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Acing a Job Interview: Ideas and Tips You Might Need

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Getting a job is quite complicated and challenging. Getting a job of your dreams seems almost a “mission impossible” nowadays. It does not really matter how old or how experienced you are. What really matters in a job seeking process is your readiness to occupy the position you wish and your confidence about the fact that you possess the right credential for this job and have proper academic qualifications to be employed.

If you have a nice university degree and feel confident during the job interview, you will have more chances to get the job you need. The thing is, however, that the prevailing amount of people, who have ever passed at least few job interviews, may also know these “secrets” and use them when passing their job interviews as well. This means that your chances to qualify for this position may notably decrease. It is not a secret that well-paid and respectful jobs are not easy to find, which means that they are worth to fight for. In such companies, the competition for a vacant position may be extremely high. So, if there are at least 20 candidates for a vacancy, then you may have only 1/20 chance to be chosen. That’s almost close to impossible, but that’s what statistics show sometimes. If you really need the job you are going to apply for, there should be something else that will give you the advantage – something really special!

Passing a Job Interview: What Will You Need to Succeed?

Suppose, you have done the profound market research and managed to find the vacancy you have been looking for during your whole lifetime. Such an opportunity should not be overlooked. So what should you do to be hired? Listed below are a few recommendations that may help you find the answer to this question:

1.    The First Impression

Although they say that people should not be judged by their appearance, the first impression always matters. This is especially true when you are going to pass a job interview. Yes, such things as knowledge, education, experience etc. also matter a lot, but most employers look for people who are capable of presenting themselves in the best way.

Reputable companies, as a rule, have several stages of a job interview. This is done to evaluate a candidate from different points of view. In most cases, each stage is controlled by different specialists, including a psychologist, ahead of the department and even ahead of the company. So, you are bound to make the ideal first impression on each of them to be finally hired.

The dress code is extremely important in this respect. It goes without saying that you should dress appropriately to make a positive impression. The way you are dressed can tell a lot about your personality. It does not mean, of course, that you should choose extremely expensive attires. At the same time, wearing jeans and sappy cloths will hardly do you a favor as well. So, it is crucial to find the”golden mean” to look appropriately.

It is desirable to put on clothes of neutral colors that don’t have bright color splashes, which may distract the attention of people you will talk to. Women should choose white shirts and midi (not mini!) skirts or trousers, while men should better wear classic suits. Try not to put on any expensive accessories or jewelry, because this may produce the undesirable effect as well.

2.    Behavior as a Key to Success

Keep in mind that as soon as you pass your job interview, you will be closely examined. This is always true, even if you do not notice that! The potential employer will study such things as your speech manner, diction, appearance, body language, confidence etc. Such aspects as stress-resistance and ability to find out the way out of any situation are also important. So, get ready to answer the most unexpected questions and demonstrate your behavior in the most unpredictable situations. If you have ever passed job interviews, then you surely know what I mean. If this is your first time – well, just get ready to be puzzled! Some questions you will hear may sound silly or inappropriate, but this is the way the potential employee may check your attitude towards some business aspects, your ability to concentrate on a specific detail or your behavior in this or that situation.

3.    Resume

The above-mentioned aspects are undoubtedly important, but your resume is undeniably one of the most essential things you should always have at hand when going to a job interview. Even if you have just graduated from university and don’t have any job experience yet, a resume is what you should think about first and foremost.

Your resume should contain all the information about your personality and job experience. You may not even have to tell anything at the interview – your resume should do it for you! It should contain info about your education, skills, degrees, personal characteristics and, of course, the job list. The richer your experience is – the better your chances to get the position is! As far as a potential employer is an interest in effective and long-lasting cooperation with you, he/she will pay attention to all the details. If you have not managed to stay at previous jobs for a long time, the employer may be interested in the reasons you had to change the positions.

If possible, try to get the recommendations from the former employer. This will give you an extra bonus. And one more thing: try to make your career goals clear before you go to the job interview. The question concerning your career goals is one of the most typical, and, yet, the most important for most business owners. The way you answer this question may reveal your actual intentions, objectives, and ambitions.


A job interview is always a stressful, complicated and tricky challenge that may eventually become your first step in the career ladder. So, try to be confident, diligent and always tell the truth. Good luck!

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