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Do You Know SEO Is Same Like Cricket?

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The cricket world cup is ending just a few months ago, and the ashes test series is just completed and all the cricket fans in the mood of cricket, 

But You think why I am telling about cricket, this platform is for SEO,

Because my friends SEO Is Same Like Cricket.

If you know cricket very well then you definitely know cricket very well,

Ummm.. you think I am crazy.. ?

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Then, let’s start!!!!!

We all know that there are 11 players each side in a cricket game.

In SEO Same as cricket 11 factors make one optimized  website to rank your keyword, 

That 11 player is

11 player

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1. Keyword research (opener 1 )
2. Competitor analysis (opener 2 ) 
3. Site Structure – Wicket Kipper
4. Content – Caption – middle-order batsman
5. Internal Linking – middle-order batsman
6. DA – Bat/Bowl
7. Backlinks – Wise Caption/Bowler
8. Social Signal – the all-rounder / 
9. Meta Tags- Bowler/ Spinner (Rank Turner) 
10. Patience(Experience Senior Bowler)
11. Consistency – Yorker specialist bowler

Let’s Dive In The Detail………

Depth Into Detail

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1. Keyword research (opener 1)

In SEO Pitch curation is like keyword research & team selection is like select the final keyword among all keyword research  

In cricket, we decide to make 300 to 350 runs in ODI as per pitch curation, opposite team bowling attack, and our team strength.

In SEO we decide high volume, Low competition & LSI keywords as per all over keyword research and completion.

2. Competitor analysis (opener 2) 

In Cricket, Competitor analysis is the same as checking the other team player’s records, their current form and making a plan for them.

In SEO, we do competitor research for our competitors and note their backlinks, content quality, their site structure and much more. and a plan to do 10X content compare to our competitor and try to make the same or more powerful backlinks.

3. Site Structure – Wicket Kipper/Batsman

In cricket, We give batting orders numbers for players depending on their quality.

Same as in SEO we make site structure for each and every page. Good site structure always helps you to easily rank in different-different search engine. Wicket kipper always focus on each and every ball, same as if your site architecture is great then google easily crawls your site,

4. Content – Caption

In Cricket great caption can be done more than 50 % work for their team…

Same in SEO great content is done 50 % work. that’s why  people called “Content is King”

Good content just not help you in ranking but also help you in getting quality leads, and your brand awareness

5. Internal Linking – middle-order batsman

Internal linking in cricket is like running between the wicket. Right internal linking to the right anchor tag pass your Page authority to related other pages, For the Search Engine Purpose it gives good signals,

In cricket good running between the wicket can not decrease your net run rate same as in SEO good internal linking can not decrease your bounce rate, People who come to your site or blog find some interesting information on your blog and want to go depth information then he easily goes there with the help of appropriate anchor tag links.

6. DA – Bat/Bowl

In a Cricket experienced player called High PA Player, with help of the number of HIgh PA players we make a High DA Team.

In Cricket we can not experience player tonight, same as in Search Engine optimization for getting more Domain Authority we have to work on our site quality links, and after earning quality links we are getting improvements in our site domain authority.

7. Backlink – Wise Caption/Bowler

In cricket wise caption has also a difficult responsibility for their team,

same as SEO quality backlinks is a very difficult activity,

that’s why I think

If the “Content is King” then “Backlink Is Queen”

8. Social Signal – The All-rounder 

For winning a match allrounder is like a very special player who helps their team in any situation

In SEO Social signal work is same as an all-rounder,
Social signal is a black horse of SEO

Nowadays Social Signals & is very helpful in all over brand awareness.

9. Meta Tags- Hitter/allrounder(Rank Turner) 

In Cricket one Hitter is mandatory to manage any run rate,

Same as In SEO Meta Tag work like Hitter.
A powerful and catchy meta title and meta description can easily provide a high click-through rate.

10. Consistency – Yorker specialist bowler

Consistency in SEO is Like Indian team player yorker specialist bowler Bumrah,

if you continue to bowl on a same line and length then you definitely got the wicket

and in SEO if you consistently write content and promote them is definitely give you quality traffic and leads

11. Patience

Most Important thing either you playing cricket or either you doing SEO,

In Cricket before you set 5 to 8 over don’t try to over hitting,
otherwise may be possible you lost your wicket,

same as in SEO before writing good content if we try to make backlinks with the good domain is not a great idea.

So FInally Our Team Is ready……….

Now What about coach

As a coach, we follow either Neil Patel either Rand Fishkin or Brian Dean or any other SEO expert. Neil Patel is the co-founder of crazy egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, and Viacom grow their revenue. Rand Fishkin is the co-founder of SparkToro. He’s dedicated his professional life to helping people do better marketing through his blogging, videos, speaking, and his book, Lost and Founder. Brian Dean is an SEO expert and the founder of the Backlinko and their YouTube channel. these all three names are the big name in the field of digital marketing especially in the field of Search Engine Optimization. you can read their blog and also follow him on Twitter or Instagram.

As a Winning Price, We get lots of leads, traffic and brand awareness…

I hope you are enjoying the stadium & crowd of digital marketing…..

Thank You

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