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7 Top Ranking Factors to Rank on Featured Snippets

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7 Top Ranking Factor to Rank on Featured Snippets

Hey! looking to rank on google featured snippets?

Awesome! you came at right place.

I am here to guide you everything about featured snippets.

To rank on featured snippets is not easy if you can’t follow google search engine algorithm structure.

But It’s easy if you follow some proper SEO tactics that really work well.

so, are you excited?

of course, yes?

First of all, I’ll cover a basic overview of featured snippets.

Are you ready to learn?

Let’s Jump in!

What are Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are Highlighted Google SERP That Shows at the top of the SERP’s.

These snippets are also called as Rank “0” Result.

Do you know The Interesting Reason why it’s called as rank Zero?

okay! let me explain you.

Featured snippets always display on the top of SERP first ranked website.

That’s why it’s called featured snippets.

Now, I think you need to understand better with graphical view.

Let’s look at the below picture!

featured snippets

As you can see in the above image this is how the look of features snippets.

Actually, you always have seen these snippets in your daily life when you search for some step by step process query.

This is just one type of these snippets.

Basically, there are Popular types of featured snippets.

Let’s dive in.

Types of Featured Snippets

there are many other types of featured snippets but in general, google shows these 3 types of snippets.

1. Paragraph Snippets

Paragraph Snippets is used for Definition based query.

Do you know what I mean?

okay! I’ll explain to you

For example: if you search for “What is featured snippets” then google shows you the definition of snippets.

 Paragraph Snippets Used for

  • What is…
  • Why is…
  • Who is…

2. List Snippets

This is used for list or step based answer.

List snippets really look attractive because it provides an instant answer of your query.

For example: if you search for “How to tie a tie” then google shows you snippets of how to tie a tie with step by step process.

List Snippets Used for

  • How to…
  • DIY Task…

3. Table Snippets

This snippet used to show numerical or statistical-based data.

Table snippets always organize in the form of rows & columns.

For Example: if you search for “Mortgage rates year over years” then google shows you snippets of mortgage price in tabular form.

Table Snippets Used for

  • Pricing…
  • Rates…

okay, I think now you know what is featured snippets.

Now, it’s time to take look at top ranking factor to rank on featured snippets.


Let’s dive in!

7 Top Ranking Factor to Rank on Featured Snippets

here, I’ll give you an important key factor that helps you to rank your website or blog on featured snippets.

Get here 9+ Ranking Factor to rank on google snippets with infographics.

But, what you need to do is?

You just need to do the practical implementation of all these factors on your blog.

#1. Use Target Keyword in starting of the title

always start your title with your main target keyword.

you know why?

Because when a google search engine comes to your site and if they found target keyword at the starting then definitely you got some additional benefits.

Also, it’s Search engine friendly because google easily finds it in your title.

For Example: Target keyword is “Weight Loss Tips

then write a title like this way “Weight Loss Tips 20+ | Top way to Loss Weight”.

#2. Use Target Keyword in URLs

You know URL’s really very important factor to rank your article?

Because URLs also show that what actually contains in this article.

after the title, you need to define your target keyword in URL.

and never use the unnecessary word in URL’s to make it too complex.

For Example: Target keyword is “Weight Loss Tips

then write URL like this way “yoursitename . com/weight-loss-tips”

that’s it doesn’t try to add any other word like “yoursitename . com/20-weight-loss-tips-2019”.

because it doesn’t make any sense. it only increases URL length and makes you hard to handle.

#3. Use Target Keyword in Sub-Headings

after title & URLs subheading important part of ON-page SEO. so you need to maintain it properly.

Your target keyword must include in 1-2 subheading it’s better practiced.

#4. Use LSI keywords

LSI keywords are the similar keyword of your any target keyword.

LSI keywords help you a lot to gain high traffic from organic search.

Because if you use LSI keywords in your article then search engine also ranks your article on that keywords so it gives huge benefits to you.

Do you know how to find LSI Keywords?

Okay, let me show you.

LSI Keywords image

if you noticed that when you search on google at that time at the bottom of google SERP it shows like above image actually that are similar keywords or related keywords hence its called LSI keywords.

#5. Use Related Image

if you want to rank on featured snippets then it’s mandatory to use the related image in the article because if you noticed google shows snippets with text and image also.

so, it’s necessary to add the image in an article for more chances to rank.

#6. Use Proper word count

Google shows featured snippets of just 40-50 words count so you need to focus on maintaining proper word count.

To do that first of all just divide the whole article with the number of subheadings in each subheading use proper word count.

If you maintain it properly then it really works.

#7. Use Paragraph, List or Table

You just need to add a paragraph if your target keyword is based on definition or introduction type.


If your target keyword answer is list or step based then must add list in the article.


Last, if your target keyword answer is tabular form result then just use the table in the article.


Everyone wants to rank on google featured snippets because there are many benefits of featured snippets.

Now, it’s your turn to implement all the above factor to get ranking on these snippets.

Don’t forget any of the above points to implement because all are important and without even a single factor you’ll lose ranking.

Above factor are automatically done your article ON-page so your work might become easy.

I hope you enjoyed this! and might be you found many helpful kinds of stuff.

So, Don’t forget to share your Thought on it on comments below. I’ll be waiting for your comments.

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