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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Site through Social Media?

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You may have heard that social media is a very popular model to engage with more and more audiences and do business promotions effectively. However, many of the brand promoters and marketers are still unaware of the most effective ways of social media marketing. They may post on Facebook feeds and responds to the tweets related to their business, but nothing more. On the other hand, some studies show that about 90% of the small business owners consider social media as their most important channel for business promotion. Why?

The reason is that social media can help to build brand recognition easy for the business start-ups, and help develop a community around their brand to brow it at the bottom line. The count of social media users is increasing at a faster rate, which makes it the most feasible platform for business promotions too.

So, do you effectively use social media to help your business grow? If not, this is the right time for you to explore it and start driving in more traffic to your website. In this article, we are trying to suggest a few good ways to try and generate more business through social media.

If you are new to the world of business-centered social media usage, you may only assume the options like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, etc. in fact there are more options like Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Google+, Snapchat, etc. With many platforms, each is offering different options, and you need to choose among the best ones matching your needs in hand. Let’s explore more such options here.

Usage of Tools

There are plenty of tools available for Instagram business account management, so it is a big challenge for the marketers to pick the most appropriate tools for their needs. Among all those top-rated choices for the brand promoters on Instagram, for example, Hootsuite, Gramista, Combin, Later, Linktree are very common choices for a few good reasons.

Some of the tools are among the most efficient tools for Instagram automation and also found to be very accurate. In fact, there are some risks also on using bots on Instagram or other social media platforms. If you tend to use bots aggressively, you are at risk of getting banned. So, you have always to practice caution while using such tools.

Working of Tools

The tools use a proxy server to generate activities for an Instagram profile. The proxy is set to a different IP than that of the device used. So, using by using the tools, you may avoid interacting with other accounts on such devices. Some of them even offer a 12-hour trial period for free. These 12 hours count only when you run scripts so that it will last effectively for a few days.

Defining the target audience

You have to add your target audience to the tools. Access the menu, and you can find options to filter the audience by setting the hashtags, gender, accounts, and geographical locations. You can fill these details first, otherwise, your scripts may not know which accounts to focus and you may end up in many irrelevant followers.

Liker feature

Liker is a script that interacts with other user accounts and liking their posts. This script will effectively search for the target audience you specified and likes the most relevant images by them from your account.

Follower and Unfollowed feature

This is one of the core features of the tools while managing the Instagram brand account. One top method Instagram marketers use for rand promotion is to focus on the mass-following accounts and follow them. Later you can unfollow those who don’t follow you back. The right tool can effectively automate this initiate. You can go to the settings many to choose the number of accounts that the automated script should try to follow and unfollow each time. The default value for this is set as 1000, which you can change.


Boost features will help increase interactions with people’s accounts. It can effectively jack up everything to level maximum. You may only use this feature once in a while as the Instagram algorithms are very strong in detecting the behaviors which are like spam.

Once you set the tool to the Smart settings, it can automatically perform the following actions:

  • Randomly run the scripts
  • Remember whom all it follows and unfollowed.
  • Interact with only selected demographic

The tools have many flexible payment plans. The bigger packages also have some additional features which are not there in the basic packages. For Example, you can get unlimited follow/unfollow and liker features on 30 to 90-day packages with better targeting options and unlimited technical support.

Engaging your audience consistently

While doing marketing, it is very easy for the inexperienced marketer to overlook the social element of social media. Social media is so unique in terms of its opportunity to engage with the target audience directly. You can easily answer their questions and get feedback from the customers in real-time. Engaging the audience is an effective way to drive in more traffic to your website. However, the stats show that only 11% of the users get any replies from the brands they interact with, so by taking a professional approach, you can stand out in this.

You may respond to the comments and tweets which mention you and your brand online. While someone tries to engage with your business, always engage back — their interest in your crates an apt opportunity for you to demonstrate the value of your business. Never ignore your mentions and notifications.

Optimize the calls to action

 Even though there are many modes of getting more followers and effectively interacting with them, to convert those engagements into sales and business, you need to optimize your call to action. Proper calls-to-action may tell your user exactly what they need to do in your favor. On platforms like Instagram, you can use it effectively on your posts and links the follower to your website landing pages. Click through rates decide the effectiveness of your social media campaigns and proper call to action will prompt the users to take click-through initiatives.

As of late, you can avail the paid social advertising avenues to more effectively make use of social media platforms for brand promotion and sales. For this, it is essential to establish your business brands on all relevant social media platforms first.

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