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Instagram Marketing: Pump Up Your Business Revenue in 2019

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Did you know that Instagram users “love” more than 4.2 billion posts a day? With 1 billion users daily and significant growth over the last year (from 500 million in September 2017 to 1 billion in September 2018), it is not surprising that companies are turning to Instagram marketing network for their brand.

However, if the visibility at the top of the funnel is excellent, do not forget to transform your audience into customers. In terms of marketing strategy and implementation, revenue generation through your multiple channels should be at the heart of any strategy.

If you have not yet taken advantage of the revenue-generating features offered by Instagram, you’ll be happy to know it’s not too late. Most companies are still getting wet in the grand scheme of the Instagram strategy, which means that you can be a pioneer in discovering the secret recipe for generating revenue for your business via Instagram.

Here are 5 ways that Instagram marketing can help you to generate revenue

Create high quality content to build your identity

We will explain in more detail why it is important to develop your identity, although, for the sake of this first tip, it is more important than ever to create high-quality content.

The behind-the-scenes content, mixed with product images, works really well on Instagram. Giving your subscribers a unique insight into your business is something that Instagram can offer. Regarding the content of your feed, providing images that users can not find anywhere else is what really motivates engagement.

For example, this Canadian company, 52 North, uses birch water and packages it for what it can be consumed. To extract the water from these trees, a team sets up once a year in the Canadian forest to draw thousands of trees and pack bags of water. Interesting, no?

With their Instagram account, users find themselves behind the scenes and see how their drink has gone from cold Canadian forests to their homes in the summer. It’s a fascinating look at how it’s done.

Open a professional account on Instagram

If you use a personal account for your business, it’s time to switch to a business account.

Professional accounts on Instagram provide you with a wealth of data, information, and opportunities to generate revenue for your brand. These accounts have access to statistics that tell you where your subscribers are, when they come in contact with your account, with demographic statistics like their gender or age, and more.

In addition, business accounts allow you to serve Instagram ads. Here’s where revenue generation comes in. You can promote your posts via the Instagram app by simply pressing your screen a few times. If you have a publication on a product that you want to highlight, Instagram business accounts offer you the opportunity to pay to promote those publications, increasing your commitment.

Optimize your business account for revenue opportunities through Instagram Marketing

Business Accounts provide you with many opportunities to gain increased engagement with your audience. You can add a contact button at the top of your profile, which allows you to add a location, a phone number, or an email address. Share this section of your Instagram profile when you post content. For example, if you are a retail brand and you are releasing new products that have just been marketed, encourage users to view your profile and click “Location” to visit your store.

Opportunity Creator

We promised an explanation of why it is important to develop your identity, and here it is: it helps to get many opportunities.

When you build your account and get more than 10,000 subscribers, you can add embedded links to your Instagram stories. Which is really a huge opportunity.

The embedded links are perfect for e-commerce brands or brands looking to drive traffic to a website. Previously, this feature was only available for verified Instagram accounts, although the network did failover when the business accounts were unveiled.

It’s an incredible opportunity to increase communication, engagement and generate revenue.

If you do not have 10,000 subscribers, use the link in your biography

If you work with fewer than 10,000 subscribers on Instagram, do not worry, there are always opportunities to put your site forward for you.

Take advantage of each profile’s bio link, from personal accounts to business accounts. Do not be afraid to change the link that you use in your bio from time to time, depending on your recent publications.

Some accounts will post a great picture of their backstage and a link to a blog post that goes deeper into the story. Encourage your subscribers to check the link in your biography by creating a CTA at the end of an Instagram post.

As users flock to Instagram and companies integrate more Instagram into their strategy, revenue opportunities on the network will continue to grow. As with any good marketing strategy, be sure to set your goals and track your ROI with this network.


Your potential customers search you on the internet. And, Instagram marketing is part of the new consumption habits. The marketing goal is to bring the customer to you rather than attracting them with traditional techniques and then bringing them to maturity for conversion.

The consumer thus develops an extremely favorable perception towards your company, your services and/or your products and considers you as a reference to your sector.

Respond to the evolution of purchasing behavior and integrates all means and tools of Digital Marketing to attract, convert, conclude and retain your customers while attracting potential customers.

Is your business Instagram page ready to inspire and attract more customers? if yes, you will soon acquire a whole new market with the proximity of closing more sales by convincing your potential customer the right way.

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