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Video Marketing: The 9 Steps To A Successful Video Or Animation Project

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Did you know that 64% of users are likely to buy a product after watching a promotional video?

With nowadays video solutions, you can raise the interest of your customers, improve your brand, demonstrate your expertise (thought leadership) also you can increase the number of web visitors and convert them into sales opportunities. In B2B, the video is still not widely used, it may allow you to stand out from your competitors. Also, it is a means of informative communication; distribution on multiple web platforms is free, entertaining and continuously growing.

#1. Targets

First, you must determine the goal you want to achieve with the creation of your video, here are three examples: promotion, thought leadership, reputation.

#2. Target Audience

It is important to identify your audience, to know their challenges, their needs and interests to develop a unique message to deliver it through this video.

#3. Define your message

It is necessary to define a single key message for any communication to stand out from your competitors, but also in connection with your value proposition and your brand.

#4. Video Type

Then, depending on your purpose and the target audience, you can choose the type of video that fits either an informative video promotional content about your business or your products / services, a video demonstrating your expertise on market trends concern your target audience (thought leadership), or even a humorous video to simplify a complex concept.

#5. Project Management

As with any marketing plan, there must be present to your team roles. Among other things,you must appoint a project manager to coordinate the creation of the video and expert to define the key message, an editor for writing the script, a cameraman and a designer / graphic designer / editor for formatting and production.

#6. Choice of distribution channels

You must provide optimum visibility for your video content to your target audience, here are a few tips for how you can do it:

  • On your Web site and / or your corporate blog
  • On your YouTube or Vimeo channel
  • In an email (newsletter or event listing)
  • Social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others
  • On mobile devices: cell phones, tablets

#7. List your video

Get more visibility by optimizing your video for search engines by inserting keywords in an effective way, a precise description of the video, meta tags and sitemap (sitemap: location of the video on the Web / blog site).

#8. Monitor the analytics of your video

As each of your marketing activities, do not forget to measure the impact related to your video. You must take into account the following key indicators:

  • Total views (clicks) to determine the popularity of your video
  • Average viewing time to determine the quality of the video
  • Demographic information for viewers to complete your database
  • CTR (click-through) on your call-to-action to convert your prospects into opportunities on the web

#9. Test A/B split versions

Finally, if your budget allows, do not hesitate to test multiple versions of your video (at least 2) with your audience in order to assess which is the most effective in terms of conversion.

So what are you waiting for designing videos to promote your company and its products / services? And to share your expertise to become a reliable source of information about your market and even entertain your target audience with a new video?

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