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10 Bloopers to Avoid If You Want Your Ecommerce Site to Succeed

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Most retailers today are going the ecommerce site way as it asks for little investment and has a 24/7 online presence. It also saves small business owners from overhead expenses like paying employees and physical maintenance of the store.

However, a simple ecommerce website development is one thing but sustaining on the World Wide Web and build a lost lasting ecommerce business is quite another. Although we are witnessing an exponential growth in online shopping, we must also consider the fact that several giant ecommerce stores are struggling to endure. If you are a new business owner and want your ecommerce site to succeed, avoid these 10 pretty basic mistakes we have listed below for you.

#1. Poor Mobile Responsiveness

Mobiles are handy and as we all are moving to mobile, it is important to check that your website is mobile responsive. While crafting the design for your ecommerce store, keep in mind that your major goal is to offer a superior experience of your website on any device. There are times when the customers cannot access the information on the upper right part of their mobile screens. If you take care of this aspect, visitors can make their purchase seamlessly without making adjustments. Remember, poor quality images and mediocre navigation can make your business suffer in the long run.

#2. Absence of interactive design

Even while buying online, customers prefer to be interacted with. If your website is engaging enough, the customers are sure to come back. Hence, make sure you interact with your clients on multiple platforms including social media and know more about their choices. Ask questions and provide prompt answers. Sharing knowledge pertaining to your industry through blogs can also create a good impression amongst customers.

#3. Complicated Navigation

Traversing through your website shouldn’t be an overwhelming experience for your customers. No one likes to play guessing games as to what is expected next! Absence of proper CTAs and steps to take while buying can create major confusions. Ensure that you provide step by step procedure and give clear instructions of what to do next. An easy navigation system will lessen the frequency of cart abandonments.

#4. Lack of Contact Information

Your eStore might be enchanting enough to attract a lot of visitors. But if it doesn’t contain apt contact information, visitors might not consider it trustworthy. Customers would want their qualms and queries to be resolved. And in the absence of contact numbers and email, they wouldn’t know how to reach you. Provide a toll free number so that they can reach you anytime for free. Please double check the contact information and the fact that it is rightly displayed on your eStore.

#5. Hidden Shipping Rates

This is another major reason for cart abandonment. Customers do not like last minute surprises and would want to know about the shipping costs involved right from the beginning of the transaction. Maintain the dignity of your store by providing a shipping calculator and a section inquiring about the customer’s postal code. Reveal the final price and keep confusions at bay. This is the best and the most honest way to deal with your clients.

#6. Substandard images and content

Shoddy images and poor product descriptions are a strict no-no if you want your ecommerce store to succeed. If your store fails to provide clear images and matching product descriptions, your sales are sure to get affected. Don’t rush to launch your eStore if the information to any of the products is missing. Refrain from writing generic product descriptions and provide perfect details with first-rate images.

#7. Inappropriate pricing

Not too low, not to high, being just right with the prices is the key here. When the customers buy, they make online comparisons by keeping ten other tabs of similar stores open. Low prices can create an impression that your products are of inferior quality. And charging too high, on the other hand, will lessen the number of buyers. So before coming up with price tags; conduct enough research and give free shipping if possible. Update prices from time to time and offer discounts to your loyal customers.

#8. Cumbersome checkout process

Prolonged registration process and asking too much information can irk the customers. Don’t make the option of saving customer information during checkout process mandatory. If they are interested in revisiting your store, they will voluntarily provide all the information. Several studies have shown that clients prefer a simple purchase process. This is the reason why eStores like Amazon are a favourite amongst all.

#9. Targeting wrong audience

It can be quite challenging to identify the correct audience. Especially when your store is offering a wide array of products meant for different age groups. Consider conducting a market reevaluation and a demographic check as to what kind of audiences you are making maximum sales with. By looking into these insights, you will be able to set your goals right and succeed with your business. Search engine optimization and using the right keywords can also increase the traffic and improve your Google rankings.

#10. Marketing loopholes

Absence of strategic marketing can prove to be risky if you have a new ecommerce store. It is pointless when the look and feel of your eStore is good but it doesn’t attract the right amount of traffic. In order to thrive amongst the competitors, you should hire marketing experts who can create an inbound marketing funnel. Through referral resources, the targeted customers will be able to reach your store and leave good reviews. This will make your eStore popular on social media as well other forums and boost your sales.


Owning an ecommerce store is not a novel concept anymore. In fact, it comes with ample amount of benefits attached to it. Having the right software is must for a seamless functionality of your store. Keep updating your store with new images and information at regular intervals. Whether you have an old eStore or a new one, keep away from the above mentioned slip-ups and you are sure to soar high with your business. Happy store building!

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