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10 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing a Web Design Company

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A decade and a half ago, choosing a web design company for designing your website was not a thing that requires research. At that time, there were neither many designing companies nor many websites. Google was also in its young years; that is to say, the online competition was not fierce just 15 years ago.

But today, times have considerably changed. The web design and development have risen in both number and scope. There are a large number of web-designing and development companies present in the market today, and the live websites on the internet are virtually innumerable. Now, Google has become quite mature as a search engine and a single keyword entered on Google returns over 900 million search results. The online competition is cut-throat today.

You may drive traffic to your website through effective SEO, but to retain the visitors on your site and turning them into prospects is another thing. It requires an intelligently designed website. You need to distinguish your website from that of your competitors, otherwise it would just get lost in the ocean of websites already there on the internet; remember new websites make their debut on the internet daily. In such a scenario, it becomes very important to choose the right web design company to get your business website designed.

We are listing here ten things that you should consider before choosing a web design company for getting your website designed:

#1. They Should be Good Listeners

It is true that no one knows your business better than you. So, only you can provide the best ideas and inputs to the web-designer as to what things should be included in the website, what things need to be focused upon, etc. Now, in order to incorporate the ideas and inputs provided by you in your site, the web designing firm should carefully listen to and understand your requirements, otherwise they won’t be able to design a website that matches your expectation.

#2. They Should Provide Valuable Suggestions

Being good listeners is obviously important on the part of the web designing company, but at the same time they need to be creative and smart thinkers. That is to say, if a web designing company simply nods their head to whatever you said without giving any inputs or suggestions from their side, this is not a good sign. It shows lack of creativity and experience; so you should look for a company that provides useful suggestions in discussion that may add to the worth of your website.

#3. They Should Design a CMS Compatible Website

A CMS compatible website provides the convenience of updating your site as and when required through popular content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, and Drupal. In the absence of this option, you need to look for a web developer whenever you want to make any updates to your web pages. So, a good web design and development company must provide this CMS option; never go for those who offer only a static HTML website because that’s outdated.

#4. They Should Design a Responsive Website

In the present times, when a large number of people are using their smartphones and tabs for surfing the internet, a website that is good only for the computer screen cannot be said to be complete. Responsive web design is what is needed today. A responsive website is one that displays and works seamlessly across various platforms such as PC, laptop, mobile, tabs, palmtops, etc. This considerably increases the reach and visibility of your site; so your web designing firm should keep this in mind.

#5. They Should Have a Rich Portfolio to Showcase

The best way to assess the suitability of a web designing company for you is to go through their portfolio or work samples. You should not get impressed by just seeing some screenshots of impressive websites on the portfolio page of a company. You must surf through some actual sites designed by them. In this way, you would get a fair idea of their web design as well as development work; it would provide you more confidence regarding the choice of the website designing company.

#6. They Should Have Withstood the Test of Time

Before choosing a web designing and development company, you must have a look at their history. When they started their operation and how successfully they operated. A company that is around for just about a year would not make the right choice. You should prefer a company that is in the business for a good while. This is a sign that they have successfully adapted themselves according to changing times, and adopted new technologies and better work practices; that’s why they survived and they will continue to grow in the times to come. Otherwise, there are many new companies in the field of website design and development that mushroom every day and get closed in a few months.

#7. They Should Possess Diverse Industry Experience

A web design company that has diverse industry experience is always considered better than the one that specialize in one particular industry. This is because the former is more likely to create a fresh and unique design than the latter owing to its vast experience. On the other hand, the company having experience or specialty in only one industry would turn out to be a cookie-cutter, which would probably design a website that is hardly differentiated from the hundred others that it designed previously.

#8. They Should Portray a Modern Approach in Design

This is a very important quality to look for in a web designing and development company. The company should keep pace with what’s trending in the industry. Their work should exhibit the hot elements of website design such as large typography, background video, simple navigation, flat design, and parallax scrolling, to name a few. Statistics show that website visitors are more likely to spend quality time on sites that showcase a modern and unique design, rather than a traditional design.

#9. They Should Have a Strong Hold on Digital Marketing

A company in the field of website designing and development is said to be incomplete if it lacks the knowledge of digital marketing. In this day and age, digital marketing has assumed even greater importance than the conventional marketing. So, a business can’t afford to overlook it if it wants to prosper. The scope and reach of your website increase manifold when it is properly promoted over the various digital marketing channels. Therefore, besides creating a good website for your business, a professional web-design and development company should also promote your site on its digital media channels.

#10. They Should Not be Insanely Cheap

Your website represents your business on the World Wide Web. It has the capability of making or breaking your business; so you must take it seriously. You can’t afford to scrimp on this vital project. There are some companies in the market that offer to design your business website at a curiously low price of around $100 – $150. Take it for sure that they are just going to copy-paste your details in an outdated WordPress template or something like that. Such kinds of websites may cost less in the beginning, but they cost heavily later in terms of the loss of business goodwill and customers that happen due to them. So, don’t fall for such dubious offers.

If you keep the above ten points in mind while selecting a web designing company, you will probably get an enviable website designed for your business that will help make your business grow.

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