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10 Entrepreneurial Tasks Startups Need to Outsource

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Outsourcing is an integral part of a business, provided tasks are properly segregated and perfectly executed. However, as compared to bigger businesses, startups need to outsource more frequently because of restricted funds and lack of efficient workforce. If small businesses are looking to increase productivity, they need to outsource— focusing more on certain tech-based tasks which require intuition.

It must be noted that each area of a business doesn’t always need to be outsourced and more often than not in-house employees can take care of the jobs in hand. However, certain tasks should be outsourced in order to maintain the momentum while the business can then concentrate on the aspects of customer service, sales and hiring.

In this post, we will be discussing 10 entrepreneurial jobs which should definitely be outsourced, at least during the formative phase. Once the business grows and starts expanding, owners can selectively taper in the tasks for saving money.

#1. Infrastructure

Firstly, let me clarify that we will be talking about a cloud based service, namely IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service. Be it servers, hardware or network systems, outsourcing equipment can save the business a lot of money. For a startup, it is extremely difficult to structure a layout and then hire IT professionals to maintain the same. Outsourcing IaaS can therefore help businesses with their budget consideration, quality and even redressals.

The idea here is to make a seamless shift from data center attributes to the IaaS— just to get things started on a right note. Once the business selects the perfect outsourcing firm, deploying new services becomes easier than before. This form of evolution is expected to make startups nimbler with their approach and more focused towards their goals.

#2. Cloud Hosting

If you own a business, you need to have a cloud based premise for handling tasks in a less-convoluted manner. For example, applications like kik for pc or WhatsApp for web are specifically designed to work with the cloud. These are specialized formats of the conventional applications catering to a smaller audience base. However, startups need to focus on these specific target points by outsourcing cloud hosting like most desktop centric version of messaging applications which store data within the cloud.

Businesses with outsourced hosting plans are expected to be financially stable and independent as compared to their contemporaries. While this eliminates the need to buy servers, any bootstrapped operation is easier to handle with an outsourced cloud hosting service.

#3. Site Design-Ecommerce

Unless you aren’t exceptionally skilled as a website designer, it is advisable to outsource website designing— especially if the business concerns ecommerce. This approach can help an organization create interactive websites, thereby increasing engagement. Customers will keep returning to your webstore if the interface is user-friendly and free of bugs.

It is very difficult for a flourishing business to ensure that CSS, HTML and even JavaScript integrations are correct and in line with the requirements. Therefore, it is only fitting that website designing is outsourced. The trick here is to opt for a graphic designer and a coder, just to make sure the cohesion remains intact.

#4. Website Updates

Updates are important, especially when a business needs to keep the website in the best possible condition. Be it the latest tech changes and trends, updates need to be monitored and included for creating a thumping web presence.

Often the most ignored aspect, website updates need to be outsourced— preferably to the organization which designed the same in the first place. One example to this would be a website which deals with app and game development. The company cannot go on branding or promoting a website that just deals with the stagnant facets of development. Instead the website needs to be updated for the recent trends that deal with stock ROM, tweaked version of Android and everything that deals with apps in the hindsight.

Apart from that, WordPress-centric websites have plugins and applications which can be manually updated but still need expert supervision to function properly. Lastly, outsourcing this task can save a lot of time and trouble of going through intricate methodologies.

#5. Cybersecurity

Here comes an issue which can make or break an organization. As a business, it is exceedingly important to keep the data reserves safe. While in-house security measures are fine to start with, outsourcing additional cybersecurity is a must. This approach keeps strategic, infrastructural and even IT risks at bay.

Most IT vendors who have been dealing with your cloud hosting and IaaS requirements are mostly incapable towards handling high-end cybersecurity measures. Therefore, it is advisable to recruit someone who can do the job without compromising on the data sets, privacy and confidentiality of the clients.

#6. Authentication— Two-Factor

You should be mindful of the surroundings when dealing with extremely sensitive data sets. Therefore, it is always advisable to opt for two-factor secured authentication in order to minimize unscrupulous access. The ideal way to go about things is to have a security code followed by some sort of physical identification— preferably using biometrics.

When opting for such levels of security, you must always consult or outsource to a professional who is well-versed with biometrics, software applications and other necessary details.

#7. QA Testing

I have always believed that developers don’t make the best of app testers. The reason behind this is the biased approach towards their own applications. Therefore, QA testing for apps and software needs to be outsourced. It is actually good if the test cases are handled by third-party firms as the business can then keep on scaling without having to worry about the bugs and associated loopholes.

#8. Business Applications

Developing an app isn’t easy, more so when it caters to thousands of customers. Therefore, it is important to outsource the entire process of business app development for better results. For a startup which is thin on workforce, hiring a company is the best step into the future.

#9. Diverse Projects

More often than not a business needs to encounter projects which are way beyond its expertise. This is where an outsourcing firm comes to the fore and handles these tasks for a pretty nominal price point. For example, a tech based company might not be well-versed with the content marketing strategy which is actually imperative to the overall growth of the organization. Therefore, it needs to outsource work to content marketing firms which deal with social media posts, guest blogging, WhatsApp status updates, LinkedIn Pulse and literally everything that requires content creation and promotion.

The idea here is to identify projects which are free of vendor autonomy and clearly define the work which needs to be done. The idea would be theirs while the outsourcing companies will only handle the execution. Lastly, when outsourcing projects, it is advisable to bring in a stakeholder who is accountable for all the transactions.

#10. Anything that is Beyond Automation

Automation is an integral part of every business strategy but there are tasks which are important but cannot be automated. Moreover, these jobs can be challenging to keep a track of and require third-party firms to look over.

Bottom Line

Outsourcing tasks is a pretty good strategy, especially when you are just starting off with a venture. While this takes care of a myriad of professional requirements, training the outsourced workers is something which is often ignored. A business has a particular vision and for the outsourcing firm to understand that, the concerned workforce needs to be trained.

In the given context, videos, pictures and eBooks are extremely helpful.

Outsourcing might sound a pricey affair but you actually get what you pay for; sometimes even more.

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