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Great Incentives to Motivate your Sales Force

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There are many ways that you can keep your sales force motivated, and one thing is for sure; without some form of motivation, most salespeople will not go that extra mile to push for success, so you need to find unique ways to keep them on their toes. Cold calling can really deflate a person, and in order to achieve your targets, you need constant motivation, hence the need for regular meetings. Salespeople have to develop very thick skin, as they are constantly encountering negativity, and with that in mind, here are just a few ideas on how to motivate your sales team to meet their targets.

Cash Prizes

There’s little that can beat the promise of cash, and by placing a reasonable amount of money on the table during your Monday morning sales meeting, all team members will be motivated to win such a prize. The following Monday when you hand out the prize, all those who did not win will be determined to be the one who steps up to collect the prize the following week. There are variations of this; you can pitch two people against each other and run the contest for a week of month, whichever works for you, and always show the cash when introducing the competition.

Drive a Supercar for a Day

This would make for a really great incentive, as the person with the highest figures get to drive the car of their dreams for a day. If you’re looking for a company that rents out supercars, check out the amazing list of prestige performance cars to be found at https://www.richcarsbangkok.net/, who happen to be Bangkok’s leading sports car hire firm.

This bonus offers a double motivation:

1. Drive the car for a day

2. Make enough money to afford to buy such a car, and driving your dream car is a very effective way to generate motivation

IT Hardware

It might be a MacBook Pro, an iPad, or even the latest smartphone, as any of these prizes would be highly desired by any professional. Once you have introduced the contest to your team, make sure you call each person every evening to carry on with the motivation, and if everyone is working hard to win the prize, the extra sales will more than pay for the item in question. If you acquire the device in advance, you can present it during the meeting, so everyone gets to see exactly what is up for grabs.

The Restaurant Game

This sales contest involves pairing up your sales force, and when you have a list of pairs, the two players are playing against each other. The winner gets to choose the restaurant, orders for both players, and yes, you’ve guessed that the loser is the one who ends up paying. No one wants to be on the losing side, as they have their food and drinks chosen by the winner, so it might not be an enjoyable evening for the one who foots the bill!

Weekend Away for Two

An all-expenses-paid weekend away at a prestigious resort or spa is a very attractive prize for anyone, and when you inform your sales staff about this contest, they will all try their best to win the prize. Obviously, the prize should be as attractive as possible, so take a look at some of the best hotels and spas in your area and make the booking for two, leaving the names and dates open.

A Day at the Races

This is a team prize, awarded if the team reaches their quarterly target, and with each person receiving some gambling money, everyone has a great time. The all-expenses outing would also help team members to bond by strengthening their relationships, and if horseracing isn’t their thing, choose a day excursion that the team would enjoy.

Car Detail

A small prize, but nevertheless a very welcome one, as the winner gets to have their car put through a comprehensive detailing, leaving it looking like new. This could include car-mapping to tune up the engine and every member of your team would love to win this prize.

All of the above ideas are regularly applied by top sales managers all over the country, and when you consider the extra business that gets written, prizes such as these are very cost effective. Running a successful direct sales team is never going to be easy, and the manager must work hard to keep motivation levels high, and reward and recognition play a major role in keeping people tuned in.

Always focus on the positive and it is essential to have training sessions where new closing techniques are introduced, which helps the team to improve their conversion rates, and with regular prizes as mentioned above, your team will consistently beat their targets.

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