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SEO 2015: 7 Ways To Sexy Content

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What makes something ‘sexy’? Is it an enticing photo? A magnetic headline? Or maybe an alluring mix of both? The word ‘sexy’ is easily applied to people more than ideas; but the premise is the same: sexy attracts – and sells. The word alone conjures appealing images. So why not apply the same concept to content marketing?

Know What the Word Really Means

Sexy can actually be summed up in three easy points:

When developing your content, make sure it’s something worth sharing on Social Media. Ask yourself: is this something I would want to show my best friend? Of course, it has to be exciting before you can even think about it going viral. Boring content never made headlines. Don’t forget that fresh, young content sells. The more recent, the better. No one wants to feel left out of the loop; so provide them the insight and they will come to you like bees to flowers (we would say honey, but it’s not logical).

You’re probably thinking that it’s easier done on businesses that offer products or services that are ‘exciting’. Companies that sell clothes for example (as they can use models), will have no trouble conveying the idea. Even food can be sexy (cheers to restaurants and meat shops!). #FoodPorn is everywhere on social media and private blogs. But that doesn’t mean other industries can’t produce feisty content.

For those in the construction, software, and insurance business: you too, can use ‘sexy’ to your online advantage.

#1. Listen To Your Customers

What makes some people – and brands – irresistible? It’s their ability to give you what you want. You feel like they know what you’re thinking; it’s as if they can read your mind. It’s like having a soulmate! People love it when their needs are met. But that can’t happen if you don’t listen. There are plenty of ways for businesses to ‘eavesdrop’ on their customers these days: the most effective being social media. Hang out where your target market is, and take a look at their interests.

#2. Be Familiar with What Customers Want

Like a persistent lover, you have narrowed down what your audience likes. You can now align it with your company’s products and/or services. Which of your offers would benefit your customer the most? In 2013, Burberry partnered with Google to create an innovative way to send messages to loved ones. Burberry Kisses allowed people to send digital postcards with a ‘kiss’. Just press your lips against the screen of your phone, and it will send your letter, along with the ‘kiss’ anywhere in the world. The campaign was received well not only by Burberry fans, but also by folks who thought the ad was sweet.

burberry kisses

#3. Strategize

Once you have matched your customers to the best product or service, draw up a plan on how to reel them in (we will get to the ‘sexy’ bits later – so hold on!). What does it involve? How will you start? If you’re going to focus efforts on social media, include platforms where your content will be promoted. For those combining offline mediums, be sure to complement that with an online technique as well.

#4. Make a Content Calendar

Plenty of digital marketers ignore this critical step, but if you don’t plan for the important dates of the year, you won’t be as relevant to your audiences. Seasonal content is shared more often than non-seasonal posts. Leverage this knowledge by plotting what, when, and where to release certain types of content. You know what happens to the person who forgets an anniversary? You don’t want to be THAT person.

#5. Take Inspiration from Real Life

Real is attractive. That’s why user-generated content (ideas from average people on the Web) is so popular; it’s because they’re easy to relate to, funny, and often clever. Don’t just curate content from the Web – go out and explore! Find out the latest events in your community; shop at small stores; talk to locals. You’ll find more unique, interesting (and sexy) content from real happenings than if you limited yourself.

Take it from the Discovery series that took the world by storm. Man vs. Wild is all about Bear Grylls and his mission to teach average Joes how to survive under harsh environments. His journey takes him all over the world; and thus, there’s always something new to tell. You’re more memorable when your content is exciting.

man vs wild

#6. Show What’s Behind the Curtain…

Sneak peeks are always sexy. People are curious creatures by nature, and we love asking questions. By quenching that thirst for knowledge, you add variety to an otherwise boring content. This is especially true for technical industries. Add a little ‘spice’ to your posts by including photos of your team on the job, after-hour fun, or maybe cute quotes from members. If your company hosts events all year round, don’t forget to post pictures to show that your business is more than numbers.

#7. …but Put Customers on the Spotlight

You’re almost there: you know what tickles a customer’s fancy, and you have jotted down the types of content to suit every occasion. But it needs the most vital ingredient in content marketing – putting people first. No matter how marvelous your products or services are, no one is going to listen if you just talk about yourself. Remember that first date when the other party just went on about how fabulous they are?

You couldn’t wait to get out of that, did you? Avoid doing the same thing to your customers.

Learn from Etsy’s Twitter Feed. Their Tweets are always about their customers. They even address them as if they’re just talking in person. Now THAT kind of confidence is sexy!

etsy twitter

Sometimes, creating this type of content takes time and experience. You know what they say: you can’t rush perfection. If you don’t want to wait, get in touch with professionals who have made it their life’s goal to provide captivating content. Or you could create your own. Just remember NOT to overuse the idea and it’s all good.

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