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Top Ten Ways To Bring In SEO Through Other Marketing Options: Win It

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There are many studies that show that companies that publish a lot of blog posts and content generally have more business than those that don’t. The method for making your site easier to find on Google by using content is called SEO marketing which in its traditional form can give you really good results and online visibility. But, it isn’t the only option available for businesses today. Here’s a look at the ten best marketing strategies to enhance your site’s SEO.

#1. Social Networking

For many marketers, social media is the new SEO. Like SEO, it can take time building a big following but once you have it established it can be used to instantly spread the word about your business. Recently we saw a Canadian retail chain, Bouclair Home gain double revenue through social media conversions than what they were getting through only brick and mortar furniture stores.

The company realized that it had English and French speaking audience waiting to purchase from their stores across Canada and Europe and promptly started posting French updates on their social media accounts. As a result, the French probable customers, who never replied to their tweets or facebook updates, started interacting and placing orders through these French updates.

#2. Email Newsletters

Email newsletters work well because like social networks you can build up a large list of targeted visitors who are interested in your products and/or services. You can even use it as a complement to your social networking strategy.

#3. Online Reviews

Google and other search engines love sites that a lot of people are talking about and participating on. Visitors who review your business on online review sites like Yelp will help establish your business as an authority and deliver more traffic once the review starts showing up on search engines. You can also target niche specific review sites like forex broker reviews sites (Daily Forex ), travel liner review sites (Cruisecritic) and so on. You see it becomes more important to appear dependable and review sites do that for you in a jiffy.  You can also earn a few clever links to your website that way.

#4. Advertise Offline

While many may have forgotten the traditional advertising methods like snail mail and flyers there is huge potential in advertising in magazines, newspapers and other materials if you know how to do it the right way. Marketing offline still has its own pros, especially when you are seen at events and conferences that are relevant to your business and you have banners or flyers greeting guests at these events.

#5. Teach Others

If you are an expert on a subject then let the public know through video marketing. By providing online seminars or teaching sessions you will not only boost your business’ credibility but also its value since you are providing useful information. Alvexo, a relatively new forex broker, started its own forex trading academy and has realized they should have done this before, because this has a double positive impact on the overall business.

#6. Give Stuff Away

Everyone loves free and discounted stuff so what better way to get traffic to your site then by offering coupons or something for free. You can make it a giveaway and have the entry ticket be to follow your brand so even though you’re giving something away for free you will be gaining followers in exchange.

#7. Have Them Contact You

Give your customers a reason to call you by sending them a flyer with a list of all your businesses skills and abilities. By giving potential customers something to hold and something that they will likely see on a daily basis potential customers are much more likely to seek out your services. Print ads do work well, but it helps your SEO only when you have your official website mentioned on the ad. So, Don’t forget it!

#8. Feed The Public

Anything involving food will get people’s attention. By partnering up with a local business, you can combine each other’s customer database and throw a special event that will bring attention to both of your businesses. Nothing is more delicious than an informative lunch where technology or services are introduced to visitors and guests, over a table full of delicious food.

Many businesses try to make a foray into a new market by sponsoring or hosting a food festival that has the tastes of the native land where the business originated. The idea is novel and goes straight to the heart of guests bringing some real good conversion numbers.

#9. Get Others to Talk About You

Nothing gives a business authority faster than an endorsement from a trusted expert. Many are ready to endorse a business if they believe in it and they can help your traffic can explode overnight. Try contacting influencers who would like to cover your business wit a little more than a review to add to the brand’s presence.

Twitter, today, is the best place to have everyone notice you, and you can easily help people discover you when you are posting updates related to trending topics, with the suitable hashtags. And don’t forget tweeting to people who have great following, you are sure to have them retweet you or reply to you when you make a frequent and sensible appearances on their timeline.

#10. Pay Per Click

The fastest way to develop a strong Internet presence is through pay per click campaigns. It allows you to send highly targeted traffic to your site and choose how much you’re willing to spend. While new businesses must have trial runs before they launch a huge campaign going for professional services in arranging complete PPC plans can be beneficial provided you have the right vendor.

However, for every business owner, it is important to ensure that the right sections of the market are targeted, and bring the dividends they wish. Therefore, even if you start small and do not go for professional help, you still are playing safe and will come back with a personalized experience that no agency can give you. This will help you design better PPC campaign with or without professional help on a later date.

We’ve all heard the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and that phrase applies to business marketing options as well. SEO is very helpful, but it shouldn’t be the foundation of your advertising strategy when you know that a 360 degree approach will bring you rich returns.  So, here is all the scope you need to create for yourself to be recognized as an industry veteran, however, newly established you may be. If you aren’t doing much for your online marketing strategy besides SEO then these 10 methods are sure to have you on your way to a well-rounded marketing plan.

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