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Accurate Anchor Text Ideas for Successful SEO in 2019

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You may already know, URLs are known to be the base of SEO. The better your link quality is, the better your website can perform. The relevance of content, keywords and related aspects can help you rank better for the keywords you’ve targeted. And one of the deciding factors of links in SEO is “Anchor Text”.

Let’s understand what anchor text really is.

Anchor text, in the simplest term, is all about the visible & clickable text in a URL.

It plays a very critical role to help your website rank high in search engines like Google, Bing, and others.

Check out how it looks here:

anchor text

Is Anchor Text really Important for SEO?

Well, obviously! Unless you just don’t care about backlinks. Before the Google Algorithm Update in 2012, life was very easy for any digital marketer. Anchor text was known to be one of the simplest ways to help Google understand the relevance of websites. Anchor text now is different; Google penalizes websites for having spammy backlinks, all thanks to its Penguin Update.

Anchor text prior to Penguin Update

Google was very straight about link building around this time; you get a backlink and you get brand visibility. The more backlinks one had, the better chance of ranking high for keywords came.

It’s almost like stealing a kid’s candy and enjoying it. But, Penguin update happened.

Anchor text post-Penguin Update

In 2012, this update came in. Link building game changed, keeping in mind the best interest of its users. Any low quality or spammy link was penalized by Google in order to get rid of all the unoriginal or tactic- based content out there. The way in which they determined the quality of backlinks was via anchor text!

Here’s how Link Building works now:

  • Build your backlink
  • Google indexes backlink
  • Google adds it to its search database for your site. It sets up something called ‘link profile’
  • The above steps are repeated, the link profile is analyzed by an algorithm which eventually helps you rank!

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The Magic happens NOW

Backlinks play a major role in Google Ranking. A study stated that 72% professionals find link building an influential aspect to help websites rank. 24% found this opinion partially true. The rest 4% well, let’s just ignore them!

This Google Algorithm, as of 2019, analyses link profiles created by you and helps SEOs compare it with your on-site keyword optimization! Remember, Google is smart and it’ll easily know when you’re building links in the spam- way.

penguin penalty


Avoid getting a penalty. Understand the importance of link building.

On the basis of a million Google search results, link building emerged to be the most important factor which impacts ranking. Google declared in the recent past that links are going to be one of the top 3 ranking signals which they’re employing. A number of links ain’t really the scenario which Google wants; it’s more about quality links for Google.

Anchor text categories you need to know

Help yourself figure out the most accurate anchor text types you can use as a part of your link building strategy. Check out the types here:

  • Naked URL – It’s basically a clickable link which allows the user to see the targeted URL

Eg: “”, “”

  • Branded anchor texts – This kind of anchor text comprises of your brand name

Eg:  “Apple iPhone” “Apple Watch”

  • Website name – Here, the anchor text makes the website link visible

Eg: “”

  • Page or blog title – Here, the anchor text provides with the name of the post or blog that you’re linking it to

Eg: “Official Apple Support”

  • Targeted keywords – With this anchor text type, you can optimize keywords you are targeting for ranking

Eg: “Buy Apple iPhone8”

  • Long- tail keywords – Use this anchor text when there are variations to your primary keyword which is being targeted

Eg: “Click here to buy Apple iPhone8”

  • Image – Use images to serve as anchor text by making the image clickable


clickable image


  • Generic – This anchor text type can be placed anywhere, also known as a CTA.

Eg: “visit here”, “check this out”, “Read more”, “Go here”, “this website”

Different combinations of these anchor text types can help to build an amazing linking strategy to your website. Try them and observe the difference in your website traffic, lead generation, and related aspects.

If you’re in the SEO world, you’ve got to check out 2019’s accurate link building strategies right here:

1. Keep AI in mind; develop anchor text strategy for website accordingly

Artificial Intelligence really has impacted the way queries are made and analyzed online. There’s a shift in anchor text use and that is to develop content which can help in quick AI scheming as well as fetching. You need to consider voice queries too.

2. Try not to indulge in optimizing

Google does not want you to have a maximum link building to help your website. Over-optimization was never recommended; what Google wants is to offer real value to readers. Over-optimization, overuse of anchor text can lead to penalties by Google. Spread your anchor text usage throughout pages; in few cases, you can partially match keywords rather than repeating target keyword usage.

3. Be careful about your link association

This 2019, don’t solely rely on keyword usage. Get into deeper links; links need to point towards inner pages. I’m just not talking about the main category pages or homepage. Google has stated that this kind of link seems to be a lot more relevant and natural. This is applicable to external links that are added to your website. Google also says that authority sites shall keep continuing its impact on a website’s ranking for search results if linked.

4. Evolve from your current keyword research approach

Keyword research sure is the crux of quality SEO. Link building is connected to it and your anchor text strategy has the ability to bring your marketing strategy together, in place. Via LSI, also known as Latent Semantic Indexing, anchor now is considered to be one of the best approaches for high success rates. LSI is basically a keyword variation technique which is pretty similar to target keywords that you pick. With LSI you can:

  • Keep content natural, in-flow
  • Rank for keyword variations as well

In order to succeed as an SEO or in your online business, quality link building is the prime thing you’ve got to do for your website. Make sure you make good use of anchor text while link building.

But, I just cannot recommend you for any strategies like black hat SEO or use of spammy links to succeed in SEO. It’s going to hurt your website pretty bad. Stay within the best practices, experiment here and there for your website’s online visibility and see the results. I’m sure you’ll ace it!

SEO has been evolving ever since it came into being. You’ve got to be quick to adapt to change. Or, you can get in touch with a digital marketing agency; they’ll take care of your digital marketing needs effortlessly. Remember to be adaptive, proactive and very smart in today’s time. Don’t forget to keep experimenting every now and then!


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