Having a difficult quarter? Struggling to get your company off the ground? If you can improve your sales, you can improve anything. This content is designed to help you get moving, get growing and stop stagnating. There is always something new to learn about becoming more efficient at closing sales. The thought-leaders on TYB are here to give you their wisdom, based on first-hand experience closing critical sales and growing their company.


Best Practices to Selling More Concert Tickets Online

Whatever kind of concert you are promoting, if you want it to be a sell-out event, you need to know the best practices for shifting more tickets.  The internet has made it much easier and simpler to sell concert tickets. But for your event to sell out, you need to come up with new methods […]
March 2, 2022 2,117 Reads share

How to Increase Sales on Life Insurance

As insurance agents, we all know that life insurance is one of the more complicated product lines to sell. It isn’t like selling a car or even a new set of golf clubs where the consumer already has some sort of knowledge and interest in those items.   Insurance requires deep pockets, essentially your pockets. The […]
January 14, 2022 5,380 Reads share

5 Easy Ways to Move More Customers Through Your Sales Funnel

If you are looking to improve your lead retention, conversion numbers, or just overall sales for your eCommerce business, then you have to adjust your company’s sales funnel. A sales funnel represents the ideal path a business hopes their website visitors take to become paying customers. It is the step-by-step process that lets you lead […]
December 16, 2021 8,803 Reads share


The Secrets to Building an Effective Sales Team

Is there one neat trick that can help you revitalize your sales department and blow your monthly quotas out of the water? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is “no.” When it comes to building a successful sales team, there is no silver bullet that will help you achieve greatness overnight. A sales team is […]
August 26, 2021 12,881 Reads share


Selling At Online Auctions: 6 Tips For Beginners

Auctions are just one of the many traditionally in-person activities that have moved to the virtual space in the last year. But even if you’re a beginner, you should at least know the basics of how an auction works. Well, that’s if you’ve been watching movies where biddings are part of climactic scenes, although they’re more dramatic.  As online activities increase […]
August 18, 2021 16,216 Reads share


How to Optimize Your B2B Customer Touchpoints

In a world where customer experience is everything, the importance of optimizing B2B customer touchpoints can’t be emphasized enough. It’s possible to influence every interaction a customer has with your business, to ensure that they all contribute to a positive overall customer journey. The aim of this is to improve your conversion and retention rates. […]
July 29, 2021 11,003 Reads share
Customer feedback system


Top Advantages and Disadvantages of customer feedback

Know your customers to establish an effective relationship between them and the business and get to know all their woes. Every business resorts to using customer feedback systems in online and offline methods as well. Collecting user reviews is a way of connecting with them and trying to sympathize with them. Despite these needs and […]
July 27, 2021 11,800 Reads share


10 Tips to Increase Amazon Sales in 2021

There can be no doubt that Amazon is the biggest and the most affluent e-commerce platform in the world. It has an interesting way of transforming from a bookstore into an online shopping giant. To tell a long story short, Amazon has felt trends of marketing, people’s needs, and the essential ways to grab attention. […]
June 12, 2021 5,355 Reads share

Coin Sorter Buying Guide

When you are searching for the best coin sorter, you have to look for functionality and durability over everything else. Coin sorters aren’t the prettiest of machines, but they get the job done and are very efficient. These devices count coins at rapid speeds and help reduce the time it takes for you to manage […]
June 9, 2021 6,466 Reads share