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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an App

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Mobile app development is a huge thing in every arena

Similarly, a lot of things are involved in developing a mobile app and you need to crunch your numbers while deciding which app to develop and for what purpose. For example, these are just a few of the questions you should ask while developing a mobile app:

  • The potential use your app is going to have for the end user
  • The platform you are developing the app for
  • The apps that have the greatest reach
  • The apps that would bring in the possibility of maximum revenue

Still looking for a good reason to use mobile apps in your business? Well, here are 10 reasons why your business needs an app

#1. To revolutionize the market

You can also call this is as ‘disrupting the market’, but disrupting for the good. Here is a good example to understand this better. For years, people have been complaining of bad service from taxi drivers, and this in particular is happening in the US where there are plenty of foreign speaking drivers who have not bothered to understand or speak the native language. And some of the drivers even speak rudely to their fares.

This all changed when Uber entered the taxi market with a bang. Uber is an app that helps people hire taxis and even track their vehicles real time. The drivers of Uber are polite and can speak and understand the native language. They even charge precisely and honestly. Here you can say there has been a disruption of the market, but in a positive way. So, with just a mobile app, you can revolutionize the market and win loyal customers.

#2. Engage your customers

You can invite your customers to participate in trials, surveys and contests. In fact, you can even send them some mobile-only contests so they would be prompted to come back and visit your app from time to time. Even people who are not your customers might hear about your app and come and access it, and this increases the likelihood of conversion.

You can also engage them by encouraging the point system whenever they make a purchase through the app. You can collect their points and announce a reward or discount. Additionally, you can also send push notifications to inform your customers about the latest promotions and sales deals.

#3. To build brand equity

Brands must use mobile applications to build brand equity. There are more than 120 mobile application stores globally, and new ones are opening all the time, so look at the extent of exposure you will get once you get your app in a store. Mobile applications can directly impact your brand equity.

The consumer behavior is such they would visit and explore new apps as and when they are released, so major companies release their apps in all the major stores to get maximum exposure. Releasing in such a way would increase brand awareness, which is exactly what you would want.

#4. Mobile apps open up yet another channel

More and more people are performing their online shopping through smartphones. As apps become more user-friendly, there is this tendency towards self-service. As a result, call centers are getting lesser number of calls because customers have other channels to direct their queries to.

So if you do not provide an app that would make purchases easy for the customer, they would turn to your competitor, who will probably provide them with that service.

#5. It’s like creating a direct pipeline

If you have a good mobile app, it is like having a pipeline to your customers because you can send them information directly and automatically. Constant communication is possible so you can reach out to them instantly.

#6. Ideal for all your on-the-go marketing requirements

It is easily possible for you to conduct all your marketing requirements and build your brand when you have constant communication with your customers. This is called on-the-go marketing because whenever customers need to buy something, they will definitely think of you.

You create a permanent relationship with them when you release an app and that would keep you in their memory forever. In short, an app can act as a direct marketing channel.

#7. You can reward your customers

When you introduce mobile apps to your target segment, it opens the channel to deliver incentives, discounts, coupons and special offers to your target segment and make them happy. They become so pleased with you that they even become your brand ambassadors.

#8. Not an expensive option at all

If you think mobile app development is expensive, then think again. Developing a mobile app would stay well within your budget, even if you want to get an interactive one. As there are plenty of offshore development teams, you can choose the one that agrees with your budget and provides excellent service.

#9. Apps can generate interest in your products and services

When you develop a mobile app and send it across to your customers, you can see it as a channel to display information about your products and services. So whenever a customer wants to know something about your product, he/she can just open the app and browse the same.

Whenever you update the content with new and relevant information, it would reach your prospects instantly. There is another word for it – visibility. With apps, your visibility is going to be really high.

#10. Simply, because the entire world is going mobile

The whole world is going mobile and if anyone is remaining behind, they would join in soon enough. If you look at the statistic in the first paragraph, you can see that the world is turning to smartphones and tablets. So if your company is going into mobile app development to create your own apps, you would definitely reach higher when it comes to securing new customers and retaining old ones.

Mobile apps are the future of business, and in order to stay abreast with the rest of the world, it’s essential that your business has an app too. Get an app developed for your business and watch it soar to greater heights.

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