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10 Strategies to Sell Your Products On Instagram

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Instagram was first introduced in October 2010. The platform has gained immense popularity since its inception and Instagram now has

Here are 10 strategies that will aid you in using Instagram’s to sell your company’s products:

#1. Build a timetable to define your marketing goals

A major challenge in marketing your product on Instagram lies in figuring out how you can use the social media platform to build hype around your product and get people engaged. One of the answers to that question is creating a time table. You will need to build a carefully planned and well thought-out time table that will account for all of the posts you will make for the entirety of your marketing campaign. This will range from teasing your product all the way to the product’s release. A time table is a critical component for having an effective social media campaign.

#2. Understand your target demographic

Understanding your target demographic is critical for any form of marketing and Instagram is no exception to this rule. Crafting your marketing to entice your potential customers is critical to an effective Instagram marketing campaign. Post relevant photos and videos to captivate your audience.

#3. Use hashtags effectively

One of the most used features on Instagram is the hashtag. Using hashtags that are relevant to your brand and product is critical to maximizing exposure among your followers. For example, if you are a film company and want to use Instagram to market your products, using hashtags like #action, #adventure, #horror or others that describe the genre of your movie will be help your post become more relevant. Also remember to always use your brand name in the form of a hashtag in your post. This will help increase visibility not just for your product, but for your company as well.

#4. Use analysis tools and sponsored ads

Instagram is not merely a social media platform where people post photos and videos with hashtags. It truly has so much more to offer. Using the Instagram’s full potential is critical for ensuring that your campaign is not only financially successful, but also manages to capture and retain the attention of your customers. Using analysis tools to gauge the performance of your posts is imperative for knowing how to properly market your product.

Additionally, getting sponsored advertisements will allow your brand to expand beyond your existing user base. It will allow your product to be seen by everyone who falls within your specific demographic. This will add even more possibility for your product to get noticed.

#5. Take inspiration from similar brands

Taking inspiration from existing brands that have successfully used Instagram to sell their product to consumers will definitely bolster your brand’s marketing strategy. Seeing what other similar companies have already done will help bring fresh insight into your marketing campaign. While at it, make sure that you do not come across as a ‘copy-cat’ brand. That could hurt your business a lot more than help.

#6. Create contests

An excellent strategy for your Instagram marketing campaign is to actively engage your followers with contests. Before you initiate an Instagram marketing campaign, always have funds or extra products set aside for a contest. Creating a contest with clear goals for the participants, and a well-structured set of rules to define what users must do to be in the running for the grand prize is a valuable asset for any marketing campaign. Users will share your posts on their social media feeds on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, allowing your marketing campaign to grow much larger than what it would be if you did not create a contest.

#7. Gain endorsements

Getting popular people or companies to endorse your product on their Instagram and other social media accounts is a potentially very difficult task. However, if done properly, it can significantly improve your marketing campaign. Never underestimate how much an endorsement from a celebrity or large company will positively influence your marketing campaign.

#8. Gratify your followers

One of the best ways to build a brand and sell on Instagram is by gratifying your followers. You could do this by reposting their content to your followers. This is similar to retweeting on Twitter. The best way to make your followers happy is by routinely reposting some of the best content from your followers and duly crediting them for this. This helps your followers with greater reach and subsequently establishes a positive image for your brand.

#9. Customer engagement on Instagram

If you sell lifestyle products, chances are your customers routinely share pictures of your product on their timeline. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage with them. Instagram comments are visible to all your customers’ followers as well and by engaging with them, you also open up your reach and visibility to their followers. This is a great platform to generate new customers for your business.

#10. Make your followers feel special

People love it when you make them feel special. On Instagram, there are a number of ways to make your followers feel special. Reposting their original content is one of the many ways. Another technique that could work for a number of businesses is creating exclusivity for your Instagram followers. You could, for instance, launch a special exclusive version of your product just for Instagram or announce special deals for your followers. Not only does this bring more followers to your Instagram account, it also makes your existing customers feel special and more loyal to your brand.

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