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10 Mobile Apps that Increase Communication in the Workplace

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Even if you are working directly beside someone, there are likely going to be times when communication in the workplace is somewhat lacking. This is common, but it can be detrimental, as it will slow things down and work often doesn’t get done, or isn’t done right. The trick is to learn how to use the tools that are available to help you and your team communicate better with one another. For instance, these 10 mobile apps are easy to use, and will help to greatly increase communication in the workplace.

#1. Hip Chat

This is a team chat app that was created for businesses. Hip Chat is loaded with features, including screen sharing and video calling, and it is totally secure. You will no longer have to worry about lost email messages or reply-to-all nonsense. Just use the @mentions and you will get your answer right away. No one is going to miss an important message again. This app is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. There is even a web app, so you can use Hip Chat anywhere, and at any time.

#2. Zip Schedules

Employee scheduling can be a problem in many businesses, and it is important to be able to communicate in order to make sure that everyone gets their proper hours, vacation times, etc. Zip Schedules will let you create schedules in just a few minutes, using an online schedule maker. You can even try it for free for 30 days to see if it is the right tool for your business. It is easy to use, and provides good communication between team members, so employee scheduling is fast and easy.

Zip Schedules

#3. Box

If you are working remotely, it can sometimes be difficult to find all of the documents and other information you may need to work on. Box lets you view and share files easily, even large files. You can see files in over 100 formats, including full-screen presentation mode. You will never lose your files, and will always be able to find them quickly and easily. Sync up your web, desktop, and mobile data with Box Sync, and even save files so you can have offline access to them. Sharing photos and other data is fast and easy, and can be done securely with Box Capture.


#4. Kapost

This is a tool that will make B2B marketing a whole lot easier. Kapost is the only solution that has been created specifically for managing the entire B2B buyer experience. You will be able to have marketing content that is really going to get results. Up-to-date software and services are offered to ensure that you get the marketing content you need, and get it to the right audience, every time. You won’t have to waste any more time using the wrong content that isn’t generating the sales that you want to see.


#5. Redbooth

This project management software is easy to use and allows your team to accomplish more. This is a simple managing, tracking and collaboration platform, and it can be used on mobile devices, your desktop, and the web. Redbooth is flexible for any type of project management workflow, and you can customize unlimited workspaces for any type of team by using Kanban and Timeline (Gantt) views, task list templating, and repeatable tasks. Everything is all in one convenient location.


#6. Wrike

Use Wrike to get real-time visibility and see what any member of your team is working on at any time. You can create reports that will allow you to track the performance of your team. You will be able to see who has the bandwidth to do the next project, and the interactive timelines keep everyone in the loop about everything at all times. This is really going to improve the way your team has conference calls.


#7. BlueBridge

Most people use mobile apps as opposed to mobile browsers because the mobile apps are quicker and more responsive. Mobile browsers aren’t as easy to use as the apps, and they just aren’t as enjoyable to use. For business communication, you need a smartphone app that is going to leverage mobile functionality, is portable and easy to access, provides a rich experience for users, and promotes the brand and culture of your company. BlueBridge is that app.

Blue Bridge

#8. Avaamo

Here is a business messaging app that allows you to have completely secure conversation with co-workers, customers, vendors, and partners. The interface is simple to use, and all messages are encrypted. You can enjoy one-to-one group messaging, and all messages are guaranteed to be delivered quickly and reach everyone. Your team members will always be updated about deadlines, milestones, forecasts, and a whole lot more. You can use Avaamo to create company-wide groups or smaller groups.


#9. GoToMeeting

This app will help you get a lot more done. You can use it for as many meetings as you need, and it has a simple interface. Communication is clear with GoToMeeting, and it will greatly increase productivity. Travel costs will be decreased because you can have online meetings without actually having to travel to be there in person. Sales will be increased because you will have more time to meet with prospects. Enjoy HD video, ultra-clear audio, and shared screens. This is a secure solution with end-to-end encryption, as well as strong and secure passwords. You can have a different personal meeting room for each customer, complete with a custom URL.


#10. MobileDay

Losing conference call PIN’s and passcodes can be a real pain, and you may spend way too much time searching for them and not actually getting any real work done. With MobileDay, you have a one-touch dialing app that auto-syncs with your iOS or Android calendar. This means that you will always be able to get into any meetings, easily and on time. All of your call information is validated in advance, so there will be no troubles getting into any meeting. This app does the dialing, so all you have to do is begin the meeting and get down to work.

mobile day

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