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How to Increase Enterprise Collaboration

What is collaboration? It is essentially how a large organization communicates. Both within the organization as well as externally. An enterprise in the 21st Century needs collaboration. Getting a collaborative platform or software is not enough; although good ones like Teamviewer can really help you get ahead. But more importantly, you need a shift inside […]
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How to Personalize Your Marketing Without Being Creepy

It’s no surprise that personalization is powerful for your business, but as consumers develop stronger privacy concerns there’s a point at which personalization can cross the line between helpful and uncomfortable. That’s why it’s important to incorporate updated personalization best practices into your strategy. Recent statistics show 77 percent of U.S. consumers surveyed say their […]
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It May Be Time for a Marketing Checkup: 6 Things You Should Do

A marketing strategy isn’t something you can set and forget for five years. In order to remain competitive in your industry, you have to constantly revisit your strategy and tweak individual elements of it so they align with evolving trends and market needs. What is Marketing Checkup? In western medicine, doctors encourage everyone to get […]
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Is SEO Getting Old? You Must Know About 2019 SEO Phrases

Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO is one of the most commonly used tools to improve the ranking of websites. However, many of even those people who are using it regularly are not aware of the fact that SEO is not a new concept and is about two decades old. Shocked!!!! But this is […]
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Marketing Stress Got You Down? Here’s How You Bust It

Stress has become such a standard feature of life in a Western culture that it’s easy for us to ignore the levels of stress we experience on a day-to-day basis and write them off as normal. But the truth is that chronic stress isn’t normal — even in a high-pressure job where there really is […]
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How To Get Immediate Response After Introducing Yourself Over An Email

Do you think that writing a cold email is the most difficult part? Think again! The hard part is getting an immediate response. Unlike social media marketing, email marketing cannot be about sending a casual message and getting a response sooner rather than later. There are so many wrong practices that can hurt your email marketing […]
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All You Need to Know About Ranking for Google Maps in 2019

All You Need to Know About Ranking for Google Maps in 2019. Google maps provide local businesses with a significant opportunity to market to the local area and the people within it. By ensuring your Google maps marketing is on point, you will create added visibility for your business and in turn more sales. Here […]
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Cloud Computing Trends to Watch in 2019

Do you know that the actual cost of monthly running a basic web application was about $160,000 in 2000? Now Cloud computing has brought it down to less than $900 a month. Let’s understand what is cloud computing. Cloud computing Trends are evolving continuously. To meet increased business needs, organizations require to invest budget and […]
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