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Here’s How Social Media Marketing Boosts Your SEO Results

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Not too long ago, social media platforms were meant only to discover old and new connections, play games, and chat with friends. However, over recent years, they have garnered tremendous popularity for a different reason. Every social media platform, as we know, consists of millions of users exchanging views, products, and ideas. Businesses have been quick to realize that these vast chunks of users can become their potential customers. The tool deployed for converting this vast user base into their loyal buyers is that of Social Media Marketing.

Through Social Media Marketing countless businesses have progressed by gaining a valuable customer base. The greater interaction with the users through this medium has assisted them in two significant ways. Firstly, they have grown tremendously by tapping into new customer segments. Secondly, they have been able to retain their customers for a long. By asking and acting on the feedback received on their products, they can create and benefit from a loyal user base.

Apart from a successful Social Media Marketing strategy, another crucial factor influences an enterprises’ reach. It is its ranking on major search engine giants like GoogleBing, and Yahoo. With a good content marketing strategy in place, businesses struggling to improve their ranking can quickly climb to the top. Let us be real. If your content is not featured among the top ten search results, you practically lose out on many growth potentials.

It gets us thinking. What is the connection between Social Media Marketing and SEO rankings? Is there really a connection between the two? Or are they independent of each other? Is it true that a substantial social media following can rev up your ranking on Google? Let’s find out.

The impact of Social Media Marketing on SEO results has been a topic of major discussion and debate. Marketers have long thought that compelling Social Media Marketing strategies can positively affect a site’s search engine rankings and enable it to form its distinct identity. However, there’s a clear conclusion that has emerged from these discussions recently. It has been pointed out that effective Social Media Marketing does not directly optimize the search engine ranking of a particular website.

However, it does not mean that your ceaseless endeavors to promote your product/services on various social media platforms do nothing for boosting its SEO results. On the contrary, there is good news for you to know. Social signals or everyday social media actions like liking, retweeting, reblogging, sharing, etc. can affect your content’s ranking indirectly for the better. Social media is perhaps the most effective tool to steer traffic onto your page. By creating a variety of engaging content and marketing it on your social media pages, you can direct considerable traffic towards your content. It, in turn, will push the ranking of your content upwards on the search engine results.

Undoubtedly, Social media marketing can significantly impact the status of your content’s ranking. But there are a few things you should keep in mind while employing social media platforms to boost your SEO results. Let us have a look at how exactly you can benefit from a high SEO ranking through Social Media Marketing campaigns and strategies.

Social Media Marketing tactics to boost your SEO results

#1. Share More Quality Content

It’s a no-brainer that high-quality content never fails to attract everyone’s attention. Consistently sharing value-laden content on your social media pages will do wonders for your business. It is because as your content spreads and gets shared, you gain more opportunities to earn backlinks for your website. Backlinks link your content to significant authority pages. Good-quality content on social media has the capacity to gain links from other sites and forums. Besides improving your SEO results, backlinks also play a major role in improving your content’s authenticity. Posting a variety of engaging content is a sure-shot way of garnering external links to your content. It directly optimizes your ranking and, consequently, your influence.

#2. Increase Your Audience Base

The more followers you have, the more you increase your chances of being noticed by popular search engines. As more and more people get exposed to your content, it will gain more visibility by being shared frequently. This enhanced visibility will attract more visitors to your site. As the number of visits to your site increases, so will your SEO ranking. To achieve this, build a relationship with your audience by engaging with them on a regular basis. Not only will it help retain your audience base, but it will also go a long way in forging a positive image of your brand.

#3. Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags can boost the popularity and visibility of your content immensely. They act as keywords on social media platforms and enable users to discover what you have to offer. The majority of people on social media like Instagram and Facebook exclusively rely on hashtags to look for a specific product/service. It makes sense for you to remain updated about the various trending hashtags being used in your field of work. Use hashtags smartly to get your content indexed and see it on search results. Without proper hashtags, you can lose out on potential customers who may otherwise have come into contact with your content.

4. Precise Placement of Keywords

Almost all SEO articles stress the importance of keywords for content optimization. You can tap onto the customer behavior to your advantage by using appropriate keywords. They help social media platforms and search engines alike to find your content. Spend some time searching the most appropriate keywords for your content. Use them organically wherever you can. It includes the usage of keywords in your product descriptions, articles, pages, etc. You can also use Google AdWords to discover some amazing keywords for your social media posts. Today, social media channels have become search engines themselves. Including those ‘keywords’ that people may type into search engines will increase the chances of them landing on your page.

5. Harness the Power of Images

The most popular Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook depend largely on the interplay of photos and texts. People may not read the text beside the image, but they are sure to notice the graphics that come with it. Images have the power to attract attention in a way that text cannot. Putting right and appealing images relevant to your content can dramatically increase the traffic on your page. It is especially true when formulating an effective Social Media Marketing Several social media platforms were initially crafted for image-sharing purposes. Captivating images draw people’s attention, and many times they even click on it without caring about the added text. Professionally shot images that supplement your content can radically enhance your site’s influence and ranking on search engines.


By now, the crucial relationship between Social Media Marketing and high SEO ranking must have become crystal clear to you. Social media does not directly influence your SEO score. However, the significance of a substantial audience base on it can do wonders for your content’s SEO ranking. The wise use of social media includes regular sharing of quality content and frequent engagement with your audience. Apart from it, the importance of keywords, hashtags, and captivating images should also be kept in mind. With various social media platforms turning into search engines in themselves, they represent the most powerful medium for your content to be found online. Investing more time and resources in your social media platforms can provide you with a competitive edge to thrive in the global competition. Consistent use of the techniques outlined above can put you ahead in the race for more customers. Identify what works for you and what doesn’t. Based on that knowledge, employ suitable strategies, and see your ranking reach new heights.

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