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Content Marketing Objectives


How To Use Different Types Of Content When Marketing Your Small Business

Content marketing is all about boosting your online presence so that potential clients can find you easily and share your information. The content in this regard can be written or visual as long as it relates to your business. Every small business owner should know how to use content marketing for promotional purposes. This strategy […]
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How CEOs Can Increase Sales with Content Marketing

The internet has changed and will continue to change the way people do business. Many CEOs are stuck in tried and true ideas that are slowly being overtaken with new concepts. Content marketing is one of those concepts. When implemented correctly, content marketing is informative, engaging, valuable, and more effective than many other marketing strategies. […]
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10 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence

It is astounding to think that social media networks were just invented as a powerful means to connect people all over the globe. However, when you look at things today, you will see that no online or brick and mortar business can survive without its presence on multiple social media websites. According to a report […]
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Will Local SEO Exist in 5 Years?

If Search Engine Optimization was a kid, it would have gone through puberty about 4 times by now. We’re not sure if what we’re looking at is beautiful… or a monster. When it was a baby, it was so simple: keywords, keywords, keywords. Since then, it has gotten more intelligent and much more complicated. It’s […]
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How to Increase Customer Value Through Marketing Automation

The concept of customer value corresponds to a significant shift in sales analysis, moving away from the traditional “how many sales” indicator for a more method-oriented approach “how were these sales made”. More than the result, it allows you to look into the process of “doing business”. Yet, while its understanding is simple (much simpler than […]
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Should I Hire an SEO Company or Do It Myself?

Growing a small to mid-sized business is no easy task. Determining whether to contract certain jobs or do them yourself makes the path to business growth even more difficult. Any analyst or marketing consultant knows about the growth potential that search engine optimization (SEO) offers. Knowing how to execute SEO initiatives is a different story. […]
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How To Optimize Youtube Videos To Get More Views

When it comes to engaging users, video is a marketing channel that clearly outperforms others. On Facebook, videos drive 6x more engagement on posts and are 40x more likely to get shared on the platform when compared to normal image and text posts. But the preference of consuming video over other form of content by […]
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Top 5 Technical SEO Tactics To Boost Your Organic Rankings

A technical website audit is still a vital aspect of an SEO audit of a website. The technical aspects of a website draw parallelism with the first couple of layers of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. That is, by not implementing them, you will not get any edge, but by not implementing them, you are at […]
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How Financial Companies Can Encourage Investments

Savings and investment services are a product, just like any other, yet it can seem counter-intuitive to “sell” people on saving money. So how do finance companies bring new investors into the fold? One option is to focus on the factors that motivate saving behaviors, particularly when targeting younger clients. The more we know about […]
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Instagram Hashtags How to Choose Them and Use Them Effectively

The hashtags on Instagram represent the main lever of visibility on the social network. But do you know how to choose and optimize them? Let’s find out together how to use Instagram hashtags without making sure you optimize your content: Hashtags on Instagram are generally used in a fairly representative way, allowing you to define […]
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