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How to Make a Product Catalog That Sells: Everything You Should Know About Product Catalog Images

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What Do Business Owners Get from Their Product Catalogs?

A brightly designed product catalog is great to show off your most precious creations. Your product catalog is just like a business card, it represents in a more thorough way your brand, your style, your products or services obviously. In other words, it helps reinforce your brand awareness. Start maximizing your sales creating a perfect product catalog.

Product catalogs are a very powerful sales tool. So it’s very important that your catalog is functional, easy to consult, in other words, it should be as friendly to viewers whether it’s printed or digital you should always think about your catalog’s readability. Another main aspect to consider when making your product catalog is its appealingness, a clear designed layout.

Outlining Your Product Catalog

  1. Your Cover. Make a beautiful cover that intrigues your customers to see what else is under there!
  2. Have an Index. Whatever order you are about to follow explain it here: alphabetically, by chapter, by product type, etc. You should, however, separate your products by categories anyway. Use paginations!
  3. Write a Juicy Introduction. Make a cool brand’s overview and remember to mention what your brand’s values are.
  4. Product Data: For every piece of product on your catalog you should consider SKU codes, descriptions, product names, prices, etc.. Yes, this is the part where you are supposed to be super organized! Pro Tip: use QR codes for easy scanning.
  5. Back Cover. As awesome as your front!

And The Star of The Show: Your Product Images!

No matter how sophisticated your design is, your catalog visitors will be engaged by visual elements, not your written copy. Your product images are a key part of a consumer’s decision-making process! Having said that, look out for the following when using product images:

  • Good Quality! There is no way you are allowed to use low quality, blurry, unclear images. You need to use the best of the best.
  • Highlight Your Most Profitable Products. If you are displaying several products on a page, prioritize your best sellers from the rest. Use bigger images, centered, whatever you need to make them the center of attention.  
  • Use a proper margin for your images you want them to stand out from the rest of your product page.
  • Show Your Products in Their Best Light. Use beautiful images that make your product stand out. Contrast colors between your object and its background.
  • What Type of Product Image Do You Need? The classic product image is a clean studio image of your product, however, there are other types of images that are also very helpful for your catalog. You should use real scenarios images if it’s important that your customers get a sense of your product’s size or wearability. The same rule applies to a lifestyle product, for example, a skateboard, give your product some context. If your brand style is important you can break the format with fun abstract images to display your products. View all kinds of image styles, product, in-context, lifestyle, grouped, and decide which is more convenient for your brand.

Sometimes Using Mockups Is a Great Idea!

If we are being completely honest, taking photographs of your product is quite laborious. If you are not a professional photographer you should hire someone and test their work. Another option is using professional mockups to showcase your designs. You can get thousands of mockups with tools like Placeit within a budget that’s under $16. Go above and beyond with your product catalog and showcase it through a slideshow video, video marketing is one of the most practical and fastest ways to market your product.

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