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4 Places to Sell Your Website

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Are you looking to sell your website? Haven’t found the right marketplace/channel? When it comes to buying and selling websites, there’s a sea of options to choose from. Some will suit you well; some won’t get you the best deal you could have heard, while others are just downright unworthy of your time.

Let’s look at the various places you can 

# 1. Auction sites & marketplaces

Flippa – leads the way on the website auction front no doubt. In their new price structures, it will cost you a flat fee of $9 to list your starter site here, plus a 15% ‘success fee’ once your site is sold. For established websites and domains, the listing fee is $29 while the success fee is 5%. This fee is capped at $499. Many new buyers get to hear about Flippa first before other marketplaces, so there’s great traffic every day. But while your listing is on Flippa, you are not permitted to list your site for sale on any other places.

Flippa allows you to moderate the comments on your listing. However, this has been used as a loophole by scammers who delete any comments that are negative or raise the alarm.

EBay – the popular auction site is great for buying and selling just about anything you could think of, but probably not the best place to sell your site. This platform attracts mostly the less serious website buyers and sellers.

Website Broker – this is not an auction site but a marketplace that charges you $9.95 for 90 days to list your site for sale. A premier listing costs $14.95 for the same period. For domain listings, the fee is also $9.95 for a standard listing while the premier option costs $14.95. They claim to attract only serious buyers.

Buy Sell Website – It costs $39 to list your site here for two weeks, $59 for three months. The site deals with both startups and accomplished websites. It has a wealth of listings and enjoys plenty of traffic, despite its blatantly poor design.

# 2. Website brokerage firms

If your website is valued at $20,000 to $1M or over, it’s probably a good idea to use a website broker. Brokers will help you to prepare your site for sale, including a sales document that details all the facts about your site. They screen the buyers and handle the legal paperwork on your behalf. They’ll also do the marketing, negotiations and sale on your behalf.

Brokers charge a 10% commission fee on the sale price of your website once it’s sold. They maintain a network of buyers who are interested in buying web businesses.

Here’s a list of some of the well-known website brokerage firms:

# 3. Forums

These forums are the most active on buying and selling websites:

Digitalpoint Forums – plenty of listings coming in every day, making it a very active forum. There are no fees charged for listing your site here and the rules are less stringent as compared to similar forums. However, this forum lacks a solid reputation as stories of scammers thriving are all the talk surrounding the Digital Point. Sites going for under $1,000 dominate the listings here.

DN Forum – The forum focuses on the sale of domain names, but websites have also sold there. Membership for the forum is paid. – an authoritative resource for website buyers and sellers, with a section for free website for sale listings. There’s a $1.99 seller subscription fee that will allow you to list up to ten sites a month.

Warrior Forum – one of the most active internet marketing forums, with a lot of turnkey websites being listed every day, under the “Complete Sites for Sale” section.

# 4. Classifieds sites

Some classified sites charge for listings, while others like Craigslist are free. Bear in mind that for most classifieds site, the audience is less targeted.

Businesses for sale – lists businesses for sale, with a section for websites. You’ll find thousands of paid listings here. This can be a good place to list your site if it is worth over $10,000 due to the high traffic. But anything under valuation that may be too small to list here.


If you are considering selling your website hopefully the above tips with help. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions.

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