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Best Practices to Selling More Concert Tickets Online

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Whatever kind of concert you are promoting, if you want it to be a sell-out event, you need to know the best practices for shifting more tickets. 

The internet has made it much easier and simpler to sell concert tickets. But for your event to sell out, you need to come up with new methods for selling more tickets online. Get started by checking out the following helpful tips.


Use Event Ticketing Software

If you are still using manual processes for selling tickets, taking bookings, and managing your concerts, you are wasting a lot of time. On the other hand, when you use event ticketing software, you save time. 

The software also simplifies ticket sales and helps you to promote and manage your events. From one convenient platform, you can manage tickets, payments, and attendees.

The best software allows you to track attendees from signup to check-in. You can also set up refund and transfer policies, build seating maps and floor plans, and use check-in features to minimize queues on concert night.

Also, when you are putting on multiple concerts, event ticketing software enables you to know the status of each event at all times. And with the best software, you can get strategic insights via customized reports.

Other features to look for in concert ticketing software include task management, calendars, and budgeting tools. 

Add Your Concert to Listings Sites

You can let more people know about your concert when your event is listed on sites that feature upcoming gigs. Contact as many relevant online listings sites as possible.

You will not have to pay a dime to get listed on most sites and you can reach a much larger audience. You should submit your concert listing to sites approximately three weeks before the date of the show. 

Get Creative with Discounts

If you want to attract more attention to your concert and sell more tickets, get creative with early-bird discounts. By sending a code to certain potential attendees that allows them to get a discount on the ticket price if they book early, you can soon drum up more business. 

You could make discounts available to different groups of people, too, such as offering discounted prices to students or seniors. Just make sure you spend time calculating costs so that you do not lose money by offering discounts. 

Enable People to Purchase Tickets Via Mobile Devices

The more options you give potential attendees to purchase tickets, the more sales you will get. So, make sure you have a ticket sales presence on mobile in addition to your regular ticketing site.

Smartphones are used to make purchases online more than any other device. When you have a mobile sales platform, it becomes much easier for people to register for events and buy concert tickets on their mobile devices. 

Partner with Other Organizations and Groups

One of the best ways of shifting more tickets for your concert is to team up with organizations and groups that have a similar audience. 

When you partner with other platforms or musicians who focus on similar genres, you can both scratch each other’s backs and make use of effective free marketing.

So, when you promote your concerts through multiple channels that have ready-made audiences for the types of events you are putting on, you can quickly sell more tickets. 

Use the Scarcity Marketing Approach

There are two main methods for scarcity marketing when it comes to selling concert tickets.

Firstly, you can update potential attendees about the number of tickets left. For instance, you could send email updates and post content on your sales platform that lets people know there are only ten VIP tickets left. That will incentivize people to buy the last few remaining tickets.

Secondly, you can use the same tactics with time rather than quantity. Inform potential attendees that they only have forty-eight hours left to buy tickets, for example. Scarcity marketing can considerably boost your sales. Just make sure that the claims you make are truthful. 

Gain Traction on Social Media

To sell more tickets, you need to promote your concert more. Get started by creating a Facebook event. Then invite all of your contacts and share the event across Facebook groups that have an interest in the type of music or theme that your gig involves.

Of course, you should utilize all of your social media platforms in that way. To gain traction, make your event post as exciting as possible. For example, you could post a video of behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage to pique your audience’s interest.

You could also ask the performers to post content on their social media channels. Provide the concert musicians with content like rehearsal footage and photographs of previous gigs that the musicians can share with their followers.

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