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Top Ways to get More Sales From Instagram Marketing – Ultimate Guide

Top Ways to get More Sales From Instagram Marketing Ultimate GuideImage Credit:

Some Business owners say, “Social Media is not our cup of tea and getting quality sales and leads on social networks are crap”.

Well, the reason behind this common misconception is simple.

You either tried to marketize yourself and had no idea what you were doing or hired a So-Called “Professional” who had no expertise in the field.

Social networks especially Instagram has the potential to generate sales; bring amendments in your marketing strategy.

To be successful,

All it takes Time and Persistence.

HERE we will acquaint you with the easiest ways to get the leads in your pipeline using Instagram.

Get Sales With These Three Simple Steps:

1. Hunting:

The power of daily hunting is inevitable. We hunt to search for groups and pages that pertain to our target. Once you have landed into the group, you follow people who seem to be a good fit for your online business.

2. Engaging:

In the first step, we were hunting and started following to our potential clients. The second step initiates right after your request has been accepted and they follow you back.

Yes, engagements, where you reach out to the prospect and tell them who you are.

You send them direct messages like:

“Hey PROSPECT NAME, I noticed your profile and thought I’d reach out. My name is YOUR NAME and I provide small business owners with customized financing solutions that most banks can’t provide. Did you need any help with this?”

The prospect may say one of three things

  1. Tell me more
  2. Yes
  3. No thanks

If the client responds to the first two, the second step has been successfully completed, now invite them on a call.

3. Farming:

Farming is the most important power activity, where we post daily to our Instagram feeds.

Why is there a need for farming?

When you invite the business owners, the very first thing they will be interested in is three months down the road. It builds trust. And it’s more likely the client may reach out to you to avail your services. Therefore, make sure to maintain a professional feed that can show the professionalism and determination towards your product or service.

Other Quick Tips to increase sales right away:

Instagram has become a widely used social network and marketing channel. The platform gives an unbeatable opportunity to increase brand awareness and increase sales without investing hard earned money. Read on to know, how you can organically increase the sales and optimize your every post.

Compelling and Eye-catching images:

The visual representation is going to be the first impression, any customer can have with you. Therefore, it needs to be convincing to boost sales. Instagram emerged as a visual platform. People used to visit it for high-quality images. Though the trends have changed, and Instagram has evolved to a whole next level, yet the importance of quality image is not avoidable. To stand tall among competitors, it is necessary to produce high-quality images and highlight the product or service you want to promote. The image you choose should match with overall business strategy and branding. Consistency is the key, stick to aesthetics and writing tone for the caption. Blogging is a great way to gain time and freedom that you won’t easily find in a conventional 9-5 job. You can write Professional Letters with Samples and impress anyone with your amazing writing skills.

Instagram retargeting campaigns:

Retargeting campaigns are considered an effective tool to drive sales from visitors who leave the websites without buying. Retargeting helps to re-engage the individuals, who have shown their interest in your business. To get started, use Facebook pixel and upload the entire catalog into the business manager. The rest is all automatic, the ads will be triggered to the individual’s feed who viewed them on your site. The process is straightforward and lets you achieve quality leads. However, some startups prefer to buy Instagram followers to increase engagement and sales but every follower you may buy is not necessarily interesting with the product or service you are offering.

Show the products in action:

Showing the high-quality image of your product or service is not going to be enough; the customers have become wiser, they want to assure the person whom they are about to purchase is an authentic seller. To have a more real impact, share the feedback of previous customers or show the product in action. For example, if you are selling clothes, show people wearing the same cloth in various contexts. Keep your images in motion to show your following, how the existing or old customers love wearing them.

Be creative with influencer marketing:

When you partner with any influencer to promote the products, make sure not to produce content that is too ‘sales-y’. The content should never seem insincere or overly promotional, it can adversely impact the brand.

The purpose of influencer marketing can be:
· Delivering a specific message to maximum people.
· Driving traffic to your website to generate more leads and sales.
· Supporting your own brand or marketing activities.
· Increase exposure and brand recognition.

Whatever the purpose is, make sure to deliver it in such a way that makes your promotion comparable with influencer daily content.

Emphasize on User-generated content:

User-generated content is synonymous with word of mouth advertising. The existing customers aid you to showcase the product effectively, that in return help to reach out more customer or their following. Some customers are reluctant to share their experience, to cop up with such situation, offer them incentives or gift if they post something featuring your product. Moreover, encourage them to use branded hashtags; it will be beneficial for the brand in the long run. Some Australian Instagrammers prefer to increase Instagram followers to expand brand awareness and reach out to more prospects. It is a good alternative for the people, who don’t know much about Instagram and ways to grow organically.

Be Witty and relatable:

Life has become so hectic, people are more inclined to watch entertaining or humor content because it helps to reduce the boredom and stress of work. The brand being witty can go a long way in hooking an audience. Don’t make your posts or captions serious rather implement relatable humor and witty puns.

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