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5 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose Old Content and Boost Traffic

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Did you know that Vincent van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime? Besides his incredible talent as a painter, the genius could only sell “The Red Vineyard.” 

Hopefully, your website attracts more than 1 visitor and sells more than 1 ‘painting’. If it doesn’t, no worries. Either way, there’s always room to increase traffic on websites, and one of the ways is repurposing old content. The good news is that these two go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly. 

Taking a valuable piece of content and giving it a fresh purpose sparks your old viewers’ interest and helps you increase website visitors. Why? Because people love consuming an already proven piece of information that’s represented in fresh ways. 

Today, we will cover the top 5 ways to repurpose old content and boost traffic. Make sure to stay with us and discover how to boost traffic to your website!

1. Build Social Media Friendly Content

Many brands and companies often forget the importance of social media nowadays, especially when social media and communications apps take the majority of our time, with 50% of mobile app time spent. And even though these companies might be posting on Facebook and Instagram daily, they skip a lot of good pieces of information.

Repurposing content for social media is a great step, so here’s what to do to turn a valuable piece of content into bite-sized social media posts:

  • Take the most highlighting part of your article and turn it into a fun image. It is consumed faster, better, and will definitely hook your visitors.
  • Create threads and discussions on Twitter to draw attention to the most important points of your blog post. Who knows how many new visitors will come to read it on your website. 
  • Use hashtags to promote your content. One of the easiest ways to find the information you want is a hashtag (we all do this).  So, be sure to tailor your content directly to the people who need it. 
  • Share the same article more than once, but use different key parts, hashtags, or quotes for your Facebook post. This is an effective trick if you use it smartly. 

Simply put, divide your big article, blog post, or white paper into small sizes and use it to create effective social media posts, reach more visitors, and increase traffic to your website. 

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2.Turn Old Content Into a Slideshow

Repurposing blog content aims to give it a new look, which means that you should turn an old article into various forms (video, infographic, etc.). One of the most effective content types is the slideshow. How will slideshows help boost your blog?

  • It increases brand awareness. It’s easy to consume, doesn’t require much effort, and will, for sure, stick in the viewer’s mind longer than a big article.
  • It’s an engaging type of content. Slideshows include images, texts, different graphics, and sometimes small videos, which makes it inviting. 
  • Since the slides are separate images, they can also be divided and used for different social media platforms. 

Using slideshows to boost your blog traffic is another ‘secret tip’ you can benefit from since it’s more fun, smoothly consumed, and not everyone does it.

3.Make a Video Out of Old Content

Video is becoming more and more attractive as a content format for a couple of reasons. You see new vloggers and YouTube channels daily, so make sure you’re not behind the trends. Making a video out of an old article is the coolest way to repurpose your content and boost traffic. 

Here’s why:

  • Videos are becoming more intriguing than any other form of content simply because it’s easy to turn on and multitask (eat, exercise, drive, etc.)
  • It’s more engaging. While watching a video, you get the sense as if someone’s talking to you, sharing their experience and their knowledge about something. 
  • Vlogging is the new trend. We see videos going viral every day on apps like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, so why stay behind?
  • Video is how most of your consumers want to receive information. It’s more impactful and stays in their memories longer. 

You can later turn your video into other forms of content like an audio podcast, a short transcript, or a social media post. Start creating videos today!

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4. Add Fresh Information

The goal of repurposing old content is to reach new consumers, so you need to provide fresh value. Make sure to update any information that is irrelevant and too old. 

How to do this?

  • Observe your market. Regardless of the industry that you’re in, make sure you know enough about who your consumers are and what they’re expecting so that you can deliver it. 
  • Understand what’s missing. Figure out what type of information they’re looking for while searching for a specific topic. Are they trying to find a handbook about The iPhone’s evolution, or are they looking for some fresh recipes for cooking pasta?
  • Put the new advice, tips, and other information into the old content and share it among your viewers. To gain more trust and increase traffic on blogs, you need to provide value. 

Being an obvious point, this step sometimes gets ignored. However, a study shows that repurposing content is more efficient than creating a new one. 

5. Get Inspired From Old Content

In a world full of information, where you can learn about anything that exists (even doesn’t), it’s tough to get new ideas for blog posts and write a fresh transcript for your video. Don’t worry; your old content has your back. 

So, how can an old article be an inspiration source for you?

  • It gives you fresh ideas. While reading your old blog post about digital marketing, you might realize how the importance of Social Media Marketing has increased and decide to write about it. 
  • You can divide it into multiple pieces and present each one separately. Now, since digital marketing has become a serious specialty, you can break your old article into topics like Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, etc. 
  • It works like your intuition. When you go over an old piece you wrote 5 years ago, you realize what’s changed and what you can improve. The next thing you know, you have a one-minute Facebook video teaching the importance of PPC practices. 

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Never underestimate the impact of your old content. Instead, get inspiration from it and use it to boost traffic. It’s more effective and costs you less time. 

Hopefully, we could help you get new ideas and put them into practice to increase your web traffic. Make sure to repurpose old content, boost traffic starting from today, and be the Van Gogh who sells more than one painting during his lifetime. 

Oh, and don’t forget to share this article with your marketer friends if you found it helpful.

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