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5 VOIP Strategies to 10X Your Sales Team’s Closing Rates 

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Every sales agent wants to close deals faster. With more competition and scrutinizing customers, it’s getting harder to close deals unless you leverage technology. That’s where voice over internet protocol (VoIP) comes in. VoIP phone service can help boost closing strategies as it works with voice, video, email, and text. VoIP phones can integrate with advanced software to assist with leads and customers. Plus, you’ll have less time wasted in between calls.

Use these 5 strategies to help your sales teams use VoIP to their advantage.

1. Focus On the Customer

Customers love talking about themselves and that’s where VoIP can help. To focus on customers and make them feel valued for enhanced experiences, use VoIP phone systems integrated with Zendesk. It lets you immediately build engagement and connectivity to reduce gaps in customer journeys. Zendesk includes features like helpful “screen pops” for engaging customers. You don’t need to put customers on hold to retrieve their files. Their information is viewable at your fingertips.

With screen pops, you’ll see:

  • Customer’s contact information

  • Customer call history

  • Other pertinent details

On another note, efficient client interaction is a large part of what using a VoIP system is all about. Businesses in today’s global economy may now be located anywhere in the world. There is now no reason to miss out on important business wherever it may be happening in any workspace in any part of the globe.

When using a VoIP system, you may choose how many rings you wish before a phone goes to another device. If a call is urgent, there is no reason for you to miss it.

In the past few years, some massive companies, such as Coca-Cola and JP Morgan Chase, have actually eliminated voicemail. While this is not appropriate for every business, it is important to stress here that they did what was right for them, that features such as VoIP allowed them to customize their communication experience with their customers, allowing them to decide how to best engage with their publics.

2. Reframe Your Engagement

Train your sales teams on re-framing how they engage customers and leads. Provide instruction on how to effectively win customers over to gain more repeat business. Recognize problems early so that your team may efficiently provide solutions Then, offer a promotion rate or discount to help close the deal. VoIP’s integration with Salesforce lets you invert your sales approach from “brand first” to “customer first”. You’ll want to review the VOIP number providers for who provides integrations with third party tools.

Benefits of using VoIP with Salesforce include:

  • Customer service is tailored for help with leads, prospects, and customers

  • Accurate caller data in real-time ensures better CXs and reporting

  • Call logs are easy to track

  • Insights provide clarity into caller activities

Also, using a VoIP system with customers is a great way to engage with them while promoting a level of trust. Good VoIP systems allow users to use different numbers that will route into one office. For example, if you happen to have several offices in different states, you can set local numbers in each state that will actually go into the same base office. This creates trust with each set of local customers while giving the impression that your business is large.

3. Leverage the Data You Have

VoIP integration with CRM allows you to review your customer’s behaviors. Gain insights on their geographic area, products they shop for and their market segment. Review sales history and returns. Such features might include Call Hunting and Advanced Forwarding, which allows a number to be tracked where the caller moves.  Explore approaches that worked and what failed. You can also mine prospects and segment customers to create content they need. This will help you move them through the pipeline as you nurture prospects and build a rapport with them. In the end, this leads to more conversions.

CRM VoIP benefits include:

  • Better customer satisfaction and improved efficiencies

  • Call data in real-time with call recording capabilities

  • New support tickets with every call

  • Improved metrics for agents and teams

  • Closed-loop analytics for shared data between sales and marketing

4. Speak the Same Language

Sales conversion tips only help if the entire team can push prospects through the funnel cohesively. To achieve this, your sales teams might need continuous training and alignment with the buyer’s journey. Sales teams might have different approaches, but they need to speak the same language with customers, sometimes literally.

Understand their geographic area and cultural differences. Customers might be located all over the world and with VoIP phone service, you may find that virtual phone numbers are the best communications solution for your business. You’ll be able to nurture more prospects and close more deals if you’re on the same page.

5. Reduce Time Wasted In Between Calls

VoIP phone service can help with optimizing calls. Zendesk outbound call center software features include auto-dialing. This can reduce the time wasted between calls. Use it for reaching leads, prospects, and customers. The helpful software prompts will ask if you want to leave a message or redial them at one of their alternate numbers. You can also track calls for reporting purposes and analytics.

Virtual phone numbers can be assigned to ring on multiple devices. Users also have the ability to assign multiple phone numbers to ring on a single handset. New customers should understand that enrolling in VoIP service is almost hassle-free. Multiple providers are available to anyone, as long as you have a good internet connection, which is a requirement of good business these days. The software will just need to be downloaded from the site you choose, and in a few minutes, you can start making calls.

Final Thoughts

VoIP phone service offers various software integrations that can help you nurture your prospects and relationships with existing customers. From Zendesk and CRM to Salesforce, you’ll have the tools your sales team needs. By leveraging your communications technology, you can engage more with prospects and existing customers and close more deals.

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