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How to Create a Corporate Identity for Your Business

Maybe you have an interesting idea, and you even managed to launch it into implementation, but the desired development is not yet visible. Perhaps these are temporary difficulties, or you forgot to consider something really important and the business is in decline. Do not wait for the point of no return and analyze the current […]
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How to Conduct an Effective UX Interview

User interviews are typically part of any ideation phase, generative research, or concept development. It’s not just about chatting with people. In fact, the interviews should follow a structured methodology in order to get the most out of them. Whatever your role — designer, product manager, marketer, researcher — you need to prepare the topics […]
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How To Find The Perfect Twitch Username

Do you ever think about why a twitch channel username is the most important point for a twitch user? In fact, the user name has a great impact on your channel, as it makes an impression on the audience and viewers of your channel. For a better impression, you need to find the best twitch […]
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SEO Techniques and Strategies For Your Vacation Rental Website

Abiding by various SEO guidelines is a requirement to increase traffic on your vacation rental website. This web traffic, in turn, helps boost the business. There are several SEO techniques and strategies to improve a vacation rental website in general.  A good SEO ranking means your website can dominate Google search results. This whole process […]
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Times are Changing: Why Digital Marketing Is the Way to Go

The 21st century revolutionized the manner of advertising a business, product, or service. Due to the growing population who owns a gadget that can access the internet and spends less time reading newspapers and watching televisions where businesses traditionally put their ads, going digital is the way to go. Building your online presence can influence […]
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Here’s How the Pandemic Affected Outdoor Advertising in Major Cities

It’s no secret to anyone that the COVID-19 pandemic affected more areas of all of our lives than we could ever have imagined. Many of us were moved to online work, our children were suddenly needing to be homeschooled, and socializing amongst extended family and friends was no longer on the table. The pandemic also […]
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How Blockchain Is Used In Advertising And Marketing

Bitcoin introduced us to blockchain technology, and how it could be used to transfer digital currencies over the internet. However, it was Ethereum that, through the implementation of smart contracts, allowed blockchain tech to penetrate in other industries than finance.  Since the release of decentralized applications and smart contracts, blockchain has become more than just […]
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7 Efficient Business Tools That Will Enable You Save Time and Money

It doesn’t matter if it is a large or small business or even for an entrepreneur, you are sure to need some tools that will not only help you save time but also money. These tools are normally called Business Technology tools basically because they are equipped with modernized technology that provides versatility and productivity […]
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Beginners Guide to Email Marketing Funnel


A Beginner’s Guide to Building an Effective Email Marketing Funnel

You know you have a great product! All the pre-roll studies conducted with participants have borne exceptional results. But, even with such insight, you cannot expect hordes of conversions the minute you launch it. Instead, you must take a strategic approach where you first: Educate prospects on the problems they face Place a brand offering, […]
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