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What Can the Real Estate Industry Teach Us About Sales?

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The real estate industry may clichédly be associated with aggressive and persuasive sales techniques. But real estate agents actually use an extensive variety of methods to build trust with clients and generate sales. Other sales professionals can utilize those methods to improve sales pitches and close more deals too. So, here is a look at what the real estate industry can teach us about sales.

Scripts Are Winning Sales Tools

There is no one winning script that realtors can use to guarantee a sale. But that does not mean that real estate scripts are not some of the best sales tools that agents have at hand. Scripts are excellent for various reasons. For instance, they allow you to learn new sales approaches quickly and boost your confidence when talking to leads. However, if you speak in an overly-scripted manner, you could easily lose your potential clients. The key is to gain a balance between using scripts and speaking in your natural way. Also, although scripts can be used on the phone and via email, scripts are best used in person. Real estate agents use the marketing strategy of spending time meeting their leads so they can get to know them. That personal touch makes clients trust more. Sales are all about building human connections.

Find stellar scripts and adapt them to a unique process that works for you. And familiarize yourself with a variety of scripts, so you can select the best type to use with a specific lead. For example, you could opt for an empathy-driven script or a heavy sales script. Sometimes it is better to sympathize. Other times it is best to be a little aggressive. Know when to use different approaches, and you will soon increase sales. Scripts are used in many sales professions. So, no matter what industry you work in, scripts can be your best friend.

Persuasive Techniques Work

All sales techniques use persuasiveness. But real estate agents use specific persuasive techniques to help them land sales. As well as having a structured and compelling pitch, focusing outward is an excellent way of building trust with a client. For instance, simply use the word “you” contextually in your pitch to show you advocate for your clients’ wants and needs and that you are empathic to their situation. Phrases like, “You have options” and “It’s about you” work well.

Evoking emotion and taking a relatable and authoritative tone are other great persuasive techniques that can work well in the real estate industry, and in any other sector.

Open-ended Questions Lead to Sales

If you work in sales, you should know the difference between open-ended and closed-ended questions. If a question can be answered with only a one-word response like yes or no, then you have asked a closed-ended question, whereas open-ended questions require more than one-word answers.

Real estate agents know how to utilize open-ended questions to their advantage. They create open-ended questions that lead to the opportunity for more open-ended questions. And the more that a realtor answers clients’ questions, the more likely the client will buy. It is also a good idea to parrot clients’ responses. Real estate agents use that technique to ensure the client knows they understand what is required. For example, when a client tells a realtor that he needs a large dining space because he is always throwing dinner parties, the agent will confirm it by saying, “I understand you need a spacious dining area to entertain.” Whatever sector you work in, if you use the right types of open-ended questions and confirmations, you will gain a better overall picture of the client’s wants and needs. That will give you an edge over your competitors.

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