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10 Best App Makers You Wouldn’t Say No To

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Looking for an app maker? Well, let’s stop your struggle to get one. We are happy to say your chase ends here, as we have listed down the 10 current best app makers.

#1. AppGeyser

AppGeyser is leading the charge on our countdown of best app builders, and rightfully so. Touted as the most remarkable one in line, AppGeyser has ascended to the premier position by eliminating the tedious coding procedures while building an application.

Furthermore, the website is evoking admiration from every quarter because of its excellent promotional equipment, which has boosted the chances for app-runners to fetch better results in terms of acceptance, popularity and money.

AppGeyser helps in multiplying gains by actively promoting apps on various online platforms, and subsequently, linking them with the high-revenue ads. And, the easy-to-operate framework is definitely a proud factor.

#2. InfiniteMonkeys

InfiniteMonkeysSecond to AppGeyser can be none other than the feature-loaded ‘InfiniteMonkeys‘, a finely-created app maker for Android and iPhones. The website helps in creating appealing, customer-friendly and robust apps on the instant. InfiniteMonkeys is doing a roaring trade owing to its functioning, that allows owners to publish their respective apps to app stores for free.

This app-builder is equipped with simple features, which equal the app-making process to an experience to pour your soul into, even if you are not a tech freak.

#3. TheAppBuilder

TheAppBuilderProbably the best in class, TheAppBuilder is a green-eyed monster, and its prominence in the markets can be attributed to its inspiring performance. The website is the best recourse to construct quality web-based mobile apps.

For snowballing revenues, the owners can sell applications by developing native apps and upgrading the membership on TheAppBuilder. This website is shining at the peak on account of its user-friendly toolkit, coupled with public distribution option and multiple mobile platforms.

#4. BuzzTouch

buzztouchBuzzTouch is a simple app, integrated with an array of mind-blowing features to build mass-loving mobile and video apps. One of the best-built websites, BuzzTouch has turned even the most tough hearts into pledge-giving customers through its unparalleled workability.

The owners can create any kind of application by downloading the source code, and launching them into iOS and Android app stores. If that isn’t enough, the range of free tools on BuzzTouch will make you grin ear to ear.

#5. Appsbar

appsbarAppsbar has made its way to the pinnacle of success by offering a bespoke mechanism to develop native apps, and HTML5 apps for Windows, BlackBerry and iOS. The factor that drives a phenomenal user’s response to Appsbar is its availability free of cost. The users, while on Appsbar, have to first elect an app theme from the 37 types available. In the next step, the users have to personalize it to their exact requirements and integrate features like pages, multimedia pages, social tools and forums.

Advancing on to the third level, the users have to submit their entry for publishing and the team of Appsbar will make an assessment of the product to know whether it is built corresponding to the set standards or not. The owners can also do easy promotion of their apps here.

#6. Appypie

AppypieAppypie is one of the most sought after DIY app builder for reasons gallore. The website spells a magic by creating the most flawless and impressive applications for the top-numbering platforms, such as Android, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows. The simple drag and drop facility is a major puller for Appypie. Besides this, Appypie is laden with an interesting library of creation tools, which is not only famous with the professionals, but also the tech-raw individuals.

To measure the app’s performance on multiple platforms, and the frequency of customer interactions, Appypie comes with a range of management tools, such as app analytics, updates and custom coding. This is something that talks loud and clear about the competence of this app-builder.

#7. GameSalad

gamesaladGamesalad is the real triumph, for the enormous range of features and sheer convenience it offers to create mobile and desktop gaming apps. The reason why this platform holds all the aces when creating highly emotive and addictive games is the one and only aim. The simplified UI, a grand library of gaming elements, swift functionality and good publishing options makes GameSalad a ‘must’ for anyone who wishes to take the gaming exhilaration to a new, upward level.

No wonder, Gamesalad has ticked the right boxes to leave the game developers in awe of this path-breaking app.

andromo#8. Andromo

Andromo happens to be an efficient and compelling app-creator that has supported the structuring of millions of native Android apps, and that too, absolutely free! Andromo has done away with all the mind-rattling technicalities, and invented a system where users can create apps without coding. Andromo gives a much-needed marketing push to an app, and opens floodgates for the profits to the owners. Just publish your app to the Android app store, and leave the rest to this website.

Though not all features are free, a user will never find himself short of exciting options while adding that much-sought distinctiveness in his/her app.

#9. AppMaker

appmakrA free DIY app-building platform, AppMaker has received rave reviews for its high-end mechanism to create value-driven apps on Android and iOS platforms. By calling a halt to annoying coding procedures, AppMaker has equalled the app-making process to a cakewalk. A user is liberated to add as many updates as he wants by shedding nothing from his pockets.

AppMaker hosts a list of winsome features, such as branding, live updates and high-resolution picture galleries. All apps from AppMaker are published under the home brand, and not the AppMaker.

This way, the website doesn’t disown the real owners from the credit. And, what’s more praiseworthy is AppMaker’s App Quality Index (API), a feature that gauges the probability of acceptance or rejection of an app by Apple’s review process.

iBuildApp#10. iBuildApp

Another gem is the iBuildApp which has also again given the coding technicalities a back seat, and kept the convenience of the users at the forefront. The users can develop any sort of app for free. iBuildApp is successful because of its long list of app creation tools – highly appreciated by the customers.

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