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Why Your Infographic Marketing Technique Failed

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Small business owners, startups and other budding entrepreneurs think that this is the age of visual marketing and they will not do anything beyond an infographic. The scenario is something like this – Big brands and businesses create their own idea and the small industries just take them and run away with it thinking they will win. Do you think this is going to happen? Of course, no, because every business has a different story to tell and you have to possess your own strategy.

One of the main reasons why most of your infographic strategies fail is because of duplicating ideas. Middle businesses use them without any proper understanding and finally land up nowhere.

So, to understand the real value of your infographic you have to understand what goes behind it and why do you need it. Here are some reasons which explain why your infographic techniques failed:

#1. Your content and graphics did not match

Your infographic at once should tell your story, what you want to convey and narrate to all. Dig a little deep to represent your motive through your visual. Try to provide the original content through the infographics. It might be possible that this time, your technique failed because of this reason.

#2. Your design was too mainstream

You know very well that this is the era of visual marketing and companies are investing in the best and creative designs. If you have hired a poor graphic designer then he or she cannot give you more than a few figures here and there. A good and talented one can represent the infographic from a board game theme to animations and this is the time for better representations.

#3. Promotion – you ignored

The role of social media cannot be avoided at any cost and if you did this then you will have to suffer. One of the biggest reasons why your campaign failed was because you did not promote your infographic on any social media platform. This is not like you will just create and publish and people will know. You have to let them know about it, you have to promote and shout out loud! Not only social media, you can also display it on your newsletter and build links. Try every possible way to uncover it.

#4. You bought a terrible bunch of links

To promote, you have to be vigilant. People buy some shady links just for the sake of link building and land up in difficulties. Do not try out this method because it will not get you anywhere. Link building is necessary for any of the content and for infographics too but this does not mean that you will go with any kind of them. They should be quality links which connect with your infographic and provide more information to your customers.

#5. You did not look for ways like influencer marketing

Your industry influencers are those people who are already famous among the audience related to your niche. You should connect with them by sending your infographic to them. If they find it interesting they will share it for you and this will create a great impact on your business. Infographics can create more impact on them because they are easy to digest and more compelling.

#6. You failed to fill it with more essence

People needed more essence in it but your graphic failed to deliver that. It could be possible that your content was too long to read and digest, or your graphics used according to the content were not interesting, or your content was boring. These reasons are hard to accept but this is true.

#7. The social sharing buttons you forgot

Sharing your content will bring the most of your audience to you. So, if you did not provide the social sharing buttons on your infographic then how will your viewers share it? Give them the chance to let their circle know about your work and this can be done only when they share your content or infographic. Infographics are interesting and when people see such a compact and easily readable form they are prompted to share it. Leaving out social sharing buttons is the biggest mistake.

#8. You did not give the embed code

If your users find your infographic really catchy and informative, they might like to embed your graphic and blog about it. For this, you have to provide them with an easy embed code. Providing an embed code will be beneficial for you only because here you can provide a simple description and a link back to your site. In this way, you will get more value through your infographic. Otherwise, the user will have to host it himself and this is illegal or he will have to direct link. Avoid these situations and provide an easy embed code.

#9. You did not run a paid ad campaign

A paid ad campaign will help you boost your traffic and visibility of your infographic. A paid ad campaign is a part of good promotional search engine.  They have the power to hook more readers to your infographic. If you did not use this tactic in your previous infographic, do not forget to add it in your upcoming designs.

In the end …

These 9 points are the backbone of any infographic or content marketing related issue. You have to pay keen attention to each and every one of them. Your infographic is your idea and you will never want it to just disappear in a few days. Let it connect with people and remain in their minds for a while. Try out some crazy and mind-boggling ways which create an everlasting impact.

The brain is the major organ which creates the whole story in your mind. So, the way you present the infographic your brain sees it in its own way, you have to understand the mindset of the users and work according to their intent.

Visual marketing includes videos, images, gifs and many more things but a properly designed infographic with all the necessary details can win the hearts of all of them out there. Analyse what your infographic is missing and what all you can do to enhance your marketing ways. These will definitely help you build new opportunities.

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