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The Holy Grail of Online Engagement (In 15 Steps)

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Every business online WANTS fans but NEEDS engagement. Engagement drives conversations, it amplifys the visibility of your status updates, it gives you credibility and it produces loyal followers. Consider the lack of custom in an empty restaurant and you’ll understand that activity breeds activity. Here are our engagement picks of the week to emphasize 15 steps to the holy grail of engagement.

The 6 Pillars of Social Commerce Understanding the Basic Psychology of EngagmentBefore you begin to set a strategy, you need to first understand the basic psychology behind engagement. Brian Solis

How to get More Likes on FacebookSo you know what drives the mindset and how your customers think – now you need to work on building your fan-base of followers to engage with your content. Spiderworking

Facebook Page Cover PhotoAt the same time, give your Facebook page a design makeover and theme your cover image in a social way. Make it personal make it memorable and make it worthy of liking and engaging. Ching Ya

5 Social Media Tips for Finding and Engaging your Target AudienceResearch your platforms and find the best ways to find and engage your audience. Social Media Examiner

Tweeting AccountantsHow accountants use Twitter. When appealing to a particular target segment, take note of how your peers use each platform. Sage

How to Increase your Likability Enchangement [Infographic] – Engage your fans with likeability enchantment tips .  Some depictions here are offline as well as online, as merging the two together will double your engagement (and lead to more online engagement through referrals and recommendations) Guy Kawasaki

How to Market Better with Facebook TimelineLearn how to market better to assist in driving engagement. I share how to do this with Timeline’s new features. CG Online Marketing

Social Media Practices that Boost ResultsExcellent practices with results in mind. Be results driven and use practices that boost your final result. Engagement has a purpose; Conversions.  Small Biz Trends

Facebook OffersDon’t be scared to test the water with Facebook offers and use them to gain attention, which in turn will increase likes and build your engagement levels. Mari Smith

Facebook Sponsored Stories AdvertisingPage likes, page shares and check-ins – sponsored stories are more relevant and can drive unbelieble engagement levels as this post details.  Matt Lawson via Mashable

Why you Should Re-arrange your Pinterest Boards – Facebook isn’t the only place to work on your engagement levels. Online marketing is all about keeping as many balls in the air at once (that work and are targeted!), so consider the complete set of platforms in your marketing mix including specialist sites like Pinterest. Write on Track

How to Use Memes to Create Social Media Engagement – what they are and how to use them. Everyone is competing online, so be aware of your competition. Memes are fantastic for engagement. Social Media Today

Best Flash Mob Ever Sexy Males Surprise Women for Nivea VideoThere is no better way to reach exceptional engagement heights, than by using videos. Videos can be used as a form of buzz marketing and can be created with virality in mind. This video by Nivea caters to a predominantly female audience (Nivea’s market raech shows the female segment is high) and uses a social vibe.  Simply Zesty

Using Images for EngagementVideos can also be used to engage your target from a training perspective. Spiderworking

How to Increase your Press Coverage Using your BlogsDid you know that engagement through blogging leads to PR fame? Lorna gives us some prime examples of how blogging has led to
PR opportunities, which is all about getting the right people to notice and engage with you. Tweak Your Biz

Measure Social Media Engagement – Measure engagement using monitoring tools and compile these into a report. Regular performance monitoring will indicate if your engagement strategy is positivily affecting your engagement performance.  Kristi Hines via WIBIYA

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