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10 Most Interesting Technology Trends to Unfold in 2016

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The world of technology is evolving continuously and showing maturity. Many breathtaking technologies starting from a seemingly vague promise and a toying idea became era changing gadgets and technology in the space of few years. Mobile and smartphone revolution is a fitting example of this. From virtual reality to wearable, to Internet of Things to use of drones, to futuristic driverless cars to use of robots and artificial intelligence in everyday life, the world of technology went from strength to strength in the recent years showing the most ground breaking array of promises to transform our life.

In 2016, many of these technologies are going to have bigger and deeper impact. Here below we are introducing 10 most interesting technology trends to unfold in 2016.

#1. Virtual reality will take over

2016 will mark the shaping of virtual reality finally to its latest avatar, offering a more real and immersive experience than ever before. It begins with the long expected Oculus Rift headset followed consecutively by HTC Vive and Sony PlayStation VR. Advanced intelligent sensors and life-like imaging capability in these dedicated VR headsets is sure to offer a more immersive experience combining even the virtual and real world in an augmented experience.

Games and all visual experience will go through a major shift thanks to augmented reality products like 360-degree video and apps, and the division between virtual world and real world will be increasingly blurred.

#2. Wearable having bigger workplace impact

Until now, wearable technology has not become a mass product like mobile devices but 2016 may be the year for this technology to penetrate deeper. It is anticipated that wearable technology will be embraced across workplaces to boost productivity and collaboration.

In 2016, wearable may provide you the relief from issues that are common in the workplace. Apart from increasing collaboration it will replace the need of using mobile to remain active in chat and messaging platforms. Wearable glasses and smartwatches will be the first in being adopted in the workplace followed by others.

#3. Smart cars

Consuming 200,000 square feet of space, automobile technology will take the largest floor area in the CES 2016 and this is a significant indication how smart tech driven automobiles are going to draw more focus. Though still a few years left before we can see fully driverless cars, there are interesting things waiting for the smart car revolution in 2016.

Reportedly, Google and Ford Motor Co. joined hands to develop autonomous vehicles under a joint venture and Apple is also hiring automobile experts from top brands for their smart car project which had been made secret by the company until now. This report shows that 2016 will see more partnerships between auto manufacturers and tech companies, though fully autonomous vehicles are still far away.

#4. 3D Printing expanding to more sectors

3D printing undergoing an array of advancements is going to be equipped to handle a wide range of materials including biological materials, carbon fiber, glass, conductive ink, advanced nickel alloys, electronics and pharmaceuticals. As user demand for 3D printed materials are increasing, the technology is likely to invade more sectors and specialties including aerospace, medical, automotive, energy and the military. This huge growth of 3D printing and demand of 3D printed materials will obviously impact the assembly line and supply chain process as well.

#5. Advanced machine learning

Advanced machine learning will take bigger strides from this year. The autonomous capability of machines to communicate, perceive and learn from their surroundings will continue to take more robust shape and replace manual involvement and analysis. Machine learning taking the center stage will make manual computing more and more impractical and uneconomic across the industries.

The area of machine learning and autonomous computing will continue to take more importance in industries to offer more competitive advantage.

#6. Safer, smarter drones

We all like the splendid aerial panorama of drone photography, but still it is not a technology for everyone. As drones are continuing to be more sophisticated and advanced, soon we can see them being incorporated more frequently in everyday use like aerial photography. Many companies known for their camera equipment and advanced lenses are about to launch drones to redefine excellence in aerial photography. In this year we are also going to see drones being used in research and studies conducted by institutions.

#7. Voice control will take over the home

Gadgets responding to the voice are not altogether a new phenomenon but it is increasingly becoming common and in this year we can see voice control take over our home gadgets or everyday appliances. Most high end mobile devices are already offering sophisticated voice control features and smart televisions are coming equipped with this feature, so it is very likely to be a force to be reckoned with in the near future. Moreover, as an array of new home robots are coming, voice control will continue to be more commonplace.

#8. All device screens will interact with one another

Just because most of our active time is now spent looking at device screens, improving the communication among various devices is now a focus area for companies. Whether it is about integration of cross platform devices or streaming services from mobile to bigger screens like TV operating on the same OS, the barrier between device screens is going to be obsolete. While this integration and continuity is going to be more common, in 2016 we can see several steps towards this direction.

#9. Artificial intelligence and robotics in everyday life

Artificial intelligence will understand user intention more intuitively, just like the Cortana in Windows, Siri in iOS and similar machine learning used in the Google search engine. While this artificial intelligence will continue to dominate innovation in mobile and wearable devices, this will continue to make its way into modern robots as well. In this year’s CES, more than 20 advanced robotics have been introduced and some of these are more responsive and intuitive than all their previous avatars.

#10. Internet of Things platforms

An array of interactive gadgets and intuitive engagement among them gave rise to a new approach of these interconnected devices called the Internet of Things (IoT). This new interactive tech environment is now going to have dedicated platforms that can accommodate the array of apps, service architectures and gadgets in 2016. This is likely to be the year we can see significant steps in that direction.

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