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Detailed Process of How Google Search Works

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Whenever you search on search engines like Google, you get a lot of search results based on the keyword you have used. However, you might have often thought about the process behind search engines like Google, which provides results immediately from around the globe. How does Google provide these results so quickly and how does the result turn out to be a match to what we have searched for! Technically speaking, the process is very complex and combines a lot of different algorithms that work in tandem to provide the results. However, Google has always tried to explain it in much easier words for general people. Apart from the algorithms that are used by the Google Search Engines, there are a lot of software and codes running behind the interface. Also, Google has a lot of different AI programs that help run the search engine effectively.

Google search is based on the simple concept of searching the internet for content, listing it and then ranking it as per the content and the relevance of data. These three different processes work seamlessly for Google and other search engines to effectively work with the everchanging search of users. In general, terms, think of it as Google searches for information on a different website and note them down. After that, they sort it and arrange it based on the content and the originality of it. If the data is unique and interesting to read, Google will give more priority to it. Based on multiple factors, Google and other search engines rank these results.

Once ranked, they are provided to the user in the search results based on these ranks. These ranks are never constant and keep on changing, depending on the new content and the user visit on the website. The more the user visit the website again and again, the better the rank will be in the search results.

Let’s have a look at the three basic steps followed by Search Engine portals commonly.


Crawling is the first step of the Google Search Engine to discover new content from the internet. The programs that do these jobs are called spiders or crawlers. These spiders or crawlers search through the internet for any new information that has been posted. The information can be of any type, based on links, text, images, files, etc. The crawlers make sure that the content they are looking for is unique and not entirely copied. The copied content is considered to be spam. Also, if the crawlers find unique content over the internet, it is ranked much higher in the search results than other content. These crawlers collect all the information which can be viewed on the Google search engine in the form of links.


Once the crawlers have collected all the important and relevant information, which they think can be displayed on the search result, they add it to their storage, called the index. The index contains all the information that is collected by the crawlers. Every time new information of the file appears on the internet, it is added to the storage space by the crawlers. This is a never-ending process and the new information is added regularly to the storage. Once all the information has been stored, the ranking process begins which ranks the search results based on multiple criteria.


Once all the data is stored by the crawlers, the Search engine ranking system rank of sorts the data as per the importance and relevance to the searched keyword. The website from which the data is picked is ranked as per the relevance and when the search results are requested, this website always comes up on the top of the list. There are also ways through which one can avoid crawlers to pick the information from the website. However, it is not recommended as with the crawlers checking your data, it will not be visible in any kind of search results. Therefore, to increase the popularity and relevance of your data in the search result ranking, you will have to allow the crawlers.

Other Common Questions

Why Is My Website Content Not Available on Google Search and Other Search Engines?

The situation mostly occurs on new websites. Whenever an individual starts a new website with fresh content, he expects it to appear on the Google search engine immediately. But that is not how it works. Once the user adds the content on the website, it takes a while before the crawlers access the website and extract the data. Also, a website with less content often does not occur on the search results. Once the website is a little old and has a lot of unique content, the crawlers will start observing the data based on the relevance of the topic. After that, the website starts to show on the search results.

My Website Does Not Show in the Top Results of the Search Engine?

Once you started posting on the website and the crawlers start to observe the data it will start to show on the Google search results, however, one has to wait for a while for the website to show in the top search result. It depends on a lot of things such as, how accurate the data is as per the keyword search, the uniqueness of the data and the relevance of it. The rank also increases depending on the amount of traffic a website receives. Also, if the existing website visitors return again and again, it increases the popularity of the website, leading to increased rank. One has to understand that increased content on the site and its uniqueness is what makes the website rank up. So, it is ideally recommended for a user to wait for a couple of weeks before the website shown on the search results. From there, the ranking will increase depending on the content and amount of time, the website owner gives on it digital marketing.

How Does SEO Help in Google Search Ranking?

If you ever visit an SEO Company in Kolkata or any other major city, they will tell you that the first step of increasing your presence on the Google Search engine is by optimizing your SEO. The process includes using a specific keyword related to your services on the website content. Once the website has extensive use of the keyword, the search result will show the website in the search results when a specific keyword is searched. SEO is one of the most important parts of Digital Marketing which can boost your website popularity and increase the traffic drastically. Once the traffic increases, there is always a probability of converting them into a customer.


It’s all a part of complex algorithms and AI programs running in the background of the search engine. These algorithms continuously change making the search engine more efficient and able to collect more results. No matter what process is followed by Google, it is still considered to be the best search engine and is continuously improving with every passing day.



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