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How Email-Based Retargeting Is Helping Small Businesses Grow Revenue

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The path to purchase of modern consumers is more complex than ever. Customers are coming in from multiple touchpoints, devices, and with a seemingly infinite number of options. The truth is that you’d be very lucky to have a customer arrive on your website and make a purchase on the same visit — in fact studies show that 98% of website visitors leave without converting. That’s a whole lot of people that are interested in your product but weren’t ready to buy.

This goes to show that making a sale is a complex process. And the marketers job is to take control of that process keeping prospects engaged so that they return and, finally, convert.

One way to do that is with retargeting — a form of digital marketing where you serve ads to people who have visited your site. You can serve them on Search, Display, or social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. Thanks to cookies tracking user behavior on your site, these ads can be highly personalized and therefore highly effective.

Now imagine retargeting directly to these prospect’s email addresses. This is called Email-Based Retargeting and involves engaging visitors via highly personalized email campaigns. With approximately 3.9 billion email users worldwide, 52% of whom check their inbox every few hours, Email Marketing is arguably one of the most powerful marketing channels at our disposal. Yet the main challenge is finding ethical, scalable ways to build targeted email lists — this is where GetEmails comes in.

GetEmails is a groundbreaking new software that B2C businesses can use to identify anonymous traffic on their website and proactively engage with potential buyers. It uses a simple script to pull info from a massive database of more than 300 million opted-in emails to connect those unknown visitors to a robust profile that includes data such as name, email, postal address, and more.

This gives marketers an incredible opportunity to retouch and nurture otherwise anonymous bounced visitors by email or direct mail, and eventually convert them to paying customers. As to the ethical part of the challenge: the technology is 100% CAN-SPAM compliant.

According to Cofounder Adam Robinson, “GetEmails is perfect for anyone who has high-quality traffic coming to their site but doesn’t want to lose 95% of that traffic to anonymity. The hard truth is the overwhelming majority of us spend money on user acquisition but we don’t get even five percent of users to give us their info. With GetEmails we’ve created a legal, ethical, anti-spam compliant way to get up to 10 times more emails from your website visitors. Then you can retarget them however you want.” It is very important to know how mail retargeting works and how it help our businesses

The setup is extremely simple and takes under 60 seconds. All it takes is copying the GetEmails snippet on to your website, and you’re good to go.

Here are three brands who are seeing the benefits of using GetEmails.

Freida Rothman (eCommerce)

Freida Rothman is a Brooklyn-based jewelry and accessories designer. The brand wanted to increase Black Friday sales, and since Email Marketing is its main advertising channel, decided to give GetEmails a shot.

In order to grow its email list, the retailer ran lead generation campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and GetEmails in the weeks leading up to Black Friday.

After installing the GetEmails script on their site and integrating with Mailchimp, the team directed contacts straight to their existing three-part welcome series.

Freida Rothman saw a 10x increase in ROI from GetEmails on Black Friday. The price per contact from GetEmails was $0.25, while the average price per lead from Facebook and Instagram was $1.42. Comparing results from the different campaigns, the team found that 100% of Black Friday sales were attributed to GetEmails contact records — not one of their Facebook or Instagram leads converted.

Marin Magazine (Publisher)

Marin Magazine is a lifestyle publication serving the Californian North Bay. The publisher was seeing an increasing bounce and unsubscribe rate, which was making cost-efficient subscriber growth a major challenge.

Most Publishers will agree that email newsletters are one of the most powerful revenue channels on hand, so for Marin it was a top priority to solve its attrition problem and grow its subscriber base quickly.

Paying  $1.50+ per subscriber through their social media channels was not profitable for Marin. It needed a way to grow its subscriber base more efficiently and reduce churn rate.

Using GetEmails, the publisher collected between 75 and 115 engaged contacts per day and sent each one a welcome email thanking them for visiting the site. Contacts were then added to Marin’s regular mailing list.

This turned out to be a much more profitable solution. “GetEmails delivers us engaged subscribers who open at a 20% higher rate and 15% of the cost of a subscriber from any other source. We rate GetEmails 10/10,” says Debra Hershon, Associate Publisher at Marin Magazine.

Marin sells JV newsletter takeovers for $100 per 1,000 contacts. GetEmails sells contact records to Marin for $0.25 each, which equals $250 per 1,000 contacts. That means that GetEmails contacts pay themselves off in 2.5 sends, and Marin owns the records until they unsubscribe.

BuzzBlogger (Blog)

BuzzBlogger is a blog for bloggers — it aims to help them grow website traffic and build a successful online business with useful resources and tips.

Founder Kim Roach knew that having a large email list would not only increase overall traffic, social media shares and followers, but would also open doors to new advertising partners, enable her to charge more for direct email ads, and even increase the blog’s value.

Kim installed the GetEmails script on every page of her site and integrated with ConvertKit. She got 600 to 800 new emails per day, instead of the 100 she was getting before. Not only that, but each lead cost her a fraction of what it did before — where she had been paying $0.75 per record with Facebook, she now pays GetEmails $0.20 per record to acquire 20,000 per month.


GetEmails is an easy-to-use, affordable, and highly effective tool that marketers can use to capture past visitors to their site and ultimately boost sales and ROI. It’s free to get started and paid plans start at just $49/month, which make it a good fit for small to medium businesses looking to grow.

Now is the time to test it out — the company is offering a 10x increase in its free plan (now 250 free emails/month) to help businesses stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis. CEO Diana Ross says, “We are helping publishers and ecommerce brands take advantage of the recent increase in internet traffic by building their audience in a way that is not invasive or offensive to potential buyers.”

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