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The Pied Piper: Creating Compelling Facebook Content for Your Followers

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You’ve set up your Facebook page, uploaded your pictures and gathered a few followers. Well done. Now comes the hard part. What are you going to say to those followers? How will you keep them coming back for more? Lots of jokes are made about people’s tendency to write about what they had for breakfast. But this does point to a serious question – how to create compelling, relevant posts. Your Facebook posts should be more than broadcasts. They should aim to offer value to your followers. Here are 6 guidelines for creating content that goes the extra mile

#1 Seek out opinions

Ask your followers questions about issues that relate to your business. For example, if you’re in fashion, you might ask them their views on the latest styles.

#2 Share the latest news

Don’t be afraid to keep your followers up to date on developments in your business, like an award or a move to a new premises. You’ll project an image of success.

#3 Give them tips

This is a sure way to build a reputation as an expert.

#4 Comment on trends

You can further cement this reputation by giving your views on media coverage of your business sector, or on general consumer behaviour.

#5 Offer resources

People love to click on links. Invite them to join your website and post up videos and images of your products and services. Or encourage them to comment on your blog. You can also offer resources from experts in your field, for example a sales guru if you’re in marketing.

#6 Run competitions

Not only are they a sweetener for your followers, they’ll also help you figure out which of your products or services are working better than others.

Good content informs and entertains. But it also helps reach out to your followers you open up a powerful dialogue with them. They will see you as someone they can trust and you in turn will be better able to give them what they want. You’ll be a pied piper for them, seducing them into following your brand and ultimately into buying your products and services.

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