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Simple Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Business Website

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Like it or not, traffic is the main component of online success. If only your mom, neighbor, and cat admire your site, you won’t see any profit. What to do with it, where to attract visitors from and how to get traffic to the website in 2019?

Expert Methods How to Drive More Traffic: Become More Popular Than Justin Bieber

Imagine you created a business blog or website, filled it with content, consistently write new articles, but there is no traffic. Visitors do not visit your site. All this starts to bother you, and gradually you lose interest in your website.

Unpleasant, especially if you think about how much effort and time was invested in the development. Below, find ways to avoid such troubles and get traffic to the site.

The Outstanding and Catchy Content

Content about your business is a great source of relevant traffic. If you want your content to work, it’s important:

  •       Invest in development. Having one good author is perfect. But for all the cool guys, from corporate CEOs to superheroes, a team is essential. To create excellent content, you will need (underline as necessary) an editor, designer, photographer, video operator.
  •       To think over the list of keywords based on which you can create new materials.
  •       Keeping track of sharing material was convenient. Integrate your blog with social networks, add suitable share icons. You can give a small bun for the repost, for example, a free checklist.
  •       Be an expert in your field. Copy-paste has not attracted readers for a long time. Your opinion must be authoritative, talk about your cases, share unique experiences, and develop an authoring approach or product. You can also use professional assistance if you struggle with content. Then your every article and post will be worth its weight in gold.

Call to Action

For the client to make a decision, his path to the solution should be as simple and convenient as possible. Encourage readers to share the article and place the share buttons in a conspicuous place.

Simplify registration forms by removing not too relevant fields and steps (probably, each of us at least once dropped the registration, because it was too complicated). Get rid of hackneyed calls like “More Details” and learn how to create great Call To Action.

May the Social Networks Be With You

Ever since social networks came into our lives, opportunities have appeared for commercial projects that you could only dream of before. However, paradoxically, only a small proportion of companies make full use of their potential.

It seems that everything is simple – register pages and do posts. But some brands achieve maximum reach, while others lazily report back to the SMM and don’t make a profit.

Strong SMM as a Key to Success

In order for your SMM strategy to work, and not exist for a tick, consider the following:

Test new things. What are the interests of famous bloggers and brands? Each of them has its approach, which can not be confused with anything. Do not be afraid to go beyond and try new formats to find your uniqueness.

Entertain the audience. You should not constantly upload content directly related to your brand. Talk with subscribers about topics that interest them: tell the girls who have signed up for a beauty bar about five romantic comedies, and HR profile audiences about time management.

Remember about usability. If you are promoting a restaurant – do not forget about the menu, and in the profile of the educational platform, talk about the course schedule. Give people maximum information to help them decide in your favor.

Select sites relevant to your audience. It makes no sense to post on Linkedin if you sell women’s shoes, better work on Instagram. Focus on the social networks where your audience is active.

Never Ignore SEO

SEO is what everyone is talking about in the online world, and there are many articles written on this topic. Start optimizing your blog by downloading the Yoast SEO plugin. Include keywords in the headings and body of the article. But do not abuse the keys in the text. The text should contain various variations of keywords.

Pay attention to website optimization for search engines:

  •       Keywords. The key list should be a combination of high-frequency and less popular queries in your group.
  •       Do not forget to write Title tags, descriptions, meta tags, H1-H4 headings on each page.
  •       Carefully work with the reference mass: this is still an effective way of promotion, but it is worth remembering that the number of links is not synonymous with quality. It is wiser to place links on resources as close as possible to the theme of your site.
  •       Add the nofollow attribute to sponsored links so that search engines don’t take them into account or raise them in the ranking. Otherwise, for robots, your resource may look like an ad.

Gangnam Your Website Style or Why Viral Marketing is Important

Proper use of viral (viral) content can provide a significant increase in traffic to the site. But how to create a video or post that users will actively share? When creating viral content, human psychology should be considered, and simple rules applied.

Your post will have a high chance of becoming viral if it:

  •       It makes you think or smile. To reflect on something important together or to cheer up each other is also an excellent occasion to share a publication.
  •       It has practical value. We are happy to post useful information on our wall that may be useful to us in the future: compelling cases, compilation sets, practical tips.
  •       It evokes strong emotions. We repost something incredible and amazing, wanting to share these emotions with relatives and friends.
  •       It reflects worldview. Faced with content that conveys our thoughts, views, and values, we are happy to share it with like-minded people.
  •       It affects people’s souls. Touching videos attract and gain thousands of likes on social networks.

The more readers have the opportunity to share your content, the wider it can spread on the network. Depending on the format of your message, you can use various platforms for spreading your “viral creativity”: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, popular blogs. But remember that bad viral content can do more harm than good. Provocative materials and publications that provoke negative emotions must be handled with extreme caution.

Link is here, the link is there – links are everywhere

If your new blog material is linked to other content on your site, tell your readers about it. Internal links will improve optimization, help people get more content on their subject, and keep them on your website for a long time.


Now, when you went through the whole review, you can make things real. These mentioned professional yet simple ways can be a reason why your website will reach the highest traffic in the next months. Do not hesitate to follow the tips, and change your business approach for good.

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