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Top 5 Healthcare Marketing Strategy To Hit Your Targeted Audience

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With every other industry coming up with technology, the healthcare industry is no more behind. Users are now getting new ways to get their treatment easily via the internet. 

And this the reason why users’ needs and expectations are increasing day by day. 

The analysis says that approximately 89% of the users directly go to the search engine when encountering any health issue. And every day approximately 3.5 billion searches are made on Google for healthcare globally. 

So, do you think a healthcare mobile app or website is a must to keep your healthcare practice growing?

In my opinion, it is vital to digitize your healthcare practice to be in the race. 

But, having a healthcare app or website is not enough; you need a perfect healthcare marketing strategy to reach your targeted audience. 

To give the best results out of your healthcare app development, I’ve mentioned some of the marketing strategies you must go for.

The Modern Structure of Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Before you make your marketing strategy, it is essential to know your targeted audience. Because your plan ultimately depends on your users. 

Once you know your targeted audience, it is easy for you to plan your marketing.

Strategy 1: Informative Blogs for Users

With an innovative and user-friendly healthcare mobile app or website, there is a need to give relevant information to your users. You can provide the trending information to your users with the help of the blog. This can help you attract more users to your site. 

There are billion on searches made every day, you can take a benefit of it by adding blogs to your site. Make sure that you add blogs during the health months and such relevant periods. It will help you engage more users in your web application. 

And one point to note here is, users are more comfortable reading about the patients who have gone through various treatments. So, if you add a few blogs related to a patient’s experience. It will be an extra benefit to your site.   

Strategy 2: Videos That Inspire

Users today are more attracted by visual content. So, you can add some inspiring videos to your healthcare mobile app.

But, be specific with what you add. For instance, you can bring your neurologist on the camera sharing his knowledge. It will add credibility to your site and attract the users that are out looking for such expertise. 

Its always said that seeing is always better than reading. Hence, bring your patient, their family members and doctors on the video. So, users get more convinced about the experience shared by them.     

Genuine Videos help you best in your healthcare marketing strategy. As there is a high chance for your site to be popular in a short span of time with 100% chances to rank and drive more traffic.    

The best thing here is these videos can give courage, passion, hope and much more to the users.

Strategy 3: Effective SEO

So, now you have an innovative website with good blogs, videos, pictures, content. But what’s the use of it if users cannot find it?

So with boosting your website to new features, it is equally important to make it visible to the users. And you can achieve it by implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies to your site. With SEO you can increase the organic traffic to your website, by adding the specific keywords to your content. These specific keywords are the one which actually a patient use in their search. 

There are various tools like ahrefs, HubSpot, etc which let you know the trending keywords on search engines. Using them in your content will let your website rank and get more traffic. Make a note here, that is Google will penalize you if your content is found with ‘keyword stuffing’. So use them in a “go with Flow” type.   

Strategy 4: Responsive Website Design and Site Speed

Responsive design is important these days. Because it lets your website adjust automatically to the size of the device. Whether it as a desktop, smartphone or a table your website must be equally responsive to each device. 

It lets your users have a good experience with your website. And the key point is Google cares about the user experience. If your website is responsive, it has higher chances to rank on search engines. 

With a responsive design, the speed of your application even matters. Research says that a user will leave your website or application if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. This can affect website traffic if the page is taking more time to load.  

You can have a Google page speed test and check whether the loading speed of your page is appropriate or not.     

Strategy 5: Social Media Is a Core Part

Yes, if social media is not part of your healthcare marketing strategy, you are at a loss. 

Social Media is one of the best ways to connect to your audience. It is an excellent promotional tool if used in the right way.    

And it is observed that approximately 60% of the users trust social media posts and activities. So, make your posts accordingly that attract more and more users to it. Make sure your posts are ahead of time and trending to the latest updates in the healthcare industry.  

Add some interesting points like various campaigns to your social media posts. It will give an extra effect to your users.

Even paid advertising on social media can help you to reach a large number of users. It is a smart way to reach a large number of users. 

So, these are some of the marketing strategies for healthcare services you can opt for. There are many marketing strategies for healthcare. But I would recommend you to first go for the above-mentioned ones.  


A strong healthcare marketing strategy lies when your sync very strategy rather than parting it. 

Hence, when you’re planning a strategy for your healthcare app development or healthcare website, make sure you look at the trends going worldwide. 

Using the above 5 strategies you can get the ground off and achieve your desired results.


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