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AI and Machine Learning is Reshaping Email Marketing


How AI and Machine Learning is Reshaping Email Marketing

The world of digital marketing has seen the rise of several marketing channels, but email marketing still remains a crucial marketing tool for SMBs for its cost-effective methodology and direct approach. A report by eMarketer shows that over 80% of marketers consider email as the most effective way to gain prospective customers and keep current […]
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Your Business Should Invest In SEO

Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In SEO

Most business owners are missing out on the advantages of investing in SEO because they don’t understand the impacts it can have on their businesses. However, if you ask any business owner who has tried SEO what it feels like, they will sincerely tell you that SEO is the backbone of any successful business. Not […]
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psychology and marketing

Trick Or Treat?

Generally talking Trick or Treat works best on the Halloween, though we will not be talking about the October celebration, but about brain tricks and treats. The most undiscovered part of human beings and is the brain and the functions. Without knowing specific – “what”s and “why”s we still manage to operate, though we do […]
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Link Building Strategies 2020

2020: These Link Building Strategies Should be Part of Your SEO.

It is no longer a secret that link building campaigns are now effectively the most organic way to build up traffic to your site and increase your website’s ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). However, some SEO practitioners have abused this fantastic opportunity the internet has given to us by engaging in fraudulent […]
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Animation Techniques Commercial Advertising

Animation Techniques Marketers like to Use in Commercial Advertising

Animation has held a very special place in our lives. It is one of the most effective methods of storytelling and leaves an impression imparting recognizability if appropriately used. Animation has been and will always be at the core of strategies for marketers as far as advertising is concerned. Along with multimedia, campaigns are built […]
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Video and Visual Search Is Changing SEO

How Video and Visual Search Is Changing SEO

With the speedy advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, new features i.e. visual and video, have come to transform the way we search. As per 3M and Zabisco’s research, 90% of the information the brain comprehends is visual. Consumers grasp visual info much more easily as compared to text, hence responding to it […]
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Voice Search Will Dominate Next Marketing Era

Why Voice Search Will Dominate the Next Marketing Era

Search engines have evolved a lot since their inception. Today, Google algorithms could decipher tons of signals and inputs and they thrive to provide better results. With the rise of the internet, technology also became more evolved and the way people consume and search for information has changed drastically. Among such rising technology is the […]
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SEO vs PPC Which One is Better Long Run

SEO vs. PPC: Which One is Better in the Long Run?

What is the most important factor for an online business? Isn’t it to appear at the top of the search results page? A new search is made every second; maybe you have also just used it to find a restaurant nearby or inquire about an online course. According to statistics, in 2019, Google received over […]
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Run Your Small Business Without a Graphic Designer


5 Ways to Run Your Small Business Without a Graphic Designer

Almost all the marketing you’ll do for your small business these days requires graphic content. If you’re hiring a graphic designer every time you need to put up a social media post, you’ll rack up a crazy bill trying to keep up.  Like most entrepreneurs, you’ve probably taken a stab at doing it on your […]
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