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5 Best YouTube Alternatives

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YouTube is the second most visited website globally. Its audience includes more than two billion users, which is almost a third of all Internet users. However, there are other video monetization platforms and high-quality analogs, some of which appeared even before the famous site.


Vimeo is considered the most famous functional analog of YouTube, but you have to pay for the possibility to upload content there. There are no ads on the service, and users can leave comments, follow videos, and share them on social media.

The free version is available for 30 days, and the further cost depends on the capacity of the cloud disk that the user purchases. It ranges from $7 per month for 250 GB to $75 for 7 TB. Content quality is high – 4K Ultra, so Vimeo is in demand among filmmakers, artists, and designers who can upload their projects.

At the same time, hosting is not so strict with regard to copyright, and there, you can find, for example, source codes for clips of popular musicians.

Vimeo’s design is minimalistic and easy to understand for beginners. The entire interface is in English. The service is available not only in the web version but also as an application for Windows, Android, and iOS.


PeerTube is a free video-hosting network allowing for sharing content. Users can upload and create videos, create channels, and search and comment on content.

The open-source project has a decentralized platform based on peer-to-peer technology for sharing videos on the principle of torrents. It runs on the ActivityPub protocol, which combines separate servers into one network, and its clients take part in content delivery. Thus, each user’s computer is used to broadcast the video. At the same time, PeerTube does not use corporate recommendation algorithms to keep the user online.


The Rumble video platform is relatively new on the market. There, you can search for videos as well as build a subscriber base and monetize your videos. The functionality of Rumble is almost similar to YouTube: live streaming, video hosting, channel creation, licensing, and more.


It is a video platform that resembles YouTube with video recommendations on the main page. Channels are sorted by subject; you can view movies and news. Content creators can upload video files up to 2 GB in 1080p resolution and up to 60 minutes in length.

There is also a monetization option that allows you to show videos or ads to users. In addition, the platform has access to those videos that have been blocked by the decision of the YouTube administration.


VidLii allows each user to upload their videos for free and share them with the audience. The platform has a small audience, but the service is actively developing. Users can subscribe to specific channels and rate videos. The content is mostly amateur. The hosting interface is reminiscent of sites from the 2000s with blue fonts, which may appeal to fans of nostalgic design. The service language is English.

Why are analogues gaining popularity?

Today YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for watching videos on various topics. Users like the user-friendly interface, because you can find the desired video quite quickly. Leading channels are attracted by the monetization of the account and the ability to post large video content. However, even this application has disadvantages, which make you look for analogues.

One of the reasons the audience moves is advertising. A premium account allows users to use the platform and not be interrupted by commercials. However, not all users are willing to pay for the service, and therefore subscribe to similar sites without intrusive breaks.

The privacy policy is also detrimental. Because of it, it is impossible to publish movies or TV series that are popular among viewers on the channel. In this way, it is necessary to independently generate content, attracting the audience.

Another important reason is the ban on the use of YouTube video hosting or part of its functionality in some countries. For example, monetization is not available in Russia today, forcing bloggers to transfer their viewers to other platforms.

In terms of practicality, YouTube is not suitable for all users, since posting videos requires some skills and knowledge. High-quality content does not always find its target audience due to ignorance of the algorithms of the video platform.

And the decisive factor is the price of advertising. By placing an ad even with a blogger with a small number of subscribers, you can spend an impressive sum of money. The cost is formed not only from your affiliate rate, but also from the promotion price of the video on the hosting site itself.

Don’t forget that many users prefer not only long, but also short videos. Apps that allow you to post short reviews and other entertaining content lasting from 15 seconds to a couple of minutes are gaining popularity today. The most well-known platforms with a similar approach are TikTok and Instagram.

For the most effective promotion on the web, several tools can be used with different formats for presenting content.





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