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How to get organic sales on your Amazon products

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Lots of sellers add their products to the Amazon platform. While this can surely boost their sales, they can achieve much better results if everything is done correctly. There are a few things to keep in mind. Your goal is to increase organic sales Amazon without having to spend money on the PPC campaign. From this article, you will learn the essential info on how to improve your sales results on this platform.

Initial Information about Amazon

Amazon is a large American company that focuses on a variety of services, including e-commerce. It is one of the five biggest companies in the USA along with such giants as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

The company was founded in 1995 as a bookseller operating on the Internet. The platform had over 2.5 million active sellers in 2019. About 25,000 sellers using the services of Amazon make more than $1 million. At the same time, the competition on this platform is pretty high, which makes sellers carefully think through their posting to improve their results.

Effective Methods to Boost Your Organic Sales on Amazon

Your goal is to make your products rank organically on the Amazon platform. It is important to make sure that they will have high positions in the listing, which means that they will be well visible for your potential customers. You need to know the criteria that Amazon takes into account when deciding which products to show first. By working on these factors, you will be able to significantly improve your results.

Conversion Rate

It is the most important factor taken to attention by Amazon when deciding on the ranking of your products. The greater the conversion rate, the higher your products will be in the listing. The reason standing behind this factor is very simple — the more products are sold, the greater commission will be earned by Amazon.

You can ensure a better conversion rate by offering customers exactly what they need at a good price. Provide quick and beneficial delivery terms, full product descriptions, good customer support, and other factors that will result in a sale.

High-quality Product Videos and Images

Adding high-quality videos and images to your product page is an important factor for listing. This provides customers with helpful insights into the goods. Not only should these come with detailed info, but also highlight the advantages of the particular product.

In fact, lots of sellers have no clue that they can actually add videos to their product listings! This is how they lose a simple yet highly effective opportunity to improve the ranking of their goods. Moreover, adding videos may appear more effective than opting for Amazon PPC. It is possible to add videos in various places in the listing, and the results that you will achieve depend on your choice.

High-quality images convey lots of info as well. Customers can enlarge them to see every single detail of the product. This is how they can make sure that it is exactly what they need.

Additionally, you can also add infographics if it is appropriate. It is better to entrust the creation of videos and images to professionals who have good equipment and enough experience.

Keyword Optimization

It is important to use relevant keywords in your listing. However, adding too many of them will affect your rank. You can add the most relevant keywords in your title but avoid including unnecessary ones. Also, you will need to add keywords in the product description and other parts of the page.

Detailed Description

Your product page should contain as many details as possible. Add info about the good’s size, color range, material, purposes, and more. A detailed description will allow you to make your product look better than those sold by your competitors. If you are not sure what information you can add, you can go through similar product pages to get the necessary inspiration and ideas.

Competitive Price

When looking for a product, customers may determine the price range. You want the price of your product to be affordable and attractive for your target audience. Check out the price for similar products that your competitors ask for. Sometimes, a few dollars can make a difference.

Monitoring the Results

It is essential to know how the change you make to your product page will impact the final results. When you add more keywords, videos, images, details, etc., you need to understand how well this works and whether you need to add some more changes.


Generally, there are a few highly effective methods to boost organic sales. Some of them will require help from professionals, such as photographers or SEO specialists. However, you will surely benefit from adding the necessary changes. It is essential to keep your finger on the pulse, so remember to monitor how your efforts will result.

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