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Who Are You Talking To? Why Your Business Needs To Know Its Target Market

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Have you ever looked at a majestic piece of art that left you wondering how people appreciate it when it’s an abstract painting? Or watched a big-budget film in a foreign language you don’t understand? How about telling a joke you found funny to a friend who didn’t get the punch line at all? Sometimes, no matter how big the effort is, it will not yield the results you are expecting if it’s not targeted to a specific audience.

This is especially true in marketing. If consumers can’t understand what you’re trying to tell and sell them, it’s useless. It is vital to know what messages work for business’ target audience, but why?

People won’t waste money on things they don’t need

In these economically-challenging times, people have become wiser consumers.  They will only spend their hard-earned money on products they need or have been saving for a long time. If they see that it’s worth it, they immediately purchase an item regardless of the price. Consumers should see value in whatever they put on their shopping carts.

The message you should send to the consumer must dictate his decision to take a look at what you offer, try it, and become a loyal customer. Consumers should be able to realize that need which will compel them to purchase. Products that exist in the market today were made available to create a need for the public.

For example, lip balm was invented to prevent chapped lips but nobody thought of that before. Lips with a few cracks aren’t a threat to your health, but lip balm manufacturers imposed that you need lip balm to protect your lips. They said that dry lips do not look good, and dabbing on some balm will make you look more presentable and will increase self-confidence.

Focused marketing approach

Targeting a specific market is necessary to develop a good marketing plan. It will define the right promotional approach to use- offline or online marketing– since it is targeted towards people who think alike. Creating tailor-fit messages that will appeal to, affect, and influence consumers, will be easier once the right audience is distinguished.

You will have a solid, rich campaign if you know who you are talking to. Remember, it is easier to tell stories to your friends than explaining your side to total strangers. The campaign’s single minded proposition will be read by the target audience in the same manner you would want them to understand it. Also, customized messages are more personal, thus building a connection with consumers.

Quirky advertisements may appeal to people identified as fun and open to new things. Advocacies on breast cancer awareness will be supported by women. Fine wine positioned as a classy drink during social gatherings will continue doing ads focusing on the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

See if there’s a demand for your product/business

Before releasing a product or opening your business, you first have to do some survey to see if there’s a demand for you. You have to secure a place in the marketplace even if it’s just a tiny spot. That spot is an indicator that you have a market that will patronize what you offer.

If you’re a start-up restaurant in the middle of a busy street, make sure that there are willing customers who will visit the establishment. The place may stand on a strategic location because different kinds of people pass by your restaurant, but if they’re not interested in the food you serve, expect your business to close down soon.

Knowing the target market can prepare the business for the kind of clientele they will be having. Is your restaurant classified under fine dining? Do regular employees spend on fine dining during lunch break? Is your food something that excites their palette or is it a rehash of an old favorite located two blocks away?

One size doesn’t fit all

You should subscribe to the idea that consumers have different personalities and that something that works for the other may not work for the majority. Their preferences vary from one another; that’s why demographics should be considered. Age, gender, culture, background, personal style, and purchasing power are some of the factors to consider in coming up with a target audience.

You might not want to play hip-hop music in a coffee shop frequented by the older crowd. The color pink is more appealing to girls than to boys. Serving pork in a restaurant located in a Muslim town in your country is a no-no. Building an upscale boutique inside a department store whose patrons are money-savers may be risky.

Knowing who your targets are is essential for businesses because it tells them why they exist in the first place. Without consumers who are ready to listen to your ads, try your samples, and buy your products for a long time, the business is operating just for itself.

Do you know who your target market is? Don’t forget to discuss it with us in the comment section below!

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