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8 Effective Ways to Create Natural Backlinks for eCommerce

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Every eCommerce site constantly needs high-quality and relevant backlinks for it to advance online. This is because the secret to getting a high page ranking in search engines lies in the number of high-quality backlinks pointing to your site.

The more backlinks you have, the more trustworthy your site is, and the more likely that search engines will recommend it to users when they search for products relevant to your page.

So, if you want your site to remain relevant in search engines while enjoying free traffic through backlinking, below are 8 effective ways you would not want to miss! 

#1 Produce in-Depth Content

As an eCommerce store owner, the first and most important backlinking strategy you need to adopt is creating in-depth content. 

Content is king, and there’s nothing search engines love more than quality content.

Providing your customers and visitors with in-depth, high-quality, informational, and engaging content will allow you to rank higher in search engines, convert visitors into potential customers, and automatically lead to your site getting backlinked naturally.

Once you get started with creating in-depth content, you need to be consistent. Averagely, in-depth content gets backlinked over 75% of the time compared to short articles, according to Backlinko.

While doing this, you need to make sure it is engaging, filled with media content such as images, videos, etc., quizzes, and quotes from influencers and thought leaders in your niche. You can check out a great example from Stephens Law that creates different content types on their blog. This helps them build trust and provide value to their target audience

#2 Create Seasonal Promotions

Offering personalized product giveaways and launching link-worthy contests during these special seasons is an effective way of promoting your online store and increasing brand awareness.

You can plan for promotions every month when there is a holiday or a special event is occurring in a particular month.

During these periods, you can partner with other brands that sell complementary products as yours. This will help you promote your products to a larger but still targeted audience and discover new backlinking opportunities.

All you need to achieve this is to find eCommerce stores in your niche that match your promotional page for your store and contact them to ask if they are interested in getting featured there.

#3 Collaborate With Influencers 

Influencers play a powerful role for you to generate better natural backlinks for your eCommerce store. According to Rakuten Marketing, 80% out of 100% of customers have purchased something after having seen it as a recommendation by an influencer. 

With this, contacting influencers in your niche on social media to see if they would be interested in reviewing a few of your products will help get your name out there and create backlinks for your website. Influencers are the opinion leaders when it comes to your industry, and they will determine what many of their followers are interested in.

Also, while collaborating with influencers, it would be a great idea to monitor the influencer’s marketing campaigns and how often they mention your business to assess the effectiveness of its performance.

#4 Build Video Content 

For many store owners, creating video content for products can seem like a complicated task. Videos of about 2 to 3 minutes for your brand can do a great job. 

Creating videos for your online store does not necessarily mean it has to be a very long one. When Google crawls your site and finds videos even as short as 1 minute, it serves as a relevant indicator that adds value to your site.

Adding videos to your eCommerce marketing strategy gives you more chances to get quality backlinks, dominate search engine result pages (SERPs) for whatever keywords you are trying to rank for, and answer customer questions. For example, Roman & Gayner created a separate page with video content to answer the most popular questions.

Your videos would also increase the time a visitor will spend on your page while contributing to page quality and relevance. Once you are done making videos for your store, you can promote them on various social media platforms to drive more traffic.

#5 Take Advantage of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the easiest and best ways to generate backlinks and reach new like-minded audiences. This strategy is a win-win for both individuals because it supplies the individual you are reaching out to with content for their blog and exposing your brand to their audience while receiving valuable backlinks from it.

When pitching to sites for a guest post, it is important to pitch to blogs in your niche, and also take note of these few important points below while pitching:

  • Always pitch through the mail.
  • Keep the email concise.
  • Begin by commending the individual about his or her blog or one of the recent posts on it.
  • Make it clear that you want a guest post on the blog and come up with a few great topics that fit.

It is only reasonable to link to your domain once or twice in the post and not spam the post with your links. If you have any writing samples, you can also include them in your pitch link so that they can have a look at your writing style and quality.

#6 Monitor Your Competitors’ Backlinks

“If you want to be on par with your main competitors, you will need to have the same level of backlinks and domain authority as they do,” says Kevin Klein from Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C. “Monitoring your competitors’ backlinks is a smart way to learn more about your competitor strategies while grabbing a few new ideas for yourself.”

However, before you begin monitoring them, you must research the quality and content of each website. This research doesn’t have to be done manually every time. You can use tools such as LinksSpy, SEO Spyglass, or Ahrefs to keep track of your competitors’ backlinks. 

#7 Run a Brand Ambassador Program

This is another result-oriented means to stand out with natural backlinks. An organic way that eases you the stress of building guest postings and other link building practices. Avoid this common misconception; “Brand ambassadors are not Influencer marketers.”

Brand ambassadors are the loyal customers you have gained their trust over time. They would always want to input any effort that will stimulate their desire to see other people enjoy your service’s benefit. This is commonly implemented through word of mouth, while influencer marketers are overly motivated by financial earnings. 

Once you meet your customer’s needs by adding an exceptional customer service experience, your eCommerce business is right on track and ready to run a brand ambassador program.

You only need to keep getting them excited, and they will be willing to talk and write about you either with — friends on chat apps, in their write-ups and videos publications, social media, and more. Create a custom page for your customers, and you will be wowed at how they will pull traffic to your eCommerce page. 

Sounds pretty simple right? …… I know, but trust me, it’s effective.

#8 Create Roundup Posts

Featuring an expert to create a roundup post that will meet specific customer needs is quite an effective way to build natural backlinks for your eCommerce.

This expert will focus on building your customer’s business, careers, hobbies, and more of living their dreams. Your customers will definitely reshare this, the expert you invited will also reshare this. 


There goes traffic flooding your product page. 

Every comment, repost, share, and clicks will sync and add values to your page while building your backlinks.

A common idea with roundup posts is that it is influenced by what is related to your products. I will recommend that you put the needs of your customers first. Sorting for the theme comes from a common occurrence amongst your customers. You can check out a great example from Allen Law Firm, P.A, which creates different roundup posts on their blog.

Also, conduct a demographic analysis for your customer and implement the right roundup post idea. This would prove to be more effective when you select your posts based on proven categories. 

Summing Up

As the eCommerce space is becoming more competitive, generating natural high-quality backlinks for your store might seem a little tasking or take time to produce results. 

However, applying these effective ways and staying consistent with them can help you increase your ROI, establish credibility in your niche, and, most importantly, get you closer to the top of search engine results.

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