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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Video Marketing Strategy

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Silence, it turns! And if it was the leitmotif of your Video marketing strategy in 2017? The video is nowadays an accessible format for Internet users. 55% of them watch videos every day on the web. So much so that many marketers improvise writers to boost their content marketing and improve their visibility.

What is Video Marketing and it’s Scope?

Video marketing can be understood as the set of uses of video used for marketing purposes. The goal is to promote its offer to convert prospects and retain these customers as in many marketing strategies. In fact, the video is a complementary media to others to vary the marketing mix and bring another look at the offer.

Videos have also exploded in popularity on social networks. More than 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day, and more than 10 billion videos are viewed daily on Snapchat.

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On the other hand, it gives a trendier, dynamic and more impressive image. It is also a strategic way to communicate information; to explain, to make your audience aware of the brand, the company, the production processes, the products, the teams.

  • Some eloquent figures make it possible to understand the interest in video marketing.
  • Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined (Brightcove).
  • Nearly 50% of people search for videos related to a product or service before going to a store (Think with Google).
  • 75% of executives watch videos related to their work at least once a week (Forbes Insights).
  • People spend an average of 2.6 times more time on pages with videos than on those without video (Wistia).
  • 75% of mobile traffic will be video by 2020 (CISCO).

Advantages of Video Marketing

The strength of a video lies in its “universality,” even if it also requires learning to decode it, nothing to do with the language barrier. His understanding is much more immediate and mobilizes more emotionally and sensitively. It can provide an incredible amount of information and very difficult to compete with text … there is no photo!

Do you remember better with a video? It’s to do! But on the other hand, you understand better and faster.

Embedding videos on your site increase the quality of SEO. Search engines like videos and with tools like Google analytics it is possible to obtain compelling and useful statistics.

Disadvantages of Video Marketing

A question of cost above all. But they have dropped significantly because available materials have been lightened and democratized. You can also make yourself attractive videos with a simple smartphone, a little lighting, know-how and a lot of creativity. When we see the impact of some YouTubers, it is always possible to dream. After, everything depends on your target and type of hook that you want to put in place. Mostly, it will go through professionals, and it will necessarily be more expensive than a text ticket on a blog, a tweet, a Facebook publication. But the impact will not be the same either.

When to use Video Marketing


It is an exciting tool to develop your content marketing strategy. The content of explanatory videos, “storyteller” and surprising can boost the commitment of your leads. They involve rich emotional connections between your brand and your customers, going as far as becoming iconic objects of sharing, a kind of cult object.

When you have to accompany and promote a product, the video tutorial becomes a unifying instrument. The presentation of the product with its start-up, operation, maintenance, as would require a salon demonstrator, or a host of its guests entirely fulfills this function. For example, 57% of online store customers say that video has increased their confidence in the product presented. After viewing a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.

What Are The Different Types Of Video Marketing?

Today extends to digital marketing, video marketing brings together different typologies (see our article on various types of video marketing). This sample gives you an overview of the full range that the video field covers to meet your expectations.

  • The video interview, the different types of interview videos.
  • The video reportage.
  • The testimonial video.
  • Presentation video or institutional or corporate video.
  • The 2D explanatory video.
  • The video is describing something.
  • The brand content video (tutorials, editing instructions, program videos)
  • The social video.
  • The societal video
  • The viral video.
  • Advertising video related to a campaign with purchase of space.
  • Product videos/sales support service
  • The shoppable video.
  • Interactive video.
  • 360 ° video.
  • The augmented video.
  • The end of the year video

The positive impact triggered by a video increases the purchase intent by 97% and the brand penetration rate by 139%.

On the Internet, video marketing often uses YouTube-like video platforms and channel creation. It also gave rise to the rise of video analytics enhanced by the use.

5 Ways to Start Video Marketing at a Low Cost

If you were not attentive, video marketing is a big concern at present. 92% of mobile users are actively sharing videos with their contacts, while more than 60% of small business and merchants said they would invest more cash in video marketing in 2017.

The content video works particularly well on service or product pages because you can communicate product qualities in a way that resonates immediately. Not surprisingly, four times more consumers prefer to watch a video on a product than read an informative sales content.

People are bombarded with info, data, and stats all day, every day regularly. So, to reduce noise and make your voice listened, video content is your most powerful way to reach people. Video offers viewers a rich sensory experience and arouses sentiments in a way that is just not feasible with textual or image content.

#1. Presentations by Screencast

If you start to get into video marketing, making presentation videos by capturing your computer screen is an efficient and inexpensive option.

We recommend using software (paid) such as ScreenFlow or Camtasia, offering a range of functions and very easy to use. It is also advisable to use a microphone which is good podcasting if you want to add a soundtrack to your video.

Once you’ve prepared your video script and produced the visuals and graphics using PowerPoint, just open your presentation, activate your screencasting software, and talk as if you were giving your performance to live spectators.

#2. Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are well known among e-commerce owners because they pass trust and social proof more efficiently than text critics. Some video testimonials from genuine customers on your sales page can unquestionably help improve Sales.

Fortunately, customers are very lenient about the quality of the video when it comes to testimonials. An outstandingly video testimony may appear to be less reliable since it is most likely very much reworked and shot with multiple shots.

Try to send an email to your old customers and offer them discount coupons in exchange for video testimonials about your service or product. People like discounts, and you will benefit significantly from video testimony.

Video Testimonials

#3. DIY Animations

Quality, animated, explanatory video from a top agency will cost you many dollars. While you are likely to get outstanding results for this type of deal, it’s not in one and all price range.

As an unconventional, consider utilizing DIY animation tools. The vast majority of them are reasonable or free, and you can merely make lovely videos (regardless of whether they are not of the same quality from those professionally created).

#4. Hire Freelancers

Hiring an internal team of video marketing specialists is not possible for everyone. Luckily, with sites such as PPH, Upwork, and Fiverr, you can tap into the global job marketplace and find skilled freelancers to help you in each aspect of your video marketing strategy.

For instance, sound mixing is a most severe parts of delivering excellent video. The vast majority can’t clarify why they think a soundtrack sounds proficient. However, they naturally know when it doesn’t.

#5. Use Live Video

Facebook Live is free to use. This is a great way to create a more friendly connection with your viewers without spending on costly editing software and recording equipment. And for a good reason, your iPhone or any other smartphone can do the trick. Think about video editing on iPhone, if you want to do interviews, reports, presentations, etc. of professional quality and disseminate them on the web and social networks!

7 Marketing Statistics that you Absolutely Must Know

Still wondering what the real marketing benefit of a video is? You think that shooting a video with a mobile or camera will not be relevant to your business. These 7 vital statistics will make you change your mind!

You probably know how Dropbox started. The founders created a short screencast video to explain how the product will work. They shared the demo video on Hacker News and got an enormous community acknowledgment.

Although this was in 2008, marketing through video is still one of the most active ways to bring traffic to your service and products. These 7 statistics will prove it!

#1. Emails with Video Can Increase CTR From 200% To 583%

According to, effective email segmentation can help you to avoid spam and drive higher traffic. Also, clickthrough rates can boost by up to 583 % (you can check out benchmarks for marketing and software industries at MailChimp) when the video is used in email marketing. However, it is essential to implement some best methods. Keep your videos comparatively short, not more than two minutes, and use them at the beginning of the email, where you are sure to catch the attention of the viewers.

#2. More Than 50% of All Videos Are Displayed On Mobile

Not only are beyond 50% of videos seen on mobile but there has been a 233% rise in viewing after 2013. Mobile is also a reason for a 33% overall increase in video views. Anyone involved in the mobile video market should even know that members of the target audience often watch videos of five minutes or more.

#3. A Landing Page With Video Can Increase CTR By 80%

This is simple Statistics. An attractive video that has real added value will gain the immediate attention of the viewer. Even great as various customers collect information about services and products much more quickly if they can recognize them in the video. The use of videos also promotes the faith that is very critical at this step of the funnel.

#4. The Recommended Viewing Time for Facebook Live Videos Multiplied By Three

A live content can attract audiences easily. Live content or video not only captures the attention of viewers, but it keeps it considerably longer. This will gives more time to strike the audience with their message.

It is essential to revive that the most compelling videos will be best done. So, make sure your setup and connection are ready for use. Then be kind and cheerful during the live shoot. Greet members of the audience and answer questions live.

#5. 90% of Customers Say They Rely On Demo Videos to Make Their Decisions

The use of video helps users to make their decisions through all parts of their buying journey. That includes the phase where customers select the service or products that appeal them. By adding product demo videos, brands help customers in the decision process.

#6. 81% of Target Audience Members Saw More Live Content in 2017 than In 2016

2016 appears to have been the test year for live video before bursting in 2017. On top of that, all the signs indicate that live content will continue to grow in demand in 2018. That should be a high motivation for companies that plan to reach their fans with live video and content.

#7. Videos Added To Social Platforms Get 1200% More Actions than Image and Text Content

This statistic shows that videos create a much more engagement than another type of branded content. Companies that want to increase brand recognition and improve their audience should look to video as a way to achieve their set goals.

Video marketing is no longer at the cutting edge of technology. And for a good reason, it is even now possible to edit video on a Mobile! These figures prove that not only should the video be part of your content marketing strategy, but it should be one of its primary segments.

7 Tips for Using Video in Your Emails

To take full advantage of the potential of video in your email campaigns, you must nevertheless respect some good practices.

#1. Prepare an Engaging and Brief Video

Creating your video is the most delicate part of your emailing campaign to monetize marketing strategy. No need to produce a video just for the sake of having one… Offer your customers content with real added value: present your product or service from the angles that interest your prospects and answer the questions they are likely to ask… Do not exceed 90 seconds, according to various studies is the optimal time to attract and retain the attention of Internet users.

#2. Make Sure You Choose a Compatible Video Format with a Maximum of Media

When designing your video, remember that all devices do not support some formats. Make sure your video can be viewed on a computer as well as on mobile devices. Also, make sure that your video hosting site is mobile-ready and supports both Flash and HTML5 formats.

#3. Create an Eye-Catching Thumbnail of Your Video

Give your recipients a first visual preview of your video, including in the content of your email an image extracted from the video with the Play button. Your sticker will be more effective if it is intriguing and curious. It is also recommended to include a face (preferably smiling).

#4. Add a Link to Your Video

While most email clients currently support fully embedded videos within messages, there are still many that are not fully compatible. So that a maximum of Internet users can watch your video, it is therefore recommended to add a clickable image to your email (a link from the thumbnail mentioned in the previous tip).

This link will direct your recipients to an external landing page, which you can create with your email marketing platform, such as MailChimp, Aweber, ActiveTrail. You can also buy an email list in your niche to start early if you don’t want to wait for collecting emails via a subscription method. All you need is to find a reputed email marketing data provider. Nevertheless, not all internet users necessarily display the images in their email. It is therefore also useful to create a text link under each interactive content that you integrate into your email marketing campaign. Also specify the duration of the video in the text, to give more information and encourage your prospects to watch the video.

#5. Place the Video at the Beginning of Your Landing Page or Plan an Automatic Trigger

Make sure your video is visible at the top of your landing page, above the waterline. The readers of your email have clicked on the thumbnail to see the video. They do not want to have to scroll down and look for it. Consider even an automatic trigger of your video. Indeed, if the user has opened your email and clicked the Play button, he should not need to click a second time.

#6. Do Not Forget the Call to Action

Whether your goal is to promote a blog post, event, or product page, you should carefully check that your video is sending the customer to the content of your choice. Never forget to add a call to action at the end of the video to guide your prospects to the next step of your marketing campaign.

#7. Include the Video Word in the Subject Line

No need to have excellent content, if you do not announce it … Therefore, do not forget to indicate the presence of a video in your email. Adding the video word in the subject line increases the opening rates by 19% (Brainshark).

It’s no coincidence that YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world. Video has emerged as an information channel that meets the needs and expectations of Internet users. Surf on this wave to optimize your emailing campaigns, using a marketing automation platform that will allow you to take full advantage of the added value of video associated with the power of email.

Hope this detailed article will help you in Video Marketing in 2018. These details and tips and use of video Marketing will definitely assist you in your marketing campaign which must be included in your promotion plans. Do let us know if you have any queries or suggestions in the comments section.

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