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5 Interesting Social Media Techniques That Will Dominate in 2020

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1. Content Is EPHEMERAL

The term ephemeral stands for – lasting for a very short time, it is going to be a part of the upcoming social media trends through content writing.
Although content plays a huge significance in the marketing success rate, when it comes to Social Media, the life of content is bifurcated into different lifelines.

This chart can give you a clear idea about the content lasting graph, but this should not deter you from posting the content on these channels, but it only speaks of the viral buzz caused.

On the other hand, the worth of social media cannot be summarized in a few words as it can help your business to reach the peak of success in no time.

Henceforth, you need to follow a strategy wherein you must include the relevant elements in your content as per its lifespan and let the virility to reach your posts.

Also, remember in certain platforms content which appears just for 24 hours and then disappears on its own, such as the WhatsApp status, SnapChat, and other social networking sites, here it guarantees the huge popularity in that short span of time and can help you to gain more followers and customers consequently.

As a marketer it is very obvious for you to get petrified of seeing the short-life of your content and on the top of it the amount of efforts, time and money is spent, in curating also becomes a troubling question for you, and you feel, whether you should go for it or not, but on an honest note, this might sound risky to you from every possible manner, but eventually it is not, since such contents can really turn the table upside down for your marketing efforts, and make your posts gain much traffic and audience in no time.

The only strategy you need to follow here is to make the content engaging, fitting the demands of users and reaching them as per their timing.

2. Adapt Every Trend & Don’t Be Rigid

Any business has a specific audience genre and serving that set of consumers, many marketers feel that giving the limiting access to some of the limited channels would benefit, as they find their niche audience to be accessed on specific channels only.

Well, it is the wrong approach, maybe your audience would be using a specific channel, but this is not at all guaranteed that all would be following it, hence you need to expand your reach and must try different channels also to broaden the visibility of your business.

The moment you decide to play rigid, the same moment you lose a larger chunk of the users because users look for something seamless and convenient…where they can access your business with just one tap, so ensure to keep the doors open for all the channels and ensure to make it as convenient as possible.

There are many instances when some unexpected resources have carved a funnel for ROI building, so don’t limit yourself to any specific channel only, but ensure to create the presence on every possible resource available online.

3. App Marketing Content Needs To Be Engaging

When we talk about social media then everything which can make the user stay engaged for endless hours on the social media channels must be a part of your campaign. Here you need to play smart and need to create the content, which has every possible element to keep the users stay hooked to your content.

It can be in any form, be it graphics, video or succinct content, but must be curated as per the audience type. If you are sounding like a report or detailed information, trust me no one would prefer to read your post.

The reason is very obvious because social media is all about instincts and quirky content, which users can access at any point of time while moving in the metro or sipping their early morning coffee, so the more crisp and short it would be, the better and ever-lasting impact it would leave on your readers.

Your audience judges your brand by your social presence and the way you handle it, so don’t sound offensive, derogatory or unprofessional through your posts, but your post must encourage the audience to build trust in your brand and pick your services after seeing your social posts.

4. Treat Social Media Marketing As A Campaign

Every successful campaign has a sure-shot way of achieving what it was meant for, but that can only be happening if you decide to proceed with the planning.

The way you are given the deadline, planning and the required resources information in the campaign drive, in the same manner you need to consider the social media marketing as well, where you need to indulge into a proper marketing campaign and need to check how you are going to initiate this campaign, what is the audience type, and what is their requirements, what is the expected outcome and most importantly how you would be assessing the report…on the basis of the collected information, plan your campaign and proceed further.

Now you must be wondering that why to get these many details and research?

Well, these all steps are done to help you figure out a better outcome and improve the mistakes if any. If you are proceeding with a random approach then you can never find your niche.
Every marketer would agree on this fact that social media strategies are based on the trial & error concept, wherein you get inspired by some other post or brand and follow the footsteps, but this always never turn out to be a successful attempt, but there can be a positive or negative outcome from it.

With a campaign strategy, you would be able to figure out the areas to be worked upon and bring improvements if required.

5. Let Social Media Channels Speak For Your Business

In today’s time where every single individual loves to stay hooked to social media for any sort of update, in such a situation letting your business and services get accessed by the social media lovers works wonders for your business domain.

Keep your users updated about every relevant feature and functionality of your business through attractive social media posts, and make sure to keep the pertinent tags in your posts to grab the attention of targeted audience coming from the filtered channels.

If there is a new product launch, or a new location is taken, you must not fall short of describing every bit of relevant detail about on-going or upcoming advancements in your business space on social channels.

This helps your business to get noted and get the viral approach from the wider audience base, and most importantly you would be able to create a personalized loop between your business and your targeted audience base.

By following some of these strategies you help your mobile app to build a stronger social media marketing campaign with the most effective strategies. But another fact which also matters for the success of your mobile app, that is the selection of one of the top mobile app development companies for your app’s requirement.

But if you fail to pick the right company then your dream of achieving the best result from your social media marketing would shatter into pieces, and you will not be able to make it grow bigger.

Thus, it is highly essential that you make the right and much-informed decision, without becoming a victim of first came & picked scenario.

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