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A 3-Step Guide In Using Emails To Optimize Sales

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In today’s web, the use of emails to drive traffic to websites and online services cannot be underestimated. But driving traffic is only the first half of the picture. The second, and often-times more important part, is converting a segment of your traffic towards a sale.

Marketers use emails that contain links, and recipients are encouraged to click through these links so traffic is brought to the sender’s business. Marketing emails are usually sent in bulk. On the other hand, sales emails are more personal and contextual. You already have a lead interested in what you offer, what’s left to do is to interact and bring that person to pay for your product or service. This is why sales emails are better handled one-on-one, pointing to the importance of sales representatives in a business.

Below is a step-by-step list of how sales reps can optimize their sales delivery through emails:

# 1. Use email templates to send versions of your messaging to different segments

By experimenting on different messaging, you are bringing science into your sales emails. The scientific method always involves a hypothesis that needs to be tested. A set of hypotheses is analogous to a set of different messaging that you can test for your leads. For your first iteration, divide the number of your leads equal to the number of versions you have, then assign one message per segment. For example, if you have 50 leads and 5 versions of your sales email, send one version to every 10 people.

# 2. Use analytics to measure click-through rates and response rates

Instead of just relying on gut feeling to proceed improving your existing messaging, measure and gather data about your emails. What’s usually measured from sales emails are click-through rates and most especially response rates. By measuring these two aspects of your sales emails, you are given an objective take on how to further proceed in your optimization. Tools such as Yesware and ToutApp to provide some of the best email analytics out there. These services also offer email templates features.

# 3. Find the winning version, and iterate (back to step 1)

After using analytics to find which version of your current set of messages give the most number of click-through rates and response rates, keep that version and use it as the control for your next iteration. This means you edit some parts of the winning version and use the edits for the other versions. Once this is done, it’s up to you whether to send the winning version to all or a majority of your leads. If you’re called upon to drive more sales, then it’s best to send the winning version to a majority of your leads. But always leave out room for experimenting with other messages. The aim is to always be iterating.

Do you have any suggestions for optimizing sales through emails?

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