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10 Powerful Example of Artificial Intelligence in Use Today

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If we talk about a few years back, machines haven’t taken over in our lives. But today, these machines are playing the most crucial role by affecting the way we live, we work, and we entertain ourselves. From talking devices like Alexa to self driven vehicles, we’re reaching new heights. How is it possible? Well, this is all because of Artificial Intelligence. There are several examples around us of Artificial Intelligence today. Let’s dig in deeper what Artificial Intelligence means and what impact does it have on human lives today and in the coming future.

Artificial Intelligence, in real terms, is an insight displayed by machines that can be utilised gainfully. AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence is a process wherein a machine can gain from data, create some level of comprehension, and afterward use the information to figure out how to accomplish something.

AI refers to a technology that can make machines think like human beings and robots can work the way humans use to do.

Wondering what’s taking up place in our lives through Artificial Intelligence? Check out this blog further.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Examples Prevailing Today

1. Robotics


The very popular AI example today includes Robotics. Today AI powered robots or the ones deemed as such does not have natural intelligence. They are capable of solving problems and thinking in a limited capacity. There are a plethora of examples where robotics is used i.e. from working on assembly lines at Tesla to teaching Japanese students English. For instance, Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong is building humanoid robots using Artificial Intelligence for both commercial and consumer markets.

2. Self-Driving Cars

Self Driving Cars

Another popular example of artificial intelligence today includes self-driven vehicles. This directly gives us the sign that what the coming future is all about. The self-driving cars are slowly heading towards its way to driverless vehicles. It is even expected that after two decades the world we live in will be surrounded by more than 30 million auto-vehicles and for all this we shall all thanks to artificial intelligence to come and take over the industries. This technology is literally taking forward to the next era with the self-driving car industry. Tesla is the biggest example of AI technology today.

3. Cogito


It is yet another biggest example of artificial intelligence where the company is a synthesis of machine learning and behavioral science that enhances customer collaboration. It aims at phone professionals and is applicable on millions of voice calls. This AI solution helps by analysing human voice and offers real-time protection to enhance behaviour.

4. Siri


We all are well aware of this very popular Apple’s assistant. It’s the friendly voice-activated computer voice we can interact with daily. Siri is helpful in finding information about anything, drives us through a direction or helps us connect with people in our contacts on the go. It uses machine-learning technology to perform better and smarter. It also understands our natural language questions and requests.

5. Alexa


Another voice command device, Alexa, that’s hugely popular among the generation today. It has now become the rise of smart home’s hub and it’s because of its ability to catch voice or decipher speech from anywhere in the room using which you can hunt the web for information, shop and schedule appointments. Not only this, Alexa also helps us power up our smart homes. Didn’t use it yet, try it today!



Amazon’s transactional AI has been in existence for sometime now. Its work is to make astronomical calculations online with advanced algorithms. The company is much smarter than we could ever imagine. It self predicts what the user is looking for depending on the online behaviour. It plans in advance to ship products to us much before we have even thought of it. Amazing, isn’t it?

7. Boxever


While we are listing the best artificial intelligence examples popular today, Boxever is a company that depends entirely on machine learning focusing on enhancing customer experience. It focuses on the travel industry and delivers micro-moments or experiences that customers mesmerize forever. Boxever is renowned due to machine learning and artificial intelligence that has been dominating the field wherein helping customers find a new way to connect and share their travel journeys with clients.

8. Netflix


Netflix needs no introduction. We all know how popular this content-on-demand service is. Artificial Intelligence and Netflix are connected as it uses predictive technology that sends recommendations based on consumer’s reaction. Wonder when you get your favourite recommendations? It is sent based on consumer’s behaviour, reaction, and interest. The service is growing and improving with every passing year.

9. Pandora


Heard of this amazing music app? Yes, you heard it right! Pandora is an AI based  tech solution that is also known as the DNA of music. Its team of experts evaluates the musical taste of the users and individually analyzes the song. It further offers recommendations of the songs that would never get noticed, despite people’s liking.

10. Flying Drones

Flying Drones

Last but not least, Flying Drones are another amazing example of Artificial Intelligence technology. These are used in various sectors such as artificial Intelligence in photography, delivering products to customers home, and more. The sensors and cameras attached to flying drones keeps a check on their position.

Final Words On AI And Its Impact On World

So, these were some of the most used and prevailing examples of Artificial Intelligence. Check them out and see what you are missing. However, Artificial Intelligence is gaining much popularity at a rapid pace and is further impacting the way we live, work, interact, and additionally improves customer experience.

With AI and similar technologies taking over the industries, there’s a lot more we can expect in the coming years. What are your predictions on artificial intelligence? Do let us know in the comments below.

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