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5 Ideas of Successfully Hashtags Using on Instagram

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Five years ago, I couldn’t imagine that I would write about hashtags! They were not so trendy and essential for business promotion and IG account advancement. But today, we may see a vast number of top hashtags that can dramatically grow your IG popularity.

More and more leading influencers and bloggers create their brand description hashtags and reach the top with their posts using the relevant hashtags.

To use the hashtag is one thing, but finding the most relevant and popular one is another deal: only the right hashtags’ usage gives you a chance to show your publications to a larger audience.

If you think that hashtags are not worth being used under your post or are ineffective — I’ll show you 5 ideas to start the hashtag usage right now as it’s a great chance to reach the IG top!

By the way, today, there are handy free Instagram hashtag generator tools that were developed for finding the most corresponding and top hashtags.

What Are the Reasons for IG Hashtag Usage?

Make the Post Easy To Find

The posts with suitable hashtags get in 12.6% more other profiles’ engagement; that’s why they can make your post trendier and attract more users/followers/clients to your acc.

Sort Out the Content

Hashtags are some kind of Insta navigation for people to find the posts they are interested in. For example, if you type #animals, you will get all posts that include this hashtag. So, you may browse and explore fitness, recipes, beauty bloggers, and more. It’s like a content search tool.

Make Your Product More Knowable

Your personally designed hashtag that describes your brand in 1-2 words can boost your sales in a jiff. It’s a great chance to enlarge your target audience as people will pick out the hashtags on the topics they are interested in, so your post will be visible among users who are likely to be keen on your post and profile.

Help You To Discover the Top Niches

If you desire to give one more step for your brand promotion or find something popular today — hashtags search is a good idea. Users today are obsessed with hashtags as it’s a way of promotion and searching at the same time. So, the chance to find something interesting for building a new strategy for your new product promotion or coming across trendy things increases drastically.

5 Ideas About How To Choose the Relevant Hashtag

Of course, you may use a free hashtag generator, for example, by the Bigbangram service, to pick out the best and right hashtag for your post or Story. But there are more ideas about how to find and use IG hashtags effectively.

Explore Your Competitors’ Content

Find accounts of worthy opponents and note what hashtags were placed in their posts. As you have the same target audience, you will find the most appropriate hashtags for the content.

Mark the repeated hashtags to highlight the top ones.

Explore the Content From Your Niche

Except for competitors’ content, you may pay attention to the other profiles with similar content and interest.

Insert the most corresponding hashtag for your product in a search IG bar and browse the first 2-3 posts to pick out the similar hashtags and highlight the top ones.

Make the Hashtag Organizer

It’s time to write or include all searched hashtags into one table or gather them together in one place. Rank and place the hashtags according to their popularity. So, all your top hashtags will be in one place to search for a new post easier or include them in your publication.

Create Your Hashtag Strategy

The main points of your strategy are the following:

  • include the hashtags described your product/brand;
  • pick out the top hashtags from your list;
  • mark the geotag to indicate your location and attract the target audience;
  • add additional hashtags of general topics;
  • use a free hashtag generator to find the right hashtags quicker and effortlessly.

It doesn’t matter what strategy you build; as long as it works effectively and successfully, your Insta growth is around the corner.

Include up To 30 Hashtags

The ideal post consists of 30 hashtags organized in the following way: the most relevant and trendy are first, and the closer you get to the end of the list, the more the hashtags will describe a common theme.

By the way, you are free to include less than 30 hashtags. It’s just the maximum number. But the main thing is the right and corresponding hashtag usage that will work for your brand promotion.

To Sum Up

I hope you have noticed how useful and relevant hashtags can be for your acc growth, for brand/product promotion and its awareness.

So to conclude, you should explore your audience and competitors’ content to come across the corresponding and top hashtags; highlight the discovered top hashtags to use for future posting (as long as this hashtag will be a relevant one). Then explore the easiest ways to find relevant hashtags, for example, try a free hashtag generator and use up to 30 hashtags, placing the most popular as the first and then the rest.

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