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5 Ways Social Media Can Help Grow Your Business In 2020

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Social media has provided a great platform for businesses and customers to interact quickly and seamlessly like never before. Over the past two decades, businesses have leveraged the true potential of social media to grow exponentially.

Today, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become so powerful that businesses have to rely on them to offer quicker and easier resolutions to customer grievances.

As these websites are capable to help grow your business like never before, here are 5 tips for you to start with.

Faster and easier means of communication

With quick and easy access to social media, you can now contact a customer service representative of any brand to get your query addressed. At the same time, organizations can also review and respond to customer grievances in a lot easier and faster way than before.

While there can still remain some grievances and challenges depending upon the industry, there are many improvements in the line of communication that used to be challenging earlier.

Now, it’s faster to reach the right people than it was ever before. In fact, you sometimes don’t have to even make a phone call to submit your grievance. Over the years, it’s only becoming easier because more and more brands and people use social media platforms these days.

The best part is that customers can submit their feedback in real-time, which is something that businesses have always strived to achieve.

Boost organic visibility

Since we all have easy access to social media, there’s a lot more to unlock through it, other than the backlinks produced through networking and partnership.

In addition to the SEO value you gain from quality backlinks to your website, social media also has a key role to play. Facebook and Instagram top the list of social sites, as they (especially Instagram) have huge potential for the future.

It sends relevancy signals to the search engine like Google, which ensures that a popular content piece is visible as well as shareable online. Before you take full advantage of Instagram, it’s important to understand the value of social media than ever and how it affects your SEO efforts.

While Google has clearly said multiple times that social media likes, shares, and backlinks are not directly related to website ranking, there is some correlation between activities performed on social media and how these posts rank on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Besides, although social media shares don’t signal Google to rank a content piece higher on SERPs because these backlinks don’t count when people and brands see your content on social sites, they may contact you seeking your service.

Increase in web traffic

A brand’s presence on social media is intended to expand its reach to different audiences. Social media reach is personable and useful, and therefore, brands must choose it to refer to their potential customers that they may have not been able to engage with previously through any other means.

Social media optimization works well when done correctly.

You should see a significant increase in the traffic from the direct and organic sources through free or the cheapest utility like social media. Make sure your communication reflects that.

Keep an eye on your competition

The greatest advantage of social media platforms is that they allow you to keep a track of not just your but your competitors’ marketing practices too. And, there is a lot that you can learn from our competition.

Since nobody is perfect out here, we all have something more to learn every day. So, why not learn from your competition, when the ultimate goal is to have the customers understand what you want to convey to them.

Impress your potential customers

If you can maintain your brand’s reputation in the market through your social media activities, it is the right opportunity for you to impress your potential customers. The way you handle your existing customers paves way for new customers to come in.

Today, people often turn to social media and other reviews they find online to get a good idea of how and what your company truly is.

If we go by the formula of average, we know that people take into account different reviews of any local business they need to make a transaction with. They look for what other customers have to say about their experience with your brand and if you really care about them after the sale is complete.


Businesses have different ways to measure their success. Social media can help achieve those goals as long as you stick to the basics we just discussed above. So, don’t just expect social media to do wonders overnight; you have to keep working to achieve your end goal.

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