment and fun among all functionalities on smartphones. If you want to make your app unique, try to make your app features work in the form of game controls. Give users a feel of gameplay while using the app. Such apps would not only be unique but will easily click with any audience.

#8. Gathering feedback is a wise idea

Having an over confident attitude concerning your app can put you in major trouble. Be humble and show your humility by asking app users any suggestions and recommendations for app improvement. This way you not only put the authority into the users hands, but can also bring about upgrades and updates suiting the needs of every single individual. Re-launching the app with enhanced versions will certainly gain credibility and attention from users, even if they are disappointed with the initial release.

#9. Focus on collaborative benefits rather than individual ones

Install such features and functionalities within the app that solves problems of a macro group of people rather than focusing on customized solutions for the few. Work upon general problems rather than niche problems. Once you satisfy all the common needs through your app, you can concentrate on targeting niche markets with complex issues.

#10. Give a tighter control to the app users regarding security

Your app can taste success for a long time by only being consistent within safety parameters. Let users feel completely safe when dealing with their profiles or payments. The app should be strongly secured with no loopholes for bugs or errors making the app vulnerable to break into. Let users take complete control with the account remaining safe from the eyes of eavesdroppers.

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